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Bruno Henrique is Now Brazil’s Greatest Player
Jan 14, 2020, 6:12:00 AM

Bruno Henrique is Now Brazil’s Greatest Player

Bruno Henrique’s journey to greatness has not always been easy. He hasn’t really planned for all of this to happen, but his talents took him far in this world of football.

It’s been a long road to get where he is now. Seven years ago, a 21-year-old Bruno Henrique was working as a receptionist at an office in Belo Horizonte. He would play football at the weekend, just for fun.

He never stepped foot in an academy of a professional club his whole life. It was fine back then since he thought his chances of playing any sort of professional football were impossible.

After starring alongside his brother Juninho in the final of Copa Itatiaia, the team’s power duo was given a chance to play in the big leagues.

A local radio journalist used his contacts at Cruzeiro and gave them both a one-year professional contract. His brother Juninho retired in 2016 after a modest playing career. Bruno never looked back.

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He was on a loan at Itumbaria and this led him to become bought by Goias in 2015. In his first year in Serie A, he immediately shone.

His display of amazing skill and talent earned him a move to Germany with Wolfsburg, but he never settled living abroad. ‘He never wanted to go to Europe, but my grandfather and I told him to go’, said Juninho.

Despite showing a brilliant performance in the Champions League quarter-final against Real Madrid in 2016, he came back to Brazil after 12 months. At Santos, he again proved himself by getting 11 assists and helping them to have a third-place finish in 2017.

The next year, something absolutely horrible happened to him. A ball to the face in a Campeonato Paulista game tore the retina in his right eye. He was out for months and went on intensive treatment. When he came back, he had a custom made pair of glasses. Bruno struggled to get back up to the level that he used to be at.

When Flamengo signed him during the start of 2019, it was a big risk for the club and himself. Eye injuries can come back.

Even though he was playing for the best team in Brazil, he still proved to be a standout player. He scored 35 goals and grabbed 16 assists in his 62 appearances with the club.

His pace is clearly his main asset. This year he became the fastest player ever to be recorded, he even broke Gareth Bale’s previous record. Combining his pace with his constant willingness to rind behind the defence, this gave the whole team an outlet all season long.

Henrique has finally found a place where he can play his best football. Who knows, maybe he'll turn out for Brazil at next year’s Copa America.

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Words: Kathleen Kaiser

Images: PA