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How to get started with’s harness racing

Your harness racing journey starts right after signing up and depositing. Place your bets on harness racing by following the steps below:

  • Click the sign up button on the top-right corner of your website to proceed to the registration process. 

  • You can input your details there or simply  connect accounts from other platforms like Telegram, Line, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Metamask. 

  • Once you have an account, connect your payment method to the platform. 

  • The site's top banner shows you the available sports categories you can bet on. Find the ‘Harness’ category and click the icon.

  •’s Next to Jump section features upcoming races that will start soon. These races' start dates/times are displayed beside the race name.

  • You can immediately place your bets on the Next to Jump tab. If you want more stats on each horse, click the race you’re betting on and the drop-down option on each racehorse. You can find stats on each horse’s previous performance, sire, and other helpful details for your predictions. 

  • Bet on the race’s various betting markets, and check’s Betslip to see your betting details.

  • Before finalising your harness racing bets, check’s promotions to see if there are special offers or events you can join to maximise your betting experience.

  • Check for Price Boosts on your Betslip and finalise your wagers by clicking ‘Place bet’.’s Next to Jump: The best harness racing betting markets

Each market is paired with betting odds to show you their probabilities. Here are the three primary harness racing markets and how they work: 

  • Win: This market is simply predicting if your chosen horse will win the race in the first place. 

  • Top 2: In this market, you need to bet on the two horses you believe will win in the first and second place. You can win if they place in the top 2, in no particular order.

  • Place: Place bet simply means you’re betting that the horse will end in the first, second, or third place.’s betting odds formats for harness racing

Betting odds are numbers used to determine the likelihood of an outcome and show your potential payout. Scroll down to the lower-left corner of the page, and you will see a drop-down menu for the three odds formats used on Here are those types and how to read them properly:

  • American: This type uses the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols to signify the favourite and underdog, respectively. Computing for the American odds will be reliant on 100 USDT. If the odds are listed at +130, punters must bet 100 USDT to win 130 USDT. For negative odds like -130, you must bet 130 USDT to win 100 USDT.

  • Hong Kong: If the odds are lower than 1 for this format, they are lesser-value favourites. The numbers more than 1 are for underdogs who can net bigger payouts if they win.
    Calculating the payouts with this format here is easy. For example, you are betting on the Prix d’Amèrique and the odds for Mage, who has 0.5 HK odds, while Art Collector has 1.5 odds. All you have to do is add 1 to both odds making Mage have 1.5 odds while Art Collector has 2.5 odds, then multiply that by every 1 USDT wagered. 

  • Decimal: This type uses decimal numbers where the lower ones are the favourites. The higher numbers are reserved for underdogs with a higher payout, while lower numbers are for favourites with a lower payout.
    To calculate the payout, you just have to multiply your bet by the decimal. For example, betting on Mage with 1.5 odds with a 10 USDT Youe odds were multiplied by every 1 USDT wagered.

Important factors and betting tips for harness racing

Making successful wagers in harness racing is possible when you know the following factors to consider before placing a bet at

  • Learn about the participating horses: Keep a close eye on the racehorses because you can see how their gallops are bigger than their opponents or they can turn better. Make sure you know how horses perform in races so you can properly place a wager on them.

  • Trainers and owners are essential: Aside from the horses, you should also know the team behind those horses. If they have a good track record of raising good racehorses, that is a valuable context for your wagers. 

  • Take a look at statistics: Harness racing can be easier when you understand the statistics at work for your bets. This is important because you can cash out on some good bets by knowing the stats for the horses. 

  • Keep up with the latest harness racing news: By reading the news about the sport, you might find out some horses pull out due to injuries or if there are new horses who have the potential to win every time. You can use them in harness betting and get the chance to earn large payouts! Betting features to take advantage of in harness betting

Take your harness racing wagers to the next level using’s features. Learn more about them and how they work:

  • Betslip: The Betslip is located at the lower-right corner of the page. This will help you track every bet you make, giving you the potential payouts. You can also place multiple bets on harness racing and finalise all of them in one click. 

  • Stats: Here on, you can get useful stats for the horses before you bet on them. You just have to click on the stats, and you can see the following details: 

    • Trainer 

    • Dam

    • Sire

    • Age

    • Previous race performance Get the chance to earn enormous payouts in harness betting

Here at, placing harness racing bets at is made easier with instant transactions if you use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT). Equipped with your racing knowledge and the helpful features in the platform, start placing harness racing bets now and enjoy fantastic rewards!