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Are you ready to place bets on upcoming games of any sport? You are in the right place with as you can wager on every available high-quality fixture or tournament. With some of the most diverse selections of sports in any online sportsbook, gives you a fast, fun, and fair betting experience like no other. Wait no more and make the most of your winning chances! 

How betting on upcoming events works

Upcoming match betting lets you place bets on future events of any league or international competition available on These upcoming events are categorised by sport, and then by event or country.

For instance, you can find the English Premier League under the England category of Soccer. Meanwhile, if there is an ongoing World Cup, you can find it in the International section since the competition features various countries playing.

Once you’ve chosen the sport and event, upcoming match betting then lets you place wagers on the future games set to happen in a matter of days or weeks. You can see the date and time of these matches on as well to serve as a guide for your planned bets.

The best sports you can bet on here at

From the most prominent sports and its highly-anticipated leagues to the most underrated ones, has a wide variety of categories punters can choose from. Here are the most popular sports you can find on the site:

  • Soccer - This is the world’s most popular sport which opens up opportunities for you because of its abundance of exciting leagues. You can bet on the Big Five leagues which are the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1 which all provide a variety of markets.

  • Basketball - This sport is one of the most fast-paced in the industry which makes it such a fun watch and betting experience. You should have a wide variety of markets here because the NBA is stacked with some phenomenal games every day during the season. EuroLeague is also another great basketball league for punters.

  • Cricket - A sport with multiple formats, cricket will be a strong choice with its inherent variety and fierce rivalries. Whether it’s international or club cricket, you will have tons of exciting matches to choose from with your upcoming betting.

  • American football - USA’s favourite sport, American football is exciting due to the physical clashes and athletic plays that occur every game. There are close matches all the time which makes for a thrilling betting experience. Teams like the Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets, and Kansas City Chiefs are present here.

  • Baseball - Another American favourite, baseball is a solid choice with all of the powerful hits and amazing saves. This is one of the biggest sports with plenty of markets to check out and bet on since the MLB and the other top baseball leagues usually have hundreds of games per team.

Here are the biggest sports events and leagues in the industry that you should bet on.

  • English Premier League - This competition is tapped as the world’s best domestic soccer league because of the parity of teams in England. There is a superstar player in almost every team which makes for an exciting watch and experience when you want to bet. 

  • NBA regular season and playoffs - The NBA is tapped as the pinnacle of basketball because it showcases the greatness of elite players. The regular season is 82 games of competitive basketball but it goes up a level in the playoffs where games are much more important because the championship is up for grabs. 

  • Cricket World Cup - Organised by the sport’s governing body, the International Cricket Council (ICC), this is the world’s biggest cricket tournament that fields the best teams and top players. Held once in every four years, fans always tune into the qualification rounds until it reaches the final.  

  • Super Bowl - Arguably the biggest yearly event in sports, the Super Bowl is the final playoff game in the NFL. This decides the champion and it pits the best teams from both the AFC and NFC to decide the best team in the league.

  • World Series - This highly anticipated baseball championship series is held every year. It is a best-of-seven competition pits two of the top baseball teams from each conference of the MLB which are the American League and the National League. 

Upcoming match odds on gives you reliable betting odds for upcoming matches you want to bet on. Use them to make winning bets and to support the knowledge that you have for the team you’ll place wagers on. 

Types of odds available

Each betting market is always accompanied by numbers that can help you distinguish the favourites from the underdogs. Another function of these odds is to calculate the potential rewards that you can win. 

  • Moneyline - This is the format that involves positive and negative numbers. The odds with the plus (+) are linked to the underdogs because they are riskier yet more lucrative bets. The minus (-) is for the favourites which are the safer option but pays out lower rewards. 

  • Decimal - Decimal odds will be connected to every $1 that you wager. When a market has lower odds, they are likely to win and the rewards will be lower than normal because they are safer bets. On the other hand, higher odds will be profitable because they are riskier wagers.

  • Hong Kong - Since Hong Kong was under British rule until 1997, their gambling odds look similar to decimal which is used, however, they took inspiration from Moneyline too. This looks like a combination of the previous two types of odds with the use of plus and minus symbols. If the number is lower than 1, that means that option is the favourite. Exactly 1 odds will have a payout of 1/1 and if the odds are above 1, that can lead to higher rewards. 

The best upcoming betting markets

On the upcoming matches tab, you can find multiple options of betting markets available. Here are some of what you can wager on, depending on which sport you want to get. 

  • Winner (multiple sports) - This is the most standard market in sports betting. It is straightforward as you will have to predict which team will win a match. This might be simple but you need to make sure that you look into the matchup so you can get the win. 

  • Total (multiple sports) - This involves predicting the total score between the two teams playing in the match. This can be done in soccer, basketball, baseball, and many other sports. As long as you know how both teams perform, you can bet on the range. 

  • Both Teams to Score (soccer) - Primarily seen in soccer where you have to bet whether or not both teams would score in a match. There are only yes or no options to this bet which can be easy if you know how to gauge both teams.

  • Anytime goalscorer (soccer) - With this market, you will have to choose which player will score a goal. Every player on both teams will be present accompanied by odds. If you know the strikers and other forwards, they might be the best choices. However, do not count out some defenders who like to bomb forward.

  • Correct score (multiple sports) - This market is betting on the exact score. It is pretty challenging but this market can net you some solid rewards as long as you make the right prediction.

  • Handicap (multiple sports) - The handicap is where the odds are levelled between two teams or players. The bookmaker gives an advantage to the underdog and they have to win more than the point set on them. Game favourites will be given a disadvantage, hence they have to win less than the handicap.

  • Race to 40 points (basketball) - You will have to predict which team can score 40 points first in this market. Basketball is one of the fastest sports which can make this market pretty challenging to predict.

How to make your bets on

To get started with your bets, here are the steps to creating an account and the betting process itself.

  1. Create your account on by filling in the information boxes present when you click the Register button. You will have options to connect accounts from other platforms including Gmail, Telegram, Metamask, Facebook, or Line. 

  2. Choose from the many payment methods on for your deposits.

  3. Look for the sport that you want to bet on and go to the future tab. This will be the section where you make your bets on upcoming matches. 

  4. Click on a game and you will see the betting markets that are offered. A mini pop-up menu will appear called the Betslip where you can see all of the calculations that will be important for your bet. In addition, you can also use the Betbuilder tab in the Betslip to make multiple bets on a single match by building a bigger wager that will require you to win every bet to get the biggest reward possible.

Maximise your bets on upcoming matches on

With hundreds of available markets, every punter can plan their bets on any upcoming event at Place wagers as well with the site’s mobile app that’s specifically designed for punters on the go. Have a fun, fast, and fair betting experience at as you get ready to watch any future games with your wagers already in place.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common questions asked for upcoming match betting.

Can I trust the odds on 

Definitely. Let these betting odds serve as a guide to show you your winnings and the possibility of an outcome to happen in any event.

Can I place a bet using my phone at 

Yes, there is a mobile app for available on Android smartphones. It offers everything that the desktop version gives to you which makes for an immersive experience again for your betting.

What tips should I use for my bets?

To have the best time with your bets on upcoming matches, you should follow some tips to help you thrive with your wagers. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind. 

  • Identify the best teams and players in the sport - Whenever you know the best teams and individual stars, you can have an easier bet to make because you have the knowledge of the peak performers and how they set the norm for the league.

  • Stay up to date with the news - Keep yourself updated with the latest news so you can know what bet to make. They can give you additional info that you might need like injury reports, trades, and many more. 

  • Momentum will be important - Make sure that you’re always looking at teams’ momentum so you can know what bets to make. Even if a team is an underdog, they will be a better option if they are playing better than ever.