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Top 5 reasons why Canada might win their first game
Sep 29, 2022, 8:01:00 AM

Top 5 reasons why Canada might win their first game

Canada is not known as a top contender in the World Cup. In the tournament's history, they have not yet won or made it to the Finals. This time, it's all about proving themselves as a worthy contender. How can Canada win the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

After winning in the 2022 CONCACAF and topping the competition as the third-round winners, Canada has booked its ticket to this year's World Cup. Many fans know that Canada is not much of a leading team, and being placed in Group F proved to be a massive blow to their chances. 

Canadian fans aimed to see them play in Group A, but Ecuador took the spot, meaning the draw didn't go in Canada's favour.

Canada's chances in their World Cup opener vs Belgium

Canada is ranked 38th in the world, playing against elite teams with football experience. Belgium (2nd in the world), Croatia (16th in the world), and Morocco (24th in the world) are all expected to bring a challenge for Canada in Group F.

Even with all the hype surrounding Canada's qualification for the World Cup, the team is set as the underdog for the coming game against Belgium. Their chances are already slim, and there is a huge need for them to come up with a miracle to win. Belgium is a contender for the title, which means it will be challenging for the Canadians to win.

However, Canada is not at a complete disadvantage. The team has a few tricks up their sleeve, giving them a chance to win even with all the odds stacked against them. Here are five reasons why Canada is going to win in their first game against Belgium:

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Canada's offensive plays are effective for a team like Belgium

Playing against one of the best teams in the world is a huge challenge, but fighting fire with fire will be the key to success, especially with attacking players available at their disposal. It means they will need to come up with attacks to pressure Belgium. The best strategy for this game is to park the bus for the whole game. 

Belgium is known for being an aggressive team battling with attacks, but they will need effective pushes to make it work against Canada. They can achieve this through a counter-attack. The Canadians can force a scoring drought to the final minute and make one last dash to win it. 

Canada is good at drawing contact for fouls

Canada has managed to build a strong reputation for having speedy attackers. It means they can go for speed and attempt to draw fouls in the box. Getting fouls is an excellent tactic to ensure that every offensive trip is made well. It is an effective strategy since being rewarded with free kicks means a strong chance of winning. 

A lucky foul in the box with a penalty kick is a way for Canada to score goals without the defence bothering them. Belgium will likely answer back on this one, but all it takes for Canada to pull this off is a mistake from the European giants. It is why it is enough to push Belgium's limits and ensure a shot at the winning goal.

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Milan Borjan is ready to have the game of his life

Canada's legendary goalkeeper Milan Borjan is ready to take his game to the next level. The team will need more of his impressive defensive skills to ensure that they will get the best chance at winning. A goalkeeper with strong anticipation skills makes it easy for Canada to develop the best defensive performances.

Borjan is a lead star for Serbian SuperLiga club Red Star Belgrade. His impressive saves have earned him praise over the years, making him a substantial defensive asset. It is why his presence will significantly threaten Belgium's attackers. The showdown between Canada and Belgium will be Borjan's spotlight.

Alphonso Davies' lightning speed is a threat to Belgium

What makes Canada more competitive is having Alphonso Davies on the roster. The Bayern Munich star is the fastest player in the world, which is an excellent help for Canada since he can poke a hole through Belgium's defence and find open looks for his teammates to score. On top of that, he can even score on his own and lead the attack at most.

As Bayern's lightning speedy star, Davies can be a headache for Belgium's defence, which is why his performance on the big stage will be the most significant factor for Canada's win. He's already good at finding ways to make a drive into the box, but he's a more significant threat because of his scoring, which is one of the flashiest in the Bundesliga.  

Canada's high line ensures balance on both ends of the pitch

Canada's 4-4-2 lineup is a threat to Belgium. The European giants are known for focusing on the attack alone, and Canada's high line is designed to withstand that kind of attack. It means that Canada can dictate the pace of the whole game and ensure they can get a lot of attacks before focusing on the defensive end.

High lines have proven to be a work of art in football. For starters, Jurgen Klopp's high line with Liverpool has led to their 2019 treble, and it can also work for other teams. With the right players and tactics, Canada may be able to pull off the same feat.

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What are Canada's odds in the group stages of the World Cup?

Playing games against elite teams way ahead of them in the global ranking means that Canada is the underdog for Group F. The team will have to fight for every goal they can get against each of these teams. 

Alphonso Davies and the rest of the boys will need a miracle to pull off an upset and earn one of the two slots that will be up for grabs in the group stage.

Canada's previous performances in the World Cup

As said before, Canada is not much of a contender in the World Cup. Canada did not win any of them in three games and even allowed five goals. The first and only time they played in the prestigious competition was in the 1986 edition in Mexico, where they only managed to come up with a shot in the group stages and finished 24th overall.

Since then, Canada has missed eight FIFA World Cups in a row. The team failed to win in the qualifiers, which says a lot about how they will manage to win in their games this time. Winning in the 2022 CONCACAF is a huge feat, and now they have to pick up the pace and keep it alive.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores


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