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Rugby World Cup 2023 betting guide: Which country brings the trophy home?

Rugby World Cup 2023 betting guide: Which country brings the trophy home?

Learn how to bet on the Rugby World Cup now. Enjoy exciting matches at the highest level. Hosted by France, this year’s tournament is the 10th edition of the Rugby World Cup. Get started with crypto betting in this guide.

New Zealand and South Africa are the countries with the most titles held in the Rugby World Cup, having won three trophies each. After winning the most recent edition in 2019, South Africa is one of the tournament’s highly-awaited teams to watch. Chile also makes their first-ever appearance in the competition, so both punters and rugby fans alike are expecting new rivalries and exciting matchups.

Find out more about the competition before you place your crypto bets on its games below:

Bet on the Rugby World Cup games here

What is the 2023 Rugby World Cup format?

From September 8 to October 28, a total of 20 national teams will compete in this year’s Rugby World Cup. 12 teams were automatically qualified from the 2019 edition, while the other eight teams went through qualifiers and playoffs in their specific regions. Here are the teams playing from different regions:


  • South Africa

  • Namibia


  • Japan


  • France

  • England

  • Ireland

  • Italy

  • Scotland

  • Wales

  • Georgia

  • Romania

  • Portugal


  • Australia

  • Fiji

  • New Zealand

  • Samoa

  • Tonga

South America

  • Argentina

  • Uruguay

  • Chile

Teams will play in their specific brackets first and advance to the knockout stage until the two best teams face off in the Finals.

How to bet on the Rugby World Cup with cryptocurrencies

How does rugby betting work in the upcoming World Cup? It starts with having an online sportsbook account. Here’s how to sign up on first:

  • Click the Register button on the top-right corner, then fill in the details needed to sign up. Connecting your accounts from other platforms like Google, Telegram, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Line, and Metamask is also an option.

  • Click the Deposit button in the top-right corner. You’ll find a QR Code and an address you can use to deposit cryptocurrencies into your account to bet on rugby with USDT.

  • To bet on the Rugby World Cup, go to the Rugby Union section, find the ‘International’ section and choose ‘World Cup’.

  • Choose the World Cup games you want to bet on and check the available rugby sports betting markets on Pick your predicted outcomes for the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Your chosen outcomes can be found on the Betslip at the page's bottom right section.

  • You can bet on a single market or more. Finalise betting on the Rugby World Cup matches by clicking ‘Place bet’ on your Betslip.

The top Rugby World Cup 2023 betting markets

Rugby betting explained includes learning about the popular markets you can place wagers on. Here are some markets to try at

  • 1x2 – Bet on a rugby match by choosing between an away win, a home win, and a draw.

  • Draw no bet – Predict if a specific team will win, but if the match ends in a draw, the wager returns to you.

  • Winning margin – You predict the winning team’s lead in a rugby match. Take note that a try is worth 5 points, which will be important information for your bet.

  • Tri Bet – This is a bet that splits the range for the points margins in a match into three options.

  • Handicap – This evens the playing field between favourites and underdogs. To win, the favourite has to dominate the match and exceed the point spread, while the underdogs just have to match the point spread, or they can outright win.

  • First team to score – You predict which team will score the match’s first points.

  • Last team to score – This is where you predict which team scored the match’s last points.

  • Total – gives you a score, and you bet whether the number is over or under the possible total score between both teams.

Place your crypto bets on international rugby tournaments here

Types of Rugby World Cup betting odds

The top rugby sports betting advice is looking into the odds. Betting odds come in the form of numerical values that tell you the likelihood of an outcome and the potential payout you can get. Below are the following formats available on You can change the format using the drop-down menu on the lower-left corner of the screen.

  • American – In this format, positive (+) odds are for underdogs, while negative (-) odds are for favourites. To calculate the payouts, for example, a +150 odds can net you 150 USDT if you wager 100 USDT. For negative odds, you have to bet 150 USDT to get 100 USDT in return.

  • Hong Kong – Odds higher than 1 are meant for underdogs, while those less than 1 are considered favourites. Calculate the odds by adding 1 to the odds, then multiply that with every 1 USDT in your wager.

  • Decimal – Lower decimal odds are for favourites, while higher odds are for underdogs and more worthy of rewards. To calculate your potential winnings, simply multiply your wager by the odds.

Rugby World Cup betting guide: The best tips for your crypto betting

Aside from knowing the odds and markets, the best Rugby World Cup betting tips involve you having knowledge of the game itself and the teams playing. These help you create an effective rugby sports betting technique for the upcoming World Cup. Consider the tips below:

  • Look into the latest results and player performance — Checking out the latest results can help you learn about the team’s momentum heading into their matches. You can also do research on the teams’ roster and see if they have popular rugby players competing in the World Cup.

  • Keep up with the news — News such as injury reports, roster changes, coaching decisions, and many more impact a bet more than you might realise. This will matter for your wagers because it can affect the teams you’re betting on.

  • Manage your crypto bankroll properly — Before you start placing bets, you need to have a bankroll management strategy. Your initial wagers should be low at first, but you can increase the value as you progress. At the same time, avoid placing huge bets on a specific market but spread it rather on other predictions you’re confident with betting on. Lastly, chasing losses is not recommended to avoid significant financial losses.

Who are the favourites to win the Rugby World Cup?

If you want to know more about how to bet rugby successfully, knowing the favourites can help since they can guarantee you a sure win. Here are the top teams and players heading into the 2023 Rugby World Cup:


As the host of the event, France is under pressure to win the event on their home turf. They are top contenders as they focus on well-rounded performances headlined by some of their star athletes.

Antoine Dupont is hailed as the world’s best rugby player, and he is proud to represent France. His athleticism and electric speed make him an absurd matchup.

New Zealand

The All Blacks are one of the best rugby countries. Kiwi players are known for their strength, speed, and penchant for physicality, making them a good fit for rugby.

This team is headlined by Ardie Savea, who is a relentless attacker. He has explosive ball-running skills while also showcasing efficient yet powerful carries. Savea also shines on defence with his pinpoint tackles.

South Africa

The 2019 Rugby World Cup title holder aims for a back-to-back victory in the tournament. However, the squad faces a challenge competing since some of their top players are out due to injury.

Handré Pollard and Lukhanyo Am will miss the international competition, but Siya Kolisi, Frans Malherbe, and André Esterhuizen are some of the powerful replacements for the team.


Japan has continued to build on past Rugby World Cup success as they’ve built a reliable system. They made it to the quarter-finals in the 2019 edition of the World Cup which was held in the country at the time.

The Brave Blossoms has a stacked roster headlined by star players Michael Leitch, Keita Inagaki, and Kotaro Matsushima. Aside from their stars, take note of their talented youngsters Sione Halasili and Kenta Fukuda.


Argentina is rolling out a star-studded roster for the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Julián Montoya serves as the team captain as he plays his third Rugby World Cup for Los Pumas. They want to bounce back from their performance in 2019 when they couldn’t play past Groups.

With head coach Michael Cheika at the helm, expect Argentina to have a strong performance led by Montoya, and Olympics bronze medallists Lautaro Bazán Vélez and Rodrigo Isgro.

Wager on live rugby matches using USDT and other crypto here Features you can use for Rugby World Cup betting

Empower your Rugby World Cup sports betting with the best features you could ever ask for at Here are those features that you can utilise for betting on the Rugby World Cup with USDT:

  • Betslip: This can be found at the bottom right whenever you place a wager. It tracks your wager and allows you to use Multi-bet, which lets you place on various outcomes in the tournament.

  • Head-to-head: This is present on the right side of your screen as a graphic that provides detailed information. Stats, matchups, tactical breakdowns, and more are present here for the wagers you need to make.

  • Club Talk: This is’s forum where you can interact with your fellow bettors. It can help you get insights that improve your perspective on all things crypto, betting, and sports. The best cryptocurrencies to use for Rugby World Cup bets

For seamless transactions, bet with USDT on Rugby World Cup markets here at Aside from USDT, here are other options you can look into:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Ethereum (ETH)

  • Polygon (MATIC)

  • Binance USD (BUSD)

  • Tron (TRX)

  • Ripple (XRP)

Here is the process for depositing cryptocurrencies to your account:

  • Click on the deposit button in the top-right corner.

  • Copy the unique wallet address and paste it into your wallet’s destination field to begin the transaction. You can also scan the QR code using the crypto wallet app on your smartphone.

  • Confirm the transactions, and you’re good to go for your Rugby World Cup with USDT.

You can also use some promotions to boost your crypto bookmaker rugby wagers:

  • Multi Bet Multiplier – You can maximise your payouts by using the Multi Bet Multiplier on any sport and league. The more selections that you can add to your Betslip, the closer you are to getting the 20-leg Grand Slam, which means there is a larger multiplier.

  • Price Boost – Make your bet but this time, click the blue Price Boost button to boost the payout. This only comes once per event, so pick the right Rugby World Cup match.

  • Multi Insurance – Click the Apply Multi Insurance in your Betslip and if you narrowly lose your market, you get a free bet in return.

Level up your Rugby World Cup bets at

Rugby World Cup betting with USDT is more fun at, where you have a huge variety of rugby betting markets and odds to choose from. You have features at your disposal that help make your bets easier and more profitable. At the same time, cryptocurrencies like Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin (BTC) are accepted as payment methods for lightning-fast transactions and high-value wagers.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common questions asked for Rugby World Cup betting here at

What coins can I bet on rugby?

There are tons of cryptocurrencies you can use here at The most prominent of which are Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT).

Can I bet on the Rugby World Cup with a bookmaker?

Yes, you can. There are tons of bookmakers out there but is a fantastic choice for you to enjoy Rugby World Cup betting with USDT rewards.

Is rugby sports betting safe?

Yes, it is safe. is the place where you can feel secure with the site’s SSL encryption and all kinds of protective measures the platform showcases. Just follow the Rugby World Cup betting instructions, and you’re good to go.

How to bet on rugby online?

You can go to and register for an account. That way, you can go to the Rugby section, where you have matches to choose from, and that’s how rugby betting works.

Start your crypto sports betting journey at


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