Get the best wins on Specials in-play betting

Take your betting to the next level with big winning wagers on Specials. If you want to score huge bets on events aside from your favourite sports, the Specials in-play betting is the best option for you to consider.

Sports Specials betting offers other betting markets you don’t usually see in your regular betting sessions. Place your bets on ongoing events with ever-changing odds on various outcomes. Find out what events you can wager on at the Specials section and how to bet on them below:

How to bet on Sports Specials on

Every bet on Sports Specials in-play markets is similar to betting on regular sports and esports. Simply select which events you want to bet on and check the available markets on In-play betting means these events are ongoing and live, which makes your betting experience more fast-paced and in the moment.

The in-play odds for Sports Specials also update in real-time. After selecting the Specials event and the markets you want to bet on, check’s Betslip to see the markets you’ve selected and the total winnings you can get. Click the ‘Place bet’ to finalise your wagers, and you’re all set.

What are the Sports Specials events you can bet on at

You can choose from plenty of options when you bet on Sports Specials online. From crypto events to trending entertainment programs, here are some of the options that you can try in Sportsbet Specials betting: 


Who would’ve thought that entertainment would find itself on the betting scene? If you try for Sports Specials online betting, make sure you don’t miss the chance to bet on various entertainment events, such as the Oscars. These markets include Best Actor, Actress, Director and Picture. 

Music is also a part of this category, so you may try to bet on the Best Artist of the Year of a certain event or even wager on which one you think will end up as the Best Album. Films rarely come into play on this one, but there may be a chance for you to wager on which film will be the highest-grossing one and so on. These vary from time to time, depending on the scheduled entertainment events.


Politics cannot escape the betting side as well. Aside from voting, you can also place your wagers on various elections in your country. Bet on the politics of other countries as well with Sports Specials betting online.

Some of the best markets you can bet on are the next political party leader, the party with the most seats in the Senate, the democratic presidency, and many others. 

Finance and crypto

One of the unique options you can bet on in Sportsbet Specials is the finance industry—you can also bet on the happenings in the world of finance. This takes the factors of the stock exchange into heavy consideration, and the markets change depending on the global economy.

While you can rely on the Sports Specials odds to bet on this one, make sure to take note of the situation of the market at all costs. You can even bet on crypto events, such as the Bitcoin Halving, by guessing whether the coin hits the mark on a bigger number. 

Other features on Specials in-play betting also offers other features to help you spice up your Specials in-play betting. These can spice up your betting experience with extra wins that will help you rack up a bigger payout. Enjoy huge wins when you try other special features here at

Never miss the big events while having the best Sports Specials betting odds, and make the most of your chances in these exciting features. There are no winning guarantees, but you can be sure that you will have a fair shot with the help of these extra features:

Multi-Master Challenge

The Multi-Master Challenge is a unique feature available at sports events and on Specials. Choose and place your wagers on 15 events with a chance to win 100,000 Tether (USDT) if you score all 15-leg multi-bets. If there is more than one winner, the reward will be shared among them depending on the number of winners.

If no one wins the Multi, the one with the most winning selections gets the biggest reward on this feature. The rewards are divided among the top 10 winners with varying amounts of Tether depending on the place, which can be a great chance to boost your betting experience.

Free Bet Challenges’s Free Bet Challenges is the best one for you if you want to spread your bets and get better chances. All you have to do is to make a bet, sign up for the feature, and get a bonus. If you lose your qualifying bet, you can get a chance to try your luck one more time and win big.

This runs along with the 4-3-Free, where you need to answer four questions for a $50 free bet or three for a $10 free bet. You can also try to mix it up with the Bet Free-6-6 for a chance to win 100,000 USDT if you predict six correct scores with 1,000 USDT guaranteed in payout every week.

How to read betting odds on Specials

Sportsbet Specials betting odds are at your disposal, just like other sporting events. This gives you an additional edge in placing wagers on these events that can give you many winning chances. 

Since there are no guaranteed outcomes, reading the Sportsbet Specials odds is a must for you to get the best chance at scoring wins. These odds are a helpful tool that can guide you in making the best decisions on the betting markets. Here are two of the betting odds formats you can find at

  1. American - You can easily spot the American odds in a snap if you see a plus (+) or a minus (-) sign beside the odds set for the playing teams. These signs show your possible payout once you pick the favourite or the underdog to win.

The favourites are set with a negative sign, meaning they have the best chance to win. For example, if you are wagering with an odds of -150, you need to bet $150 to win the minimum rewards on that set market. The underdog, on the other hand, has a plus sign next to it and is considered a risky wager.

  1. Decimal - Decimal odds are a much easier format to read without using the signs. Favourites are set with a smaller value than underdogs, usually in significant figures, meaning you can see odds from 1.00 to 10.00 and so on. These are common in Sports Specials odds online, so that you might spot them all over the site.

The amount of winnings you can get is your wager multiplied by the Sports Specials online odds of the side you’ve chosen. The original wager will then be deducted from the payout, which is a huge amount of wins depending on what you wagered on.

Make the most of your Specials in-play betting experience

When it comes to making your betting experience more enjoyable, has it all for you! Get the best competitive odds on Specials in-play betting and earn the chance to get more winnings up for grabs. You can use Tether (USDT) and other cryptocurrencies on the site to place your wagers on live and on-demand events.

With the Betslip feature, you can also share your picks with friends and family. Compare the wagers you made and see which one has a better chance of winning. You can also use the Betbuilder to combine your wagers into one for a bigger prize if you are lucky. Enjoy the best of fun, fast, and fair betting only here at Specials in-play betting FAQs

Specials betting at gives punters more choices other than the usual crypto sports and esports betting on the site. Find out more about betting on Specials below:

Does have free bets?

You can play the 4-3-Free feature on the site to gain a free bet that you can use in Specials events.

Does take crypto?

You can use crypto in your Specials in-play betting. However, in-play bets mean that the markets will disappear once the event is over, so make sure to place your wagers before this happens.