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Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Round 11 Recap
Jan 16, 2024, 6:00:00 AM

Bitcointalk Sports Fanatics League - Round 11 Recap

Round 11 Review:
This was another round with mixed results, lot of players had comparatively low scores with 2 or 3 correct answers while we still had a couple players getting 6 and 7 correct answers. This time that makes LTU_btc the unlucky one since his 4 correct answers weren’t even enough for a draw in duel with cls63 while it would have been enough for a win in most other duels.

Division 1
In addition to already mentioned cls63, Harkorede was another Div1 manager that managed to get 6 correct answers which was more than enough to secure him 3 points. Those points will come handy to avoid relegation battle and maybe even give some hope to challenging the top places. Our league leaders vd309 and leea-1334 both managed to win their respective matches with 5:4 results. It was close but they are top of the league for a reason and it shows when things get though.

Division 2
I am getting a bit tired of writing about notblox1 in this paragraph but his form is leaving me no choice. He recorded another super convincing win, 6:2 this time, and further cemented his top position in the division. That makes it a respectable 30 points for him with 10 wins in 11 games. Fight for places behind him is in full swing with 3 teams divided by couple of points. This time team strongkored was the big winner since they managed to secure full 3 points while chi20 and Trofo were held for draws.

Division 3
This was the last regular round in our third Division but we still have some games left. Div 3A is basically over, only one game left and that one can’t change much. Imarios is our Div 3A winner while entebah, ILuckyGuyI and LFC_Bitcoin have managed to secure promotion playoffs. Last playoff spot should be for PedroCunhaYori but he is still not mathematically certain to keep it. Div 3B is much more open and it still though to predict anything. All top teams with wins this week made it certain to keep it interesting until the last game. Jinetics1111 and goodpunt were particularly impressive with getting 6 and 7 correct answers.

Round 12 Preview:
This week we have 12th round in Divisions 1 & 2 while both third divisions are almost finished. Just a couple of previously postponed games to take care off. This will be a supper busy time for Hhampuz since he is the team that joined us later in the season and has a lot of games to squeeze in short time.

Questions are live and they are the usual mix, mostly football with a bit of Australian Open tennis, water polo and handball. We also have a first ever inclusion of Rally in Dakar to test who is a real sport fantastic and who is just getting by. Make sure to answer on time, it would be a shame to see someone losing a place in the league this late in the season.

Division 1 is real close both in fight for the title and to avoid relegation. We don’t have direct duels up top this time around but we will see if vd309, leea-1334 and casperBGD will manage to get the better of their opponents. Looks like easy job on paper but their opponents need the points badly and we could see some surprises. We have one super important game in relegation battle this week, darxiaomi is meeting jeremypwr and winner from this one will make a giant leap towards securing his Div 1 place.

We have some important games in Div 2 this round as well. Chi20, strongkored and myself will all be playing for 3 points while hoping notblox1 drops his form a little. While chi20 & strongkored have easy job on the paper I am playing against Igebotz. Must admit I am a bit surprised trash talk hasn't already commenced. Will have to try to ignite it myself later today.

Div 3A is virtually over but we have 3 games in Div 3B. Hhampuz is playing two games, taking on Jinetics1111 and Omikifuse this round while goodpunt will play a game against shogun47. The situation on top of Div 3B should be much clearer after this round.

Telegram chat
We have our own telegram room on Sportsbet channel, visit us in BSFL/Fantasy section. This week dedicated chat session will be in our usual slot on Friday at 5 PM GMT, come join me for all things BSFL and a chance for free bet.

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