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The Australian Open Women’s Singles is back with a bang. The tourney will bring intense action and hyped games between the top female stars as they aim to score the best wins and make a deep push in the competition. Don’t miss the exciting matches that will unfold in the coming weeks, filled with blazing serves and high-powered volleys that will go all the way to the final set.

Get the best competitive Australian Open odds women tournaments at when you place your wagers on various available markets.

How the Australian Open works

The Australian Open Women’s Singles runs from January 8th to 29th. This is the first of four Grand Slam tournaments to yield bigger points for participating players than regular tourneys. This year’s edition will have events for singles and doubles as well as mixed doubles. 

According to the Australian Open Women’s draw, the players will have to participate in the qualifiers of the competition and will get a chance to go deeper by playing in the four rounds of elimination. The final eight players will play in the Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and the Final of the Australian Open. 

While Ashleigh Barty is the defending champion for the Women’s Singles, the latter opted to retire last March 2022. This means that a new champion will be crowned by the end of the tournament.

How to bet on the Australian Open Women’s Singles at offers a chance for punters to score winning wagers in the Australian Open Women’s Singles. With plenty of matches to choose from, from the qualifiers to the finals, pick any matchup or try placing wagers on multiple ones for bigger chances of winning.

Here at, you can rely on the best competitive odds to win Australian Open Womens bets more often. The next step is to select a betting market that you think is plausible. Make sure to pick the bet according to your analysis of the odds and your research if you want a sure chance of winning.

As soon as you place your wagers, you can watch the games live and on-demand or try to bet as the game unfolds. Keep in mind that not all betting odds are accurate, and there is no guarantee of a win all the time.

Betting markets to keep in mind for Australian Open Women’s Singles

There are many betting markets that you can consider for the Australian Open Women’s Singles. Each of these works differently and can give you an edge in your wagers if you pick the best one and use it to the fullest. At the same time, there are Australian Open betting odds Womens attached to these markets which will make them easier to understand.

Here are the top betting markets to consider for the Australian Open Women’s Singles:

  • Winner bets: This market is the simplest of all, as it involves placing wagers on who you think will come up with a win by the end of the match. This does not consider the sets and games since the bet is about the final winner.

  • Set winner: Each match has plenty of sets, and to win in this market, you need to bet on the player who will win in each set. Depending on the required number of sets, the one with the most points wins.

  • Game winner: Each set has games played with players competing to get the most points. To win, punters must wager on the player who they think will come up with the first four points to win in each game.

  • Game totals: Punters can try placing wagers on the totals of each match. This can be the total sets won, and the total games won and so on. There is also an option to bet on the total serves, smashes, volleys and many other stats in a single match.

  • Handicaps: This market is used to level the Australian Open Womens odds to win between two playing teams. The underdog is given a boost to start the game, while the favourites are handicapped. The bet wins if the punters wagered on either side and the players meet the winning conditions.

  • Correct score: This score-based market needs you to predict the correct result by the end of the match. This means guessing the correct games and sets won by the players to wrap up the matchup.

  • Over/under: This market is a good combo with the game totals. Punters will need to predict a set number for the total of games or sets played by the end of the game and wager if the final total will go over or under the said number.

  • Winning margin: To win in this bet, you need to predict how many games or sets player X will win over player Y or vice versa.

  • Tie-breaks: This market is one of the rare but rewarding options you can consider in the Australian Open Women’s Singles. For this market, you need to guess the total of the tie-breaks that will take place in the game to the finish.

How to read Australian Open odds at

Betting odds are all based on probability, which means that they represent a chance for a said market to take place. It is the likelihood of a certain result for a given game, depending on how it is played. These odds serve as a guide that you can use to make better decisions in your wagers and calculate your possible payouts.

However, they come in different formats, and you should learn how to read them. Here are the two betting formats for Womens Australian Open odds at

  • American odds - This Australian Open odds Womens format is easy to understand. These odds are expressed with a plus (+) or minus (-) sign at the side of each number. Teams with a minus sign next to the odds are the favourites, while the ones with the plus sign are the underdogs.

  • Decimal odds - This format is common among many online betting platforms. In significant figures, this is also set as the default Australian Open Women's odds for most sites. The favourites usually have smaller values than the favourites and do not go beyond double digits.

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