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Keep up with the fast-paced action of F1 races with’s live Formula 1 betting. You can place bets on live Grand Prixs held in various circuits worldwide. Make your F1 wagers with’s Formula 1 live betting as you watch your favourite races. Get started here at with these steps below:

How to start betting on live F1 races

Experience high-class races and get into F1 live betting to earn your fair share of crypto payouts from successful bets. Here are the steps that can help get you started with your wagers at

  • Go to the top-right of the website and click the signup button.

  • You can fill in your details manually, but you can also connect accounts from other platforms such as Telegram, Line, Facebook, Google, and Metamask.

  • Select a payment method you prefer for your F1 in play betting. is the perfect sportsbook for crypto bettors—wager on F1 races using USDT, BTC, or other cryptocurrencies.

  • To maximise your in-play betting experience, check’s ongoing promotions, from F1-specific offers to special crypto promos.

  • Click on the Formula 1 category among the various sports offered at the site's top banner. Formula 1 live betting is available under the In-play tab. From there, choose among the available live races and select F1 betting markets. 

What are the races you can make in-play bets on?

The F1 Grand Prix has tons of events to choose from. Here are a few of the best races you should watch and place an F1 live bet on: 

  • Canadian Grand Prix: This race started in 1961, and Circuit Gilles Villeneuve has been its home track ever since. There are 70 laps in this race, with the race length at 305.270 kilometres, making it a strong Formula 1 Grand Prix live event to bet on.

  • Emilia Romagna Grand Prix (Italy): One of the latest F1 races in the calendar, first held in 2020 at Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari. The race length is 309.049 km, with 63 laps in total. 

  • Belgian Grand Prix: First held in 1925, the Belgian GP has a race length of 308.052km with 44 laps. The location for this race is Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. 

  • British Grand Prix: The British GP was first held in 1926, and the race length is 306.198km, with 52 laps in total. Since 1987, it’s been held in Silverstone Circuit.

  • Mexican Grand Prix: Held in Autodrómo Hermanos Rodriguez, this race started in 1962 with 71 total laps and a length of 305.354km. 

  • Italian Grand Prix: This is the original Italian race before Emilia Romagna. It started in 1921 and, since then, has been held in Autodromo Nazionale di Monza with a race length of 306.720km and 53 laps in total.

  • Monaco Grand Prix: This race started in 1929 and has always been held at Circuit de Monaco. At a race length of 260.286km, this Monaco GP has 78 laps. 

  • Dutch Grand Prix: This race is held at Circuit Zandvoort, which has a race length of 306.587km with a total of 72 laps. 

  • US Grand Prix: Held at the Circuit of the Americas, the US Grand Prix has 308.405 km with 56 laps in total. This has been a long-standing race, first held in 1908.

  • F1 Japanese Grand Prix: Held at Suzuka Circuit, Suzuka F1 has a 307.471km race length with 53 total laps. At the moment, F1 Japan Grand Prix 2023 will be an exciting race, so make sure to wager on it. Choose your preferred F1 in-play betting odds format’s Betslip feature will show your potential payouts based on F1 live odds and your original stake, no matter your preferred format. You can change formats using the drop-down menu at the bottom left sidebar. Here are the three available formats on the site:

  • American: Odds are represented by a plus (+) symbol if it’s an underdog and a minus (-) symbol if it’s a favourite. For example, betting on a Charles Leclerc win on +125 odds means you must wager 100 USDT to win 125 USDT. On the other hand, betting on Max Verstappen to win with -110 odds means you have to bet 110 USDT to get a 100 USDT profit. 

  • Hong Kong: Favourites usually have HK odds lower than one, while underdogs have higher odds values. A 20 USDT bet on a 0.50 HK odds equals a 30 USDT payout (10 USDT profit + your 20 USDT original wager). 

  • Decimal: F1 table favourites are given lower odds, while the higher ones are for the underdogs. Like HK odds, simply multiply the decimal odds and your given stake. A 2.25 odds and a 20 USDT wager will net you a total payout of 45 USDT.

In-play F1 betting markets to place wagers on

At, maximise your F1 gambling journey with various betting markets. These are some of the most F1 results markets you can place wagers on: 

  • Winner: This is the market where you predict which driver with the best F1 odds can win the race or the total competition. 

  • Podium finish: Predict the three drivers who will finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the race. In your Formula 1 live bet here, the order these drivers will finish doesn’t matter as long as they place in the top three positions. 

  • Constructor winner: In this market, make an F1 live prediction on which team, otherwise known as a constructor, you believe will win the entire race. 

  • Fastest qualifier: To bet Formula 1 in this market, you need to wager on which driver has the fastest qualifying time or gets a pole position. 

Tips that can help you win any live F1 bet

Making in-play wagers is not simply betting on impulse; it needs to be backed up by proper knowledge of the factors surrounding your chosen F1 event. Here are tips that can help you make better F1 Grand Prix results predictions:

  • Learn about the drivers you’re betting on: You should keep track of how drivers showcase their skills so you can see and predict where they can place in the races you’re betting on. These are names you usually see in the Formula 1 standings today:

    • Lance Stroll (Aston Martin F1) 

    • Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes F1)

    • Max Verstappen (Red Bull F1) 

    • Charles Leclerc (Ferrari F1) 

    • Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin F1)

    • Sergio Perez (Red Bull F1)

    • George Russell (Mercedes F1) 

    • Carlos Sainz (Ferrari F1) 

    • Alex Albon (Williams F1) 

    • Kevin Magnussen (Haas F1 team) 

    • Hiroki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri F1)

  • Constructors will play a huge role in your bets: You need to be familiar with how the constructors power their cars with state-of-the-art tech to make them faster and perform at the highest level. A constructor consistently winning races makes sense for bets, like how Red Bull dominates the Formula 1 result today or Mercedes’ success in the past. features that can help your F1 bets has a solid set of F1 bookmaker features that can help improve your betting experience. Check it out:

  • Head-to-head: The graphic feature on the right side of the screen details important info for F1 drivers and constructors. This is helpful because it can help you better contextualise your Formula 1 result bets. 

  • Betslip: Every time you place a bet, the Betslip will show all your bets and the payouts you can win. 

Get off to the races with’s F1 markets

Here at, you can get a fun, fast, and fair  F1 online betting experience. With the handy mobile app, you can use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) for instant withdrawals and payouts. has everything you need for your F1 live bets, from a wide variety of markets to reliable betting odds, so make sure to wager now!