in-play betting: Make the most out of your golf bets

Feel the excitement of live golf events and bet on the go with With golf in-play betting, maximise your potential crypto wins as you watch pro golfers play against each other. Find out how to place in-play golf betting wagers on ongoing events here at below:

How to bet on live golf events at

Get started on live golf betting at with these steps, from creating an account to locking in your golf bets:

  • Click the signup button on the top-right of the website. 

  • Fill in the details to finalise your account. You can also connect accounts from platforms like Google, Facebook, Metamask, Line, and Telegram.

  • Now, you can select your preferred payment method for live golf betting. As a top crypto bookmaker, allows punters to place crypto wagers, including Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), and more.

  • Check’s promotions to see if you can participate in golf or crypto-specific offers to maximise your in-play betting experience.

  • Go to the golf betting section on’s homepage, where the sports categories are shown.

  • Click the in-play tab. Bet on one or more live tournaments and finalise your bets on’s Betslip at the bottom right of the page. 

What are the events you can bet on in golf?

To get the most out of your wagers, here are the events you can choose from for golf live betting: 

  • Masters Golf Tournament: The Men’s Golf Masters is a major golf event held during the first full week in April at Augusta National Golf Club. It is a prestigious event where the winner is given an iconic green suit jacket.

  • Open Championship: This is often called the British Open golf event, held annually at Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland. It is also the oldest golf tournament in the world, founded in 1860.

  • U.S. Open: This is the most lucrative of all golf major options. U.S. pro golf has a prize of $60+ million. 

  • PGA Championship: This is the fourth major event and a fixture of the PGA Men’s Tour. It’s known as one of the most challenging tournaments due to the hard greens of the course. While the location varies yearly, it has a 156-player field like the U.S. Open.

  • The Memorial Tournament: This is not part of the four major events but is a vital part of USA men’s golf held yearly in Ohio at Muirfield Village Golf Club, overseen by the legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus.

The top in-play betting markets for golf

When making in-play bets on golf, you can wager on the following betting markets:

  • Winner: Predict who wins the competition. All the competing golfers in an event are available here at, and they have corresponding golf betting odds to help you make the decision. 

  • Best score: Predict which golfer had the best statistical performance in a hole. This market appears every time the hole changes. 

Golf odds formats for in-play betting

Live golf betting odds are the numbers that determine the outcomes of a golf event. At the same time, they can also help calculate the payout from successful bets. You can use the following formats at

  • American: This format is dictated by the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols. If you bet on a +150 outcome, then you can net a 150 USDT reward when you wager 100 USDT. For the minus, you can bet on a -160 outcome which means you have to bet $160 just to earn $100.

  • Hong Kong: The lower the value, the more likely the outcome will happen. So to calculate your Hong Kong odds, simply multiply the odds by your wager. For example, if you wager 10 USDT on 0.25 HK odds, your payout would be 12.5 USDT. 

  • Decimal: The more probable outcomes have lower odds. Simply multiply the Decimal odds by your set wager to determine the potential payout.
    However, unlike HK odds, this format does not allow values lower than 1. If you’re betting 10 USDT on a golf player with 3.25 odds, your payout will be 32.50 USDT. Meaning, your profit is 22.50 USDT.

Tips to help with in-play golf betting

In-play betting lets you experience a more dynamic and active approach with your bets since betting only starts once the tournament kicks off. Here are some live golf betting tips to try:

  • Research the golfers in the event: Remember that certain golfers are better than others, making them the favourites to win. However, you should check out all the golfers of an event to see which ones can pull off upsets if you want higher payouts. 

  • Look at the players’ momentum and confidence: If they play at a high level, their momentum will carry over to the event. This is crucial because whenever golfers are confident, they are willing to take the big swings. 

  • The golf courses matter for bets: Some golf courses have thicker grass and sand, making the balls harder to hit. Certain players struggle with this which can affect your bets. features to help live golf betting

Improve your golf predictions and your overall betting experience on the platform with these features:

  • Betslip: You can find this feature at the bottom right of your screen which details all the bets you place and the potential payouts you can win. Try’s price boosts as well if they’re available.

  • Club Talk: Discuss your various interests as a punter with other punters all over the world—from matches, betting tips, and even crypto.

Conquer live golf betting markets with is the optimal online golf betting platform since we have the best features to streamline your wagers. For instant transactions, you can use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT). Moreover, you can bet on the go with’s mobile app, allowing you to have a fun, fast, and fair betting experience anytime and anywhere!