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A handicap is given to a fighter who is the crowd favourite (-) while the contender labelled with (+) is the underdog and is less likely to win the match.

Match betting is simply putting your bets on a winner. When your chosen MMA fighter wins, you will be rewarded with an amount of profit based on the fight odds.

A UFC match can end in three different ways: KO/TKO, submission, or judges’ decision.

K.O. means you are wagering on a fighter who wins the round by knocking out their opponent. Technical K.O. is a different type of knockout where an injured fighter remains conscious but can longer continue the fight due to physical injuries.

DQ bets are placed on a disqualified bout when either one or both of the fighters commit a foul or violates the rules during the match.

HCP/Asian Handicap gives a handicap (HCP) to both fighters before the competition starts.

Total bets on the UFC and determines how many rounds the bout will last. Wagering on the Under will earn you rewards if the bout ends before the 2-minute and 30-second mark of the third round.

If the MMA match ends before that time, you will win your bet. If the bout continues any longer than that, you will earn profits if you staked on the Over.

Round betting lets you figure out which round you think the bout will end.

Prop bets (Exotic bets) can stretch out your chances of winning even further.

UFC prop bets include Fight to go the Distance, Points Handicap, and other types of awards given to the ultimate fighter who bags the winning title based on the division.

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