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EPL Fantasy League - GW 32 Preview
Apr 20, 2023, 9:00:00 AM

EPL Fantasy League - GW 32 Preview

Game week 32 is a small blank week with just 4 teams blanking but problem is those 4 teams include Manchester United, Manchester City and Brighton. Since those are the teams that make significant portion of our squads and all will have double GW34, this is natural time to use free hit chip if you still have one. If you don’t have a free hit chip, just concentrate on the part of article where I talk about Liverpool players and include them in your transfer plans.

Free hit template

There are maybe 6 or 7 players that all free hit teams will have and it is up to us to make some extra points with remaining differentials. It is easiest to create free hit squad in a way to choose players you absolutely must have and decide about the rest. We all want to have 3 players from Liverpool and 3 players from Arsenal and everybody will take Salah, Trent, Saka and Martinelli. They are all almost certain to be on the pitch for 90 minutes and I expect them to do very good in this GW. Third spot is the one open for interpretation and the one where maximum gain can be made.

My third spot for Liverpool will probably be Robinson since there is very little defenders I want to own in this GW. He is reasonably secure for minutes and he always has that added attacking threat. If you prefer to go for Liverpool attacker, my choice would be Nunez or Gakpo but their minutes are even less secure and there is much more competition for those positions in our squads. Liverpool still has Firminho and Jota for attacking rotations while Dias should return to squad very shortly and steal some minutes as well.

Arsenal is not looking as secure in defence as they were earlier in the season, so I am concentrating on Arsenal attackers but White and Gabriel are very good options if you have free spot for Arsenal defender. The decision for me basically comes down to choosing Jesus or Odegaard, each comes with their own advantages and disadvantages. Jesus has much better xG numbers but is still looking for match fitness and playing less then 70 minutes. Odegaard is playing further away from goal and his shots are usually from very low xG chances, but he is playing full 90 minutes. This decision will also dictate if I am going to line up in 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 formation. You can’t go wrong, simply choose the one you are liking better.

After picking your Arsenal/Liverpool players there is a couple of outstanding choices from other clubs. Watkins is in the form of his life and I am very happy I have him in my team, would be quite scary playing without him. Leicester has a good fixture so maybe that is enough to forget about their terrible form. Castagne is the best defensive option due to his attacking tendencies while Maddison and Iheanacho were very unlucky to not score more points in previous game weeks. There will come a time for good performance from Leicester and I have a feeling these two will haul big at that moment.

Then we have a fixture between Tottenham and Newcastle which effectively makes me want to avoid Trippier and Kane since they sort of cancel each other. You can’t have both and hope both will get you good points. As it stands, I will probably get rid of Kane to fund other transfers and keep Trippier as a cover for all those managers that aren’t free hitting.

Crystal Palace is your solution for any position that is left empty, they have great budget friendly options across the board. Johnstone is maybe even the best GK this game week since his selection allows you to reserve outfield positions for top clubs. Andersen, Guehi and Mitchel are all good defensive options but nowhere near as exciting as Trent/Robbo/Trippier. Nevertheless they should do fine to fill up one defender position or bench. With Zaha injured, midfielder choices are Olise and Eze, I will probably not pick any of them since there is a lot of great attacking options elsewhere but if your budget is tight, you could do way worse than these two.

Final thoughts and captain options

If you are not free hitting don’t go out of your way to field 11 players this week, just make sure to bring few key players like Salah & Trent that are very good for this round and have a double in GW 34.

Captain choice is also quite easy and no surprise majority of votes are on Salah, he is the stand out option, nailed to play full 90 minutes and has a good fixture. Even though he missed a penalty last time around he should still be on them. If you want to go differential route you can pick any of the Arsenal attackers like Martinelli, Saka & Jesus or maybe one of the very attacking Liverpool defenders.

This week chat will be held on Thursday 5PM GMT, join me to discuss anything related to your teams or tell me which players I missed in free hit draft. There will also be a couple of free bets up for grabs as usual. See you later.

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