Simulated Reality League: Future betting 101 at Sportsbet!

When it comes to cricket, there are a bunch of leagues that are equally as exciting and fun to watch. This is especially true when it comes to crypto betting because punters are fascinated by the chances of winning when they tap into the sport’s betting market. 

One of these is the Simulated Reality League. It is a special kind of cricket league that’s unlike its counterparts. Instead of real players playing on the field, simulated reality is played out. 

Can you dominate this league as a punter and win? Here is your complete guide to one of cricket’s most unique leagues in the world and how to be a smart punter in Sportsbet future betting. 

Sportsbet: What is future betting?   

Future betting is one of the most common types of bets when wagering in sports like cricket. This betting type lets you place wagers on future SRL matches between teams. Sportsbet also offers various betting markets in a single head-to-head match.

The reason why this type of bet is one of several punters’ favourites is that you can diversify your wagers by picking any betting market you like on Sportsbet. By far, future bets have the most markets out of numerous ones out there, and it’s also one of the most unpredictable. 

Outside of the betting scene, this allows for a more interesting way of looking at your cricket leagues like the SRL and appreciating the nature of this sport in a virtual setting. The odds may give you the likelihood of a certain player or team succeeding in the future parts of a season.

Sportsbet’s SRL future betting markets 

SRL future betting lets you wager on your favourite matches in various leagues. Some of the most popular leagues are as follows:

  • Premier League SRL

  • Big Bash League SRL

  • T20 International SRL

Alternatively, you may also choose from a wide variety of Sportsbet’s betting markets that will meet your wagering needs. Here are some of the SRL future betting options on Sportsbet:

Winner (incl. super over) 

Think of Sportsbet's winner market as a standard moneyline wager. This is a betting market where you simply have to make a prediction on which SRL team will win the game.

This is one of the simplest bets that you can make. If you select the proper team based on either your instincts or the data that are shown throughout the game, expect to earn a lot of money.

Which team wins the coin toss

Before the beginning of each cricket match, a coin toss takes place. With just two sides to a coin and two teams, you have a 50% chance of getting it correctly. 

Team with top batter

Another easy betting market that you may use to your advantage is the top batsmen. To be considered the best hitter, you must provide a prediction on which player on his team will score the most runs.

In cricket, batters must run the most miles throughout a match on the field. The best scorers are usually the best runners. So, pay attention to them while picking who you believe will be the top batter after every match.

Team with top bowler 

The top bowler market is similar to the top batter market wherein you need to guess who will take the most wickets. You just need to know who the bowlers are and how well they performed throughout the match to figure out who the greatest bowler is. Betting blindly might result in losing a huge amount of money in the long run. 


It is a market where you’ll get to guess how many runs will be scored by either team in a particular inning. This way, you can diversify your bets because there are a lot of innings to bet on in a single game. 

How to get better at betting on future SRL matches

Consider these betting tips that can help you maximise your winning chances at Sportsbet. Here are some tips that can help you when betting on SRL games:

Master reading the odds 

Reading the odds is an integral aspect of betting because this shows you how much the payouts and the likelihood of each team winning the match. There are three common types of odds on Sportsbet, namely the decimal, fractional, and American odds.

Whichever type of odds you pick is perfectly fine. Just make sure that you understand how to read them to make your betting experience much more manageable when you’re in the heat of a specific game. 

Take advantage of the betting markets

The purpose of betting markets is to provide punters with a wide range of options when it comes to placing bets. You may increase the variety of your bets by participating in several betting markets. 

Bet on teams with the best stats

It’s a no-brainer that betting on the team with the best records of their previous seasons will give you the best chances of winning your bets. You should also consider the players on the team’s line-up.  

Sometimes, the team with the best dynamics where all players fit and play their roles win championships and big games. So, it is best to know more about the teams and their star players. 

Win alongside your favourite SRL cricket teams here at Sportsbet! 

This is the future of cricket! The SRL is here to stay, and you can be one of the first few punters to bet on one of cricket’s most amazing games. Here at Sportsbet, you can bet not only on incredible SRL games, but also on other sports and their most prominent leagues. 

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