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Features of Virtual Sports

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Watch the hottest European football matches and place your wagers on any of the most prestigious leagues. Easily place your wager on England, Italy, and Euro Champions along with other upcoming soccer matches and tournaments.

English Premier League (England League) - place your bets on the best football clubs in the EPL through’s Virtual Sports feature. Choose from various clubs like Watford, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, and many more!

Serie A (Italy League) - wager in an array of soccer clubs in Italy with our high-quality Virtual Sports feature. Catch the action-packed match on the field from clubs like Juventus, Inter Milan, Genoa, Lazio, Roma and more!

European Champions

Also known as the UEFA Champions League, you can now access one of the most anticipated major tournaments in soccer. The best thing is that there are several types of odds, teams, and upcoming matches! Stake on popular teams from all over Europe like Juventus, Real Madrid, and many more!

Apart from placing your bets on your favourite team, you can also:

- Predict the combined score of both teams and bet on Over/Under from 1.5 up to 4.5 between a match of FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain FC (PSG), for example

- Predict team scores at the end of half-time and full-time

- Predict the final score of the match (Correct Score)

Racing Events

In, we also offer racing events like:

    - Greyhound Racing

Place your bets on the fastest dog on the track, who places second, or who places last. The best thing is that most of the Greyhound Racing events are held in famous stadiums such as California Park, London Stadium, and Manchester Stadium.

    - Horse Racing

Take part in a high-quality Horse Racing events like Melbourne Cup and Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe in What’s exciting is that some of the upcoming horse racing events can also be clocked on our site.

    - Speedway and Motorcycle Racing

Place your bets in an intense race of riders with four or more laps in an oval circuit. Witness these exciting events in the Gorton Stadium and Hamamatsu Circuit.

Here are the different wagering markets of these racing events:

- Win/Place/Show - also known as straight bets wherein you need to select who wins the first, second, or third place

- Over/Under - predict the combined score of teams and bet over or under the set total

- Exacta - also known as Perfecta wherein you need to select two players who might win the first and second place in order

- Quinella - choose who will win first and who will finish second in any order

- Trifecta - bet on the first three players to win the race in order

Odds Offered

One of the best features of our site is that you can view the best betting odds in different formats such as in Decimal, American, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Indonesian, and Malaysian. Feel free to choose the best format you are most comfortable with.


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