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The Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) of Japan is known for its competitive seasons, much like the MLB in the United States. Baseball is also the most popular sport in Japan, with the NPB as professional baseball's highlight.'s NPB betting is as popular as it gets since it adds to the excitement of watching action-packed games. Find out more about Japan's top-flight baseball league and how to start NPB baseball betting below:

How the league works

The NPB has gained a huge following as Japan's highest level of sport. Since its inception in 1950, the league has succeeded globally. 

The league is played from late March or early April to October. Three all-star NPB games played in July serve as a break for the whole season. This means more options for NPB sports betting since you will have a lot of matches to wager on. Each season features intense Japan baseball games watched by fans and punters worldwide.

League structure

Before you start NPB match betting, you should know more about how each game works and the whole league. For starters, the NPB has limited its innings in the regular season to 12 while having 15 in the playoffs. This was a massive difference from the MLB, where the innings continue until a winner is declared. This means Japan baseball odds on matches are limited to the number of innings played.

The NPB has two big leagues with six teams each. The Central and Pacific League teams are all set to play the whole season to make it to the playoffs. The MLB has many teams, while the NPB is limited to twelve teams alone. You can find the Nippon Professional Baseball odds on each team and see their chances of winning the match or the whole season.

Season format

The season progresses with all teams playing 146 Japan Professional Baseball games each. These are broken down to 73 games at home and on the road. Regularly, a single team can play up to six games per week. 

By the end of the season, teams that will make it to the playoffs based on their final standings will join in on the Nippon Series. It's also known as the Japan Series championship playoff tournament, where teams show off their mettle and shine on the big stage. This is the perfect time to try the best of Japan baseball betting.

There is also a minor league in Japan, known as the Eastern League and Western League. Games are played with a shorter schedule as it serves as the development competition for upcoming players who want to get their big break in the NPB. This serves as a good backup option for Japan baseball sports betting.

How does NPB betting works at

Maximise your Japan baseball match betting experience at and get payouts from your successful wagers. Your Japan Professional Baseball betting journey starts with these easy steps:

Learning how to read NPB betting odds offers the best and most competitive betting odds on Japan Professional Baseball games. The Japan Professional Baseball odds are expressed in different formats, but every single one shows you the likelihood of the outcome to happen. 

The odds for Japan Professional Baseball also help punters determine how much their profit would be. Here are the two betting odds formats you should know:

  • American odds - The Japan Professional Baseball online odds set on the American format are represented with a plus and minus sign. The favourites usually have a low number and a minus sign next to them, while the underdogs have a higher amount and a plus symbol.

  • Decimal odds - Decimal odds are set by significant figures instead of the plus and minus symbols. Favourites have lower values, while the underdogs have bigger numbers and are usually at tens. These are considered the most common format in Japan Professional Baseball betting, as most sites use this for game odds.

Top betting markets to choose from

With a wide array of Japan Professional Baseball matches available, there are various markets for betting on NPB games. Here are some of the best markets you should consider in NPB betting:

  1. Winner bet - Consider the odds on NPB games and bet on either the favourite team to win the game or the underdog team to pull off an upset. 

  2. Run line bet - The run line bet is similar to the winning bet. Favourites and underdogs are still determined based on the NPB match odds, but this time, you need to guess the number of points the favourite team will beat the underdog team in the game.

  3. Over/under bets - This is a good combo with the game totals since it both concerns the score totals. The twist on this bet is that you need to predict the total number of runs the two combined teams will score and the difference between them.

  4. Handicap bets - Handicap bets are one of the trickiest markets you can try in baseball betting. The Nippon Professional Baseball online odds are levelled on this market, with the favourite getting a handicap to start the game while the underdog gets a boost.

For the bet to win, your wager must meet certain conditions. The favourites need to win the game with less than the handicap set, while the underdogs must win by more points than the set boost given to them to start the match.

Tips to consider in NPB match betting

NPB match betting lets you explore more into the games of an ongoing season. Before you place your bets, consider these NPB betting tips first:

  1. Know more about the game and team

To make the best NPB betting predictions, you need to know more about the game and the teams. Research plays a huge role in any sport you bet on, and you need to use it to determine the chances of winning for each side.

The NPB is a popular league to bet on, and the games they bring are all expected to be intense. It means the NPB odds online are always influenced by the game standings and how they are presented. Teams have different chances of winning against each other, leading to varying odds for Nippon Professional Baseball..

  1. Consider the squad composition

Squad composition is one of the most critical factors affecting the game's result. Baseball teams change rosters every season due to trades during the campaign or injuries incurred. In short, a team's overall performance can change in a given match.

This also proves that the Japan Professional baseball match odds change well with each game. A single-star player missing some key playing time will greatly impact the game. Even the best team in the NPB can lose a game against the lowly teams if their star player fails to play.

  1. Check the records of each team

One of the best Japan baseball betting strategies is to check a team's record. By doing so, you can determine a team's chances to win since how they play against other teams is a good basis for how they'll perform in future matches. On top of that, the game record puts the betting odds in place since it uses the standings to dictate the favourites and underdogs.

This means that winning runs and losing streaks are also considered. There are various possible results in a single game depending on how well a team plays, and the best way to predict their performance is by checking the league standings.’s Betbuilder and Betslip features has the Betbuilder, and Betslip features to help you enjoy the best experience in betting on Japan baseball games. With's Betbuilder, you can use it to make more bets in a single stake. It offers you a chance to maximise your wagers in baseball games.

On the other hand, the bet slip can be shared with other players to disclose how much you wagered for a winning bet. Here's how you can use this feature to the fullest:

  1. Deposit money on any of the sports at

  2. When the prompt appears on the screen, tap 'Share Betslip'.

  3. Choose the messaging app and the recipient(s) for the screenshot.

  4. Tell other players how much you wagered.

Top teams to bet on the NPB

All teams in the NPB have managed to make history on the big stage. You have plenty of betting options to choose from, and this means more winning chances for you to enjoy a huge experience in your wagers now more than ever.

Here are the top teams you can bet on in the NPB:

  • Yomiuri Giants 

  • Saitama Seibu Lions 

  • Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks

  • Tokyo Yakult Swallows

  • Orix Buffaloes 

Push your chances and win your wagers on Japan's professional baseball games offers you the best chances to enjoy your betting experience in Japan baseball. You can enjoy a top-notch wagering session here while using the best markets that offer you a winning shot in each of these wagers you make. You can also use Tether (USDT) and any other crypto available on the site to have a fun, fast and fair betting run at

Frequently asked questions about Japan baseball betting

To offer you the best experience in Japan baseball betting, has compiled the common queries that should give you a clear mind and help you focus on winning. Here are some of the questions that people asked: 

Can NPB end in a tie?

After 12 innings of play, NPB games may end in a tie if there is no winner by the end of it. The win isn't credited to anyone if teams play in the Climax Series and end in a tie.

Why is baseball popular in Japan?

Americans brought baseball back in the day, leading to many promising results so far, with more players joining in on the hype. Baseball continues to succeed thanks to the Japanese corporations supporting the teams as sponsors.