A new ‘King’ in town: Sportsbet’s newest ambassador, King Kaka

Sportsbet is a one of a kind crypto betting site that offers a plethora of sports to bet on and a few casino games to keep you entertained. The site is also relied upon by a lot of people that even famous people are lured by their amazing features. 

As Sportsbet continues to win the hearts of punters, King Kaka, one of music’s biggest names and a connoisseur in crypto sports betting, joins in on the fun.

Who is this rapper and why should you pay attention to him, especially when you are a big fan of Sportsbet? Find out why and meet the glorious artist who makes your sports betting experience all the more enjoyable!

Who is King Kaka?

As a result of King Kaka's prominence in the music industry, Sportsbet has appointed him as an official global ambassador. Furthermore, King Kaka's fascinating past is one of the many reasons he is such a talented musician.

Early musical career

Kaka Sungura, better known by his stage name King Kaka, had an early interest in oral prose and poetry that influenced his subsequent musical work. His ability to compose songs began at an early age. Dodoma and Niko Kwa Jam Nakam were two of the songs from Tales of Kaka Sungura, his first album. Due to his artistic gestures and brilliant rhymes, he became one of the most sought-after rappers of all time. In fact, he established his own studio called the Kaka Empire.

King Kaka became a success after writing songs like Uko Chua, Swahili Shakespeare, and Adisia, which swiftly gained thousands of admirers. Several of his tracks have been dubbed as street anthems by some. Smooth-spoken sentences and hip hop poetry-inspired lines are his trademarks.

In addition to his outstanding music, he is well-known for his fashionable appearance, which serves as an inspiration to many young aspiring musicians. King Kaka is also an instructor in Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, and Music Faculty at the University of Zetech.

Rise to fame

The 2008 album ‘Tales of Kaka Sungura’ featured hit singles like ‘Niko kwa jam Nakam’ that propelled his musical career. This feat carried over to his success in his later musical tenure when his record label, Kaka Empire, was founded. Also, he was donning smart suits and high-end designer clothing that helped him get the image that people love in musicians.

By the year 2022, several known artists joined the Kaka Empire. Among its stars are Timmy TDat, Avril, and Dj Leqs. King Kaka is also named as the group's leader since he founded the label and has the most recordings.

What it’s like for King Kaka to partner up with Sportsbet

Aside from his music career, King Kaka is also a successful entrepreneur and charity worker. Aiming to strengthen the business and benefit the community, he has launched several strategic endeavours.

Creating a self-sustaining business model is always his goal when it comes to strengthening his brand. As a result, he gains the community's trust and loyalty over the long haul.

In January 2022, Sportsbet and King Kaka formed a partnership. Sportsbet is a crypto-focused sports betting platform that provides a fun and secure wagering experience when sports betting.

Likewise, King Kaka is a fervent believer in the positive impact that blockchain-based currency will have on society as a whole. According to King Kaka, Sportsbet is the frontrunner in the crypto-betting sector because of its innovative spirit.

Royalty’s favourite African themed slot games

Aside from sports betting, you also have the chance to play different casino games with Sportsbet. Out of all the casino games, slots are among the most favourite by both bettors and punters alike. 

Here are some of King Kaka’s favourite African-themed slot games to go around: 

Savannah King

The graphics and features of Savannah King's 5 reels and 10 paylines are of the highest quality. The reels are beautifully detailed with accompanying music and sound effects.

Expanding and stacked wilds all contribute to the overall charm of the game. Savannah King is a slot machine that you should check out since it has a ton of fun features. It has an RTP of 96.41% with a stunning jackpot of 5,000x the original stake. 

Rhino Hold and Win

Rhino Hold and Win is one of the most enjoyable slot games you can play, and the fact that it gives you the chance to win 1,200x your wager makes it even more fun! There are several ways to win more money in this game, making it seem as though luck is on your side. With an RTP of 95.87%, 5 reels, and 25 paylines, the game's playability ensures that players will take full use of the extra features and win big.

African Fortune

The game's safari setting, realistic animal icons, and adventure-themed melody make this slot a favourite.

If you're an ardent slot player who enjoys beautiful visuals, simple gameplay, and entertaining animations, this game is for you! Safaris have never been more exciting thanks to African Fortune, a unique safari experience.

With an RTP of 95.80%, you'll have a great time and even win some big money. It's easy to see why this is a favourite of King Kaka's!

Serengeti Kings

Serengeti Kings stands apart from the rest of the group because of its jungle-themed elements and insignia. Combining traditional scatters with innovative bonus games makes this game stand out from the others.

With all of these elements, it's one of the greatest online slots with an African theme there is. You have a better chance of earning 5,000 times your stake with an RTP of 96.2%.

Bet like a king too! Join Sportsbet and double your wins

If a talent like King Kaka believes in the vision of Sportsbet, then you should go to the site and play the best crypto games and bet on the most exciting sports leagues.

Are you not convinced yet? Here are all the good points when visiting Sportsbet and why you should start wagering your money at the best crypto sports betting site!

Sportsbet features

When betting at Sportsbet, you’ll get the opportunity to wager using crypto and get the chance to win double or even triple your bets! With a user-friendly interface and a ton of casino games should you want to have a break at sports betting, you’ll have yourself a solid experience!

Popular sports to bet on

There are a lot of sports to bet on at Sportsbet! Here are a few that stand out the most with punters: 

  • Basketball

  • Football

  • American Football

  • Horse racing 

  • Cricket

  • Hockey 

  • Esports 

You can bet during in-play, outright, or even future games to diversify how you are going to bet on the different sports available to you.

Tired of sports betting? Play different casino games! 

There are also casino games like blackjack, poker, and slot games to try out if you want a different experience aside from sports betting. These games are as good, if not, better than most casino sites you’ll be visiting elsewhere. 

With that said, King Kaka is here to stay and reign supreme at Sportsbet where you’ll get all the chances in the world to bet on your favourite sports and play the most enjoyable casino games.

Get all the opportunities to win big and enjoy your favourite sports to the next level as King Kaka continues to advocate crypto sports betting and casino gaming in the foreseeable future!