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A Few Things to Know About Yan Couto
Feb 7, 2020, 6:38:00 AM

A Few Things to Know About Yan Couto

Manchester City’s signee-to-be has proven he has the skills to be part of the club (which is expected since he grew up playing football in Brazil).

Defending Premier League champions Manchester City may have struck gold with Brazilian youngster Yan Couto. At 17 years old, he currently plays for Coritiba, a second-tier club in Brazil’s football system. Despite him not yet making his senior year breakthrough, he’s already established himself as one of the must-watch names.

Due to Brazil’s transfer regulations, he is not allowed to leave before his 18th birthday - which is just a few months away in June. However, when he does leave, he’s looking forward to joining some of his fellow Brazilian talents in the blue half of Manchester. There, he will have the chance to play with Ederson, Gabriel Jesus, and Fernandinho. Despite him being a big thing in Brazil, he’s fairly unknown with fans of Manchester City. Hence, here are a few run-downs of some of his achievements:

World Cup Winner

Primarily one of the reasons why Manchester City chose him is because of this. However, it wasn’t just the Premier League club that was looking to sign him - there were plenty of other European clubs that wanted him. Thankfully, he chose Man City. Throughout the competition, the attacking right-back displayed his skill and impressed those who saw and watched him play. He played in five of seven games for his team(he missed the two because of a red card). His team won every single match on their way to winning their fourth title. He showed that he not only possesses great defensive capabilities but also a killer instinct, especially inside the box.

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When the match against Mexico during the U17 World Cup final went into stoppage time, the teams were tied at one apiece. Brazil was desperate to win the match, throwing everything they had. However, it was Couto, in the 93rd minute, who passed a near-perfect cross which led to a game-winning header by Lazaro. This was one of many instances where he created scoring opportunities for his teammates. In an interview after the World Cup, the player said, ‘It leaves a mark, right? Those crosses, these plays in the game - it was the goal that won the title. I will always remember it’.

Hunger for Experience, Knowledge

People think that just because he’s signed with a big-named club means that he’s ‘made it’. On the contrary, it means almost nothing. Unless he’s able to prove himself there, then he’s signing is as good as a dud. His future is anything but certain. But, if one thing is for certain, it’s that his love for the game is obvious.

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Words: Carlos Corpus

Image: PA