🏓Live Table Tennis Odds: Live Betting at Sportsbet.io🏓

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Here are some of the most popular live odds for ping pong at Sportsbet.io:

Match Winner bets let you stake on a player or team.

A Fulltime bet means you are wagering on your desired winning player. Contestants playing for the singles division need to secure 3 sets in a 5-set match to win.

An Odd/Even bet can determine whether the total number of points won by both players lands on an odd or even number.

Set betting requires you to guess the score in sets. The odds for this proposition typically appear as 3:2, 3:1, 3:0, 0:3, 1:3, and 2:3 (including fulltime) in a 5-set match. This also applies in the doubles division. The players must ace 4 sets in a 7-set match to win.

Set Winner bets is wagering on a player (or a pair of players) who gets to score 11 points first with an advantage of 2 points.

Over/Under bets let you stake on the predicted total number of points. You must guess correctly whether the points will be more or less.

Team Total/Total Points will require you to add all the scored points that your chosen player has accumulated in every set. Table tennis requires balls and extreme accuracy. With a little help from luck, cash rewards may come your way too!

Set Handicap lets you wager on the match handicap by sets. A Point Handicap of (+/-) on single or multiple matches will be given to either one or both of the players. The handicap is then added to the actual number of matches won by the player/s.

A Spread means you are betting on the games handicap by the total numbers the player has to score for that set to win.

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