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Match Winner

Bet on who will emerge victorious from heated battles.

1st Map Winner

A Dota game can have a total of three matches, including the clincher round. In this match market, bet on who wins the first round.

2nd Map Winner

You can also bet on who can win the second round. The round’s result can result in a match draw and will warrant a 3rd map.

Total Maps

A normal-length game has two (2) main maps as rounds. If the game ends in a draw in the second round, it will call for a last duel on the third map. Wager on whether the game will have over 2.5 or under 2.5 maps.

Correct Score

You can also bet on the actual score of the match. You can choose from 2:0, 0:2, 1:2 or 2:1.

Kill Handicap you can also wager on a handicap bet on the kills of both sides. This game provides a margin of kills for the crowd favourite and underdog.

For a crowd favourite stake to win, they must have the given amount of kills or more. If the underdog scores more kills than the other team or past their handicap, the underdog stakes win.

1st Aegis

The Aegis of the Immortal is taken after killing Roshan. Bet on who could score the initial kill on this neutral creep and score his drop.

1st Barrack / 1st Tower

The game map is designed with barracks and towers that protect both sides of the Radiant and the Dire. Bet on these separate wagers on who could first annihilate a barrack or a tower.

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