Bat and the ball: In-play cricket betting at

Betting on in play cricket matches is a fun experience you would not want to miss out on. Undoubtedly, as you enjoy the thrill of watching intense action in cricket in play betting, you'll eventually win huge prizes.

Cricket events to wager on when in-play betting at has the best events you can try in cricket in play betting. These events present a lot of possible winnings you can get with in play cricket betting. It means you have many options, allowing you to enjoy many winning chances. 

Here are the top events you should consider when in play betting cricket:

International Events

International events are played by many national teams and take place in a certain month of the year based on the cricket calendar. These events are all home to more cricket action, giving you the best chance to bet on Sportsbet cricket games you can enjoy. 

  • Cricket World Cup - The Cricket World Cup is held every four years that starts with several preliminary qualification rounds leading up to a finals tournament.

  • World Test Championship - The World Test Championship served as a premier championship and began its intense competition in August 2019.

  • T20 World Cup - The T20 World Cup is the premier competition for the T20 format, where teams play for one inning, and each team bats for a maximum of 20 overs (120 legal balls). 

Top domestic cricket leagues

Aside from international events like Asia Cup, you can also go with domestic cricket online betting like Tamil Nadu Premier League. These leagues bring a wide array of talents that you can expect to lead their teams to success for a winning wager in cricket bets. 

These are the domestic cricket leagues you can wager on:

  • Big Bash League - The Big Bash League is Australia's premier cricket league and is played under the Twenty20 cricket format. Since 2011, the BBL has hosted eight elite teams composed of the best cricket talents in the country.

  • Simulated Reality League - The SRL results are  formed by team’s performances in the past games. This data is then used in computer-generated simulation of events. Examples of simulated reality leagues are SRL Premier League, SRL Super Sixes, SRL IPL All Stars and SRL Big Bash League.

  • Indian Premier League - The Indian Premier League is the most popular cricket competition in the world and serves as the premier contest in India. Many foreign and local talents play in this prestigious league, which means it is a good choice in your cricket betting options.

  • Pakistan Super League - The Pakistan Super League serves as the equivalent of the national leagues that each cricketing country has. Despite being new to the long list of domestic cricket leagues in Pakistan, the PSL is indeed one of the best leagues in which you can make live cricket betting in play worth it.


National teams visit a lot of different countries to play against. These are called tours, where teams play a wide array of matches in different formats for weeks or even a month. It is where you can make the most of online cricket match betting for many possible winnings.

Cricket in-play bets at offers many betting markets to ensure you get the best winning chances when making a cricket bet live. Knowing more about these markets is a must to get the best wagers with live cricket odds. 

Here are the top betting markets when wagering on live cricket matches:

  • Winner bets - Winner bets mean placing wagers on the team you think will win. It is a straight wager that allows you to get a chance at picking the best winning wager.

  • Any player to score 100 runs - Scoring runs is a huge feat in cricket matches, and being able to hit 100 runs is a sign of greatness. It is also a great win if you manage to bet on a player who does.

  • Will there be a tie - Cricket matches take days to finish. Even after all that action, there is a chance that the game will end up in a tie, and you can bet on that and win if you think the game ends that way.

  • Handicaps - Handicaps are a way to level the cricket odds between two teams. Underdogs and favourites are either given a head start or a handicap but must win by meeting certain conditions.

  • Who will win the coin toss - Any cricket game is started with a coin toss. Whoever wins will get to decide who will bat first or bowl first. Making the right guess is an easy win that will get you a lot of profit.

  • Draw no bet - This bet takes out the option of a draw by the end of the game. You can only bet on a winner for both home and away teams. If the game ends in a draw, the bets will be returned, which means you never lost.

  • Top batter total - Batters score many runs, and you can place wagers on whoever scores the top runs. You have to guess how many will manage to come up with the biggest total.

Reading the betting formats for bigger winnings

Learning to read  in play cricket odds is the best way to ensure you will have a better chance of winning. Knowing how to read the betting odds, you'll know which team to pick and which side has the edge in winning the game.

  • American odds - American odds come with a plus and minus symbol. The favourites have a minus sign beside its set cricket betting odds live, while the underdogs have a plus symbol and are likely to have higher numbers.

  • Decimal odds - Decimal odds are set in significant digits. The favourites have a smaller value set, while the underdogs have a bigger value with the draw sitting in the middle of these cricket best odds.

Make the most of your in-play cricket betting experience at

Betting on live cricket matches is a great experience that you would love to make the most of. Consider the best cricket odds in play and step up and join the hype in cricket betting. Use Tether (USDT) and other cryptos available on the site to win exciting prizes only here at

How does cricket work?

Cricket is one of the most popular games you can enjoy betting on. Many countries are playing this sport and battling hard for the bigger glory in the game. Most cricket matches take many days to finish, and these games are promising enough to make the sport popular.

Live cricket inplay betting is a fun experience, especially if you are a big fan of the sport. You can make the most of every bet here at, with many in play cricket match options.


Cricket is known for being diverse in how it is played. There are three known formats in cricket. Knowing the most popular formats of cricket is always a must for fans and punters alike in online cricket betting.

Here are the different cricket formats you should know:

  • Test cricket - It is the longest format in the sport. The long nature of matches takes a toll on the mental and physical aspects, making it one of the most complex formats to play.

  • T20I cricket - T20I matches are known to be the shortest game format. It has 20 overs per side and is usually done within three hours or more. There is also a break of 10 minutes each per inning.

  • ODI cricket - One Day International is a form of limited-overs cricket. It became a pacier format and became popular in the 1980s. There are 12 teams with ODI status in cricket, with Ireland being the latest addition in December 2017.

Cricket terminologies you should know

Cricket has its own set of sport-specific terms that you should know to ensure you can win many winning wagers in your online cricket bet. Knowing the terms will also help you wager wisely.

Here are some of the cricket terms to make the most of live cricket betting:

  • Innings - Innings are the divisions in a cricket match where teams take turns in batting. It represents the period where a player gets to bat while the other team defends and tries to take some wickets off the batting.

  • Bowls - Bowling is a different aspect of cricket since it concerns the overall part of pitching the ball. Bowlers are responsible for throwing the ball and must find the best angle to ensure the bowlers don't hit the ball. 

  • Overs - An over is known as six straight deliveries that are bowled by players from one end of a cricket pitch to the other player who is batting at the other end.

  • Batting - Batting is the act of scoring the ball thrown by the bowler and trying to score runs. Batters are the game's leading scorers and are known for their ability to crash a lot of points in a single batting.

  • Runs - Runs are the points the batters score whenever they take a turn in batting. The batters must make their stand with the bat standing behind the popping crease at the other end of the pitch.

  • Sixes - Sixes are a shot that ensures the ball will land right into the rope, which accounts for six runs allotted to the batsman who scored the hit.

In-play cricket betting FAQ

Can anyone win in cricket betting?

Everyone has a fair chance to win in cricket betting. All you have to do is to depend on the cricket betting odds and make your decision. Pick the best team that you think has the best shot at winning the game and hope for the best.

How do you predict a team will win?

Research is one of the few ways where you can predict a win for a given team. The odds are also there to serve as a guide, but you should always know your teams so that you can have the best chance of winning in your wagers.

How do live bets work?

Live bets are not allowed to be placed until the game begins. While the odds change, you are given the chance to bet on all markets with the live game serving as your basis in placing wagers. This is why it is easier and favourable for a lot of punters out there.