🏏Bitcoin Cricket Betting: High Odds & Live Results 🏏

Bowl for the best cricket odds on the Indian Premier League, the Ashes Series, ICC T20 World Cup and many more tournaments right here at Sportsbet.io’s live cricket betting. With our world-class in-play betting features, wager on a batting and bowling experience like no other.

Sportsbet.io allows you to wager on live cricket matches featuring your favourite batsman and bowler. In-play betting allows you to bet on various markets and exotic bets as the pros pull off hat-tricks on the field.

With us, choose from a wide selection of cricket live odds like the following.

To Win the Match (With Super Overs)

Depending purely on luck, this bet refers to which team wins the starting coin toss.

Most Fours

Four points are awarded to the striker when a hit ball flies across the field and lands to roll towards the boundary rope. In this bet, you can place your wager on either team.

Most Sixes

A six refers to the total points awarded to a batsman when he hits the bowled ball past the boundary rope. You can bet on which team earns the most sixes in the entire game.

Team with Top Batter

The top batsman refers to the player who scores the most runs in the game. Bet on which team you think houses the best batter in the match.

Team with Top Bowler

Bet on which team has the player that can take out the most wickets.

Punters can also bowl prop bets on both teams such as which specific player will be the top batter or bowler. When betting, you can choose multi bets to increase your possible winnings!

Aside from the variety of exotic bets, bettors can strike ahead for future and outright bets for the exciting T20 World Cup and other cricket tournaments around the globe.

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