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Looking for more cricket betting options? Explore’s Simulated Reality League (SRL) betting and place more crypto bets on the most popular cricket leagues. Learn more about SRL's future betting below:

How SRL future betting works at

The Simulated Reality League (SRL) in cricket are artificial cricket matches based on recent data and statistics of cricket leagues, teams, and players. Punters can bet on simulated matches all year round, even when the real cricket leagues are in the off-season.

Place your bets using crypto on any upcoming SRL cricket matches at You can explore the available games on the top SRL cricket leagues featured on the site. The Indian Premier League (IPL) and Big Bash League (BBL) are some of the most popular offers of SRL cricket.’s SRL future betting markets you can bet on

Simply choose any SRL cricket match that you want to bet on. The Future betting tab shows the available SRL cricket leagues and the respective upcoming games under them.

To give you a chance to plan your crypto bets, punters can also see the date and time each game will kick off. Click on the ‘+[number]’ button on the right side of the game you’re betting on to see more SRL betting markets.

The [number] indicates how many markets you can bet on in a single SRL cricket match. Some of these markets are: 

  • Winner (incl. Super over): This is the standard market where you simply predict which team will win the match. 

  • Which team wins the coin toss: Predict which team will win the coin toss that takes place before a cricket match starts. 

  • Team with top batter: You have to predict which team will have the top-performing batter of the game. This player has the best batting average in the match.

  • 1st innings - [Specific player] (SRL) to score 50: This is a yes or no market where you predict if the specific player will score 50 or more in the first innings.

  • Team with top bowler: Just like the top batter market, this is where you predict which team will have the best bowler in the game. Your prediction in this market will not affect the Top Batter market.

  • Will there be a tie: Another yes or no market, you will have to predict if there will be a tie or not during the match beyond the 0-0 score at the start. 

  • Team with the highest score at 1st dismissal: Bet on which team has the highest score after the first dismissal, which occurs during a batter’s inning. You can choose between either team or a draw. 

How to improve your SRL cricket bets at

Now that you’re familiar with the betting markets for your SRL bets, let’s delve into some tips that can help you make the best wagers possible: 

Master reading the cricket betting odds

Knowing how betting odds work is important for bettors since these show the likelihood of outcomes and the potential winnings they can take home. At, you have three types of betting odds to choose from. These formats are on the drop-down menu at the bottom right part of the page.

  • American: In this format, the odds have plus (+) or minus (-) symbols. The positive numbers represent underdogs, who are the less favoured side but offer higher profits. On the other hand, negative numbers indicate favourites with lower potential profits but the most likely side to win.
    To calculate using American odds, look at the symbol attached to the number. Betting on +135 odds means you win 135 USDT with a 100 USDT wager. Conversely, you can win 100 USDT when you bet 135 USDT on -135 odds.

  • Decimal: Lower decimal odds mean they are likely to happen, while the higher odds are unlikely but more profitable. Calculating the payouts for this type of odds is easier as you just have to multiply the odds by the wager you’re placing to determine the payout.

  • Hong Kong: Odds below 1 represent the favourites, while those above 1 are underdogs. The same dynamic of the payouts is still here, as favourites have lower value and underdogs have higher payouts. To calculate the payout using this type, you have to add 1 to the odds and then multiply that by the wagered amount.

Bet on cricket teams with the best stats

In SRL cricket betting, stats matter the most in your predictions. Teams with the best stats offer the best wagers possible because you’re capitalising on their success with the numbers. Even if they don’t win as many games during the true season, their stats can work in your favour. 

Focus on star players 

Teams across the cricket world boast star players who can propel their teams to success. That also matters in the SRL world, where consistent top-tier performances fare better in the SRL games. Keep an eye on their stats, as they will likely shine and influence the outcome.

Place your bets on SRL cricket matches at

This is the future of cricket betting! Explore the wealth of SRL options and amplify your winnings here at Use your favourite cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) to win big-time wagers. Additionally, take advantage of’s promotions to enhance your wagers with bonuses that further increase your potential rewards.