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Jan 22, 2020, 6:15:00 AM

Flamengo Reinforces Roster With Big Addition

After weeks of silence, and the recent signing of Reinier to La Liga’s Madrid, Flamengo has broken the news with another addition to their lineup for the upcoming season. Fans are now set to root for a younger Rubro-Negro squad following the recent additions.

Flamengo has announced their fourth addition for this year after adding Nautico striker Thiago, Pedro Rocha from Spartak Moscow (on a year-long loan), as well as Gustavo Henrique from Santos.

The Brazilian and Copa Libertadores champions have been in a slight disarray since the loss of their key players from last season’s magical run.

The team went on a 24-game unbeaten run before coming up with a win in the Libertadores against River Plate. The team, however, suffered a tough loss at the hands of the Premier League leaders in Liverpool back in the FIFA Club World Cup.

The ex-Goias player will now serve a better role in Flamengo’s offensive turf. His former team took his departure to social media and even asked him to return in the future.

Flamengo’s deal will see them paying off €7.5m ( which is around R$34.2m) for 80% of Michael’s economic rights. The attacker is set to arrive in Rio de Janeiro for his medical tests while inking his four-contract with the team.

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In the press conference where the team announced him as their latest addition, Michael got a little bit emotional regarding his future with the team.

‘The favela won. The broken won. A kid who came out of nowhere is someone’, Michael said. ‘That kid who at 23 everyone thought he was going to be dead, is alive today. I had no perspective on life and I’m here. If I put it in my head that I can go, I will. I can’t let people create a limit for me. And I dreamed’.

He played amateur football since 16 after gambling himself to play for Goiania’s four big clubs. He failed to pass the trials and opted to play the amateur one until age 19.

He finally took his place first with Monte Cristo in the state’s third division. He played well, which attracted bigger suitors, and that gave him a chance two years later. He signed for Goianesia and became the breakthrough player of the 2017 Goianao after being impressive in his games with the team.

Goias then offered him a deal back when the team was still in the Serie B side. He was just a substitute in the 2017 campaign, but he improved and became a starter which led to his breakout season in 2018.

After becoming a star, he lifted his team well and helped them gain promotion to the Serie A side.

He was named as the league’s best newcomer - scoring nine goals in 35 matches while propelling Goias to their impressive 10th place finish. That was his big break as he became one of the biggest names in the league.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA