Which MLB teams are the contenders for 2023?

Which MLB teams are the contenders for 2023?

Major League Baseball is filled with talented teams, making it an exciting campaign every year because they perform at the highest level possible. Among those teams are the squads that have captured the status of favourites.

The favourites are clubs with huge targets on their back against most of the other MLB teams. This is important in the sports betting space because the distinctions between underdogs and favourites are linked to the rewards they can get. MLB favorite sports betting is helpful because it can help you realise the best wagers you can make and the risk level.

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What constitutes a favourite in the MLB?

Knowing the best MLB team will help you determine what kind of bets you can make. Betting on the underdogs will lead to a fantastic reward, but only if they pull off an upset. However, knowing the favourites can also help you with your outrights.

This can be favorites to win World Series but also for the regular season, depending on what kind of bet you make. These are some of the biggest factors that make up a favoured team in the MLB:

  • They have an extremely talented roster: Whenever you look at teams and determine their status among the MLB, the most talented rosters usually have a leg up compared to others. A more stacked roster makes for a team with longevity and higher ceilings.

  • The team has a winning culture: An example of this is the Houston Astros, who is consistently one of the MLB favorites to win World Series trophies. They have a winning culture there, which has helped them secure a solid spot as one of the MLB favorites World Series every year.

  • Top-tier coaches help the team: The Tampa Bay Rays have Kevin Cash, and the Cleveland Guardians have Terry Francona. These two names are massive for their teams, and having them has made the teams stronger and launched as favourites.

If they tick these three boxes, they can be the answer to your ‘how to pick a favourite MLB team?’ question. However, you should try to analyse and look into the MLB to understand your upcoming bets better.

What kind of bets can you make on favourites in an MLB season?

Here on Sportsbet.io, you can find different types of bets you can make based on MLB team favored win World Series metrics. These are:

  • Outright winner: The favourites for an MLB season come into play as a major factor. The outright winner market involves betting on the MLB team favored win World Series. If you know which are the favourites, you can adjust your choice based on what you see with their off-season moves, managerial tactics, and more.

  • Handicap: This is the market where the playing field is levelled between favourites and underdogs. The weaker team is given a virtual advantage where they must win more than the set number of runs or points. The favourites are not given a handicap but must dominate for your bet to win.

  • Total innings/score: This is a market where you bet on how many total innings or the total score of a match. You will do this by looking at the number provided by Sportsbet.io and deciding if you think it’s over or under.

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Who are the 5 favourites to win the 2023 MLB season?

With the 2023 MLB season coming up, knowing the favorite MLB team by state can be helpful, but you should determine the overall top dogs. This is crucial to making the bets and how you can match the expectations you have for the MLB. Here are the five favourites and why they’re considered in the upper echelon:

Houston Astros

The defending champions from the 2022 MLB season, the Astros, have remained one of the best MLB teams. They have kept a solid team despite losing Justin Verlander to free agency. However, they managed to extend Cristian Javier’s stint and have José Abreu as their new signing.

Even if they lost an important player, they are still ready to keep up with the league's top.

New York Yankees

The Yankees are a mainstay among the favourites but with good reason. They have a solid winning culture within the organisation and have done a great job of building around Aaron Judge over the past few years.

With the signing of Carlos Rodon, the team has added considerable talent to a team filled with a stacked squad with players like Gerrit Cole, Luis Severino, and Nestor Cortes alongside Judge. They had a strong start to the 2022 season but want to show consistency and do that again in 2023.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Even if they were trounced by the San Diego Padres in the Playoffs, the Dodgers are ready to bounce back and become one of the best teams in the MLB again. They won 111 games in the 2022 regular season, and with the continuity they have achieved, they can make a bigger splash this season.

Clayton Kershaw is still with the team, which is a big plus for the team due to his impact on the Dodgers squad in the past few years. The Dodgers also signed solid veteran talents like J.D. Martinez and Noah Syndergaard, which improves their depth and potential.

New York Mets

The Mets have an impressive offensive core with Francisco Lindor, Pete Alonso, and Starling Marte. This is one of the strongest teams in recent Mets history, especially when they signed Verlander from the title-winning Astros.

Verlander and Max Scherzer will be a formidable duo as the 1-2 punch as they did with the Detroit Tigers. They might be older, but the rest of the team is ready to secure a solid place atop the MLB standings.

San Diego Padres

The Padres became one of the fiercest teams in MLB with Juan Soto’s addition in the middle of the 2022 season. Besides Soto, they also signed Xander Bogaerts, Matt Carpenter, Nelson Cruz, and many more.

This team has a superb offensive roster and will only improve from the previous campaign. The Padres’ win over the Dodgers was a massive achievement, and they want to build a winning campaign from that.

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Here are the most common questions asked for the MLB:

What should be my favorite MLB team?

To decide which team you should root for, you must ensure they fit your preferences. Of course, you might want to root for a team that can win a trophy, but that will depend on the players you want to cheer and continue to play for.

What are the roles that will most affect your MLB bets?

The role that will have the biggest impact on the MLB matches you watch will have to be the pitcher due to how many times they have to be on the mound and the players they must keep playing against.

Should you stay updated with the rosters for your MLB bets?

Yes, you should stay updated on the roster news because they will be essential for your wagers.


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15 Aug 2023

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