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Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Round 11 Recap
Sep 12, 2023, 5:25:00 AM

Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Round 11 Recap

Round 11 is finished and this one was incredibly close. Most matches were decided by 1 goal difference and on the last question. Seems like it was a though round for majority of participants since low scores were quite common this time around. There are of course some exceptions like hakan2217, Saint-loup and vd309 who managed to get respected points even in this round.

Division 1
Title fight in our top division is as close as it gets. Buwaytress lost his match against casperBGD which was immediately seized by cls63 who took the first place. They are fighting for every point and their upcoming clash will give us a lot of answers. Jeremypwr is waiting on his 3rd spot for any drop in form from these two and maybe another chance to enter title race. Bottom of the table battle is also very close; darxiaomi, arallmuus, LTU_btc & Igebotz will do their best to catch some late points to avoid relegation.

Division 2
All the favorites won their matches in Division 2 except for notblox1 who has been held to 1:1 draw against LFC_Bitcoin. This could end up being very expensive point drop for him since this result took him out of promotion places. Draw also wasn't enough for LFC_Bitcoin and he faces certain relegation to Division 3. Leea-1334 won 3:1 against Woodie and placed both hands on the trophy. Still some work to be done but I don't see a way for anybody to catch him. Woodie still has a very slim chance to avoid relegation but nothing except perfect scores all the way to the end can save him now, even then he has to hope for help from famososMuertos.

Division 3 The time has come, we have our first division champions, big congratulations to chi20 and Saint-loup for winning their respective divisions. They have done enough to be crowned champions even though there are still some previously postponed games left to be played out. Nobody can catch up to chi20 now and his 4:3 win against navidart was enough to mathematically secure the title. Bullrun2020bro can still catch up with Saint-loup on points after he plays his postponed game but he has no way to make up for goal difference which makes Saint-loup a champion.

Round 12 – Preview

This week there isn’t much happening on sports fields except for football and formula 1 so it is no surprise we have 8 football questions to answer. It is a mix of international and league football so we will see how players will react to that. Division 3 is all but finished and we just have few previously postponed games to get trough but things in Div 1 and Div 2 are getting heated.

We have THE derby in Division 1 with buwaytress taking on cls63. Cls63 will be a champion if he manages to win this one, let's see if his team is able to perform under pressure. We also have a relegation derby between darxiaomi and LTU_btc, win here is worth „6 points“ as popular saying goes.

Derby game in Division 2 is between Cryptofrka and me, winner will probably secure promotion playoff while looser can only hope that notblox1 will have another bad week. There will be big battle between three of us for that 4th promotion place since it is almost impossible to catch slaman29 or mv1986.

BSFL chat on Clubtalk

We have our room on Clubtalk chat so come and hang in there. I will drop by daily to answer possible questions and check up on you guys. This week chat will be held on Friday 3PM this week. One hour earlier than usual so make sure to be here on time. See you then for all the latest BSFL news as well as a chance for the free bet.

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