Engage in substantial wagering on GT League matches at Sportsbet.io

GT Sports League is a premier esports and live tournament brand focused on FIFA or EA SPORTS FC matches. Sportsbet.io brings you a wide variety of crypto betting opportunities with markets on every match. Jumpstart your journey here by learning how to maximise your crypto wagers on this one-of-a-kind sports league. 

How to start placing GT League bets at Sportsbet.io

To create an account at Sportsbet.io, here are easy steps you must follow: 

  • Click the Register button on the top-right corner. Fill in the needed details or connect your accounts to other platforms to Sportsbet.io like X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Line, Google, and Telegram.

  • Click the Deposit button on the top right after creating an account. Copy the address to paste into your crypto wallet to initiate the transfer, or use the mobile crypto wallet app to scan the QR code.

  • Locate the GT League page on the sportsbook section and find the matches you can bet on. Click the matches to see markets and predictions you can make. 

  • Select an outcome you want to wager on, which will appear on the Betslip on the lower right part of the screen. Enter your wager amount and click Place bet.

The tournament structure for the GT League

GT has individual tournaments that last around two hours and 30 minutes each. Every tournament will have players pick three clubs they will use. The players are split into the leagues where their clubs are part of, and they will compete across three tournaments. 

Every 24 hours, there are three leagues that each gamer plays in for a total of 180 games across nine different tournaments. These games are played in the GT League studio, where everything is monitored and streamlined for viewers.

Results for the leagues are uploaded 10 minutes from the completion of the event. GT League match results sometimes have delays, but you can always see the results 12 hours after the tournament ends.

The betting markets for GT League matches

With the extensive variety of betting markets available at Sportsbet.io, you can place multiple bets for GT League matches. There is solid potential for payouts when you make the right predictions of outcomes here: 

  • 1x2: This is where you predict the result of the match. There are three potential results: a home win, an away win, and a draw.

  • Asian total: There is a given number of goals, and you will predict if the total outcome will be over or under that number. The difference between the Asian total is in .25 increments rather than .5 in the regular total market.

  • Which team wins the rest of the match: This is in the in-play wagers where the match is ongoing, and you predict which team will win in the remaining minutes.

  • Double chance: You can bet on two results for a match. For example, you can bet on a home team to win or draw or an away team to win or draw. This also allows you to wager on either team to win the match. 

  • Correct score: There are scorelines given by Sportsbet.io, and you have to pick what you deem as the likeliest outcome. 

Sportsbet.io: Odds formats for your GT League match bets

Betting odds are vital to deciding your wagers because they tell you the likelihood of certain outcomes for a specific betting market. At the same time, these numbers can serve as a preview of how many payouts you can win after making a GT League bet.

Click the hamburger menu on the top-left part of your screen to see the drop-down menu where you can see these three types: 

  • American: This odds format is indicated by plus and minus signs. Positive numbers represent underdogs, which are more lucrative, while negative numbers are for less profitable options. To calculate potential winnings, you can earn 125 USDT if you bet on +125 with 100 USDT. A -125 bet requires you to wager 125 USDT to win 100 USDT.

  • Decimal: Lower decimal odds are for favourites as the rewards are significantly less. On the other hand, higher odds are for underdogs where there are higher rewards. To calculate this, you must multiply the odds by the wagered amount. 

  • Hong Kong: The HK odds are lower than 1 are given to favourites, while those with more than 1 are for underdogs. To calculate the payouts with HK odds, you just have to add 1 and then multiply that by the wager.

Tips to make successful GT League wagers

Before finalising your GT League bets, keep these valuable tips in mind:

  • Keep up with the players: Track how players perform in GT League matches to understand how they play the game. Their momentum will be valuable whenever you place a bet, especially with how you see a player’s confidence shoot up.

  • Look at the clubs they’re using: Look at the clubs the players use, which have more talented players on the squads. Anyone using a club like Paris Saint-Germain or Manchester City will most likely play better since the players there are significantly better than any other club.

  • Certain football players can carry anyone to a win: Whenever a player has a star on the club they’re using, you can expect them to keep using that player to win the game for them. A good example of this is Kevin De Bruyne from Man City or Kylian Mbappé from PSG.

Sportsbet.io’s features to help your GT League match bets

Place the biggest bets possible on the GT League match bets by using the site’s features. Find out about them and how they work: 

  • Stats: Sportsbet.io provides useful statistics that can help inform you about the best bet you can make. This involves goals scored, assists, and possession percentage.

  • Head-to-head: This feature identifies the matchup between the two players. You can check out the latest statistics to help you make well-informed decisions for your bets.

Succeed with GT League match crypto bets at Sportsbet.io

At Sportsbet.io, you have the opportunity to wager on a diverse array of sports and esports. Opting for GT League stands out as an excellent decision where you can engage with the fiercely competitive and thrilling FIFA or EA SPORTS FC realm. 

Use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) to place bets on these matchups and reap substantial rewards. Have a great time betting on the GT League as your bets are poised for impressive returns.