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Bet on the biggest and ongoing volleyball games all over the world. Sportsbet.io has you covered with the in-play or volleyball live betting section. Learn everything you need to know, from how in-play bets work to the different leagues you can bet on.

How you can make live volleyball bets at Sportsbet.io

At Sportsbet.io, you will need an account to get yourself started with your wagers. Here are the steps for your in-play volleyball bets:

  1. Go to the volleyball section of Sportsbet.io and click the in-play tab. You can choose the various ongoing volleyball games from different leagues (e.g., Superliga or Pro League). 

  2. Click on the match you want to bet on, and then you will see the markets where you can make wagers. 

After you choose a market to bet on, a Betslip will appear from the lower right corner. This will be your primary tool for your in-play bets, as they will calculate the rewards you can win based on your wager. The Betslip can also track every in-play bet you want to make. 

How do in-play bets work?

All live volleyball bets you make will contribute to your viewing experience because you will be rooting for the market you made wagers on. It is fulfilling to make bets on volleyball matches, especially since you can flex your knowledge of the sport.

In play volleyball betting odds also change in real-time and depend on how the game or event unfolds. This means that a favourable market at the start of the match might be less favourable towards half-time. 

In-play betting is the act of placing wagers on ongoing matches. This format lets you place bets on live volleyball matches. The live volleyball betting markets are only available for the ongoing event, so you have to place and finalise your wagers before it concludes.

What are the best volleyball leagues to bet on?

With volleyball's immense popularity worldwide, you can find a plethora of leagues you can make live bets on. Here are a few of the best options you have at Sportsbet.io. 

FIVB Volleyball Nations League

The FIVB Volleyball Nations League is an annual international men's volleyball tournament founded in 2017. There are two versions of this event with the men's and women's tournaments. Both are considered the biggest sports competitions, makings for an exciting experience for in play volleyball betting. 

This event is usually held from late May to early July with 16 teams worldwide. The United States has been the most successful team for the longest time, but Italy has done well to break that dominance. Certain players have also stood out in this top competition, including Andrea Drews and Michelle Bartsch-Hackley. 

Prime Volleyball League

Founded in 2019, India's Prime Volleyball League quickly became a top-tier competition. All eight teams in the league are competitive, making this a fun watch for anyone interested. 

The league has a single-round robin format, making for a more thrilling viewing experience. With athletes like Ranjit Singh and Mohan Ukkarapandian, the PVL continues to grow as one of the most promising volleyball competitions in the world.


Widely considered the best club volleyball league, Italy's SuperLega contains some of the best players in the world. People flock to Italy to watch this league because they have some of the most competitive matches between all 12 teams. 

Catch stars like Samuele Papi, Simone Anzani, and Luca Vettori playing their hearts out for their club and proving why they are considered the top players in the best league. This is a fantastic competition that will continue to be exciting with time.

Sportsbet.io’s live volleyball odds

Sportsbet.io gives you reliable volleyball live betting odds for all the live matches that you want to bet on. Since the markets change all the time, the odds can serve as a tool to keep track of all the bets you can make and the probability of an event happening. You can calculate the potential winnings you can earn. 

The different odds formats you can use 

Every online volleyball live betting market will have odds attached to it. On Sportsbet.io, you can choose two primary in-play volleyball odds formats. 

  • Moneyline - This format is centred on positive and negative values represented by the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols. The odds with the plus symbols are the underdogs, and the potential rewards are high when you bet on them. On the other hand, odds with the minus symbols are attached to the favourites, which is a safer bet but reaps average rewards. 

  • Decimal - This format lets you determine your payouts depending on the odds easily since your winnings are based on a $1 wager. If an in-play volleyball market has an odds of 5.0, your profit will be $4. 

The best volleyball in-play betting markets

As you log onto Sportsbet.io and go to the in-play matches tab, you will find various ongoing matches. You will have many markets to choose from when you click those matches. 

  • Winner: A standard market for most types of sports betting, you will predict which team will win. Of course, you know what is happening in the match so that you can make a smarter decision.

  • Total points: You will predict the total points scored by both teams by the end of the match. A range will be given, so you just have to bet on the over or under. 

  • Set point handicap: This market involves predicting which team will win the set, but there is a certain threshold that they have to exceed for the market to go through. 

  • Set winner: This is the standard version of the previous market, as you just have to predict which team will win the set. 

  • Set total points: This is a prediction for the total points scored by both teams but this time, just for one set. 

  • Top scorer: You will have to predict which player will be the top scorer by the end of the match. Momentum will matter here because an ongoing match will have players performing better than others.

Useful tips for volleyball in-play betting

With this knowledge of the best live bet volleyball markets, consider these tips to help you make the best decisions for your wagers.

Keep up with volleyball matches will be valuable 

With various matches held every day across multiple leagues, it is recommended that you keep up with the league you are betting on. This will help you build up knowledge for your wagers, and it can also assist you with having a better understanding of volleyball itself. 

Learn more about a team's or player's playstyles, and what works so you can use them for other volleyball matches you want to bet on. 

Identify the best players will be crucial to your bets

Any team's star player will be their system's focal point. This means they will be the most influential players on the court and your bets. Think of a team like Sir Safety Conad Perugia in SuperLega, where Wilfredo León is the star player. He is an amazing performer as the top spiker for his team, and he has won rewards for loads of bettors around the world with his amazing performances. 

Read the momentum can significantly affect your wagers

As you watch the games, keep an eye out for how teams control the momentum. This will matter for your live betting on volleyball matches because you can read the matches properly. When you get this down pat, you will be a skilled in-play bettor compared to everyone. It is a skill you acquire through time, and when you refine it properly, you can win many rewards. 

Sportsbet.io is the right place for in-play volleyball bets

Sportsbet.io has proven to be the right place for volleyball betting. Hundreds of markets are available for punters as they always look through the ongoing matches. Placing wagers is easy, and it can be done on the go with the Sportsbet.io mobile app available on Android smartphones. 

The fun, fast, and fair betting experience is here on Sportsbet.io, and you can get that through betting on ongoing volleyball matches.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common questions asked for in-play volleyball bettors on Sportsbet.io. 

What are the differences between international and club volleyball? 

International volleyball is for national teams around the world. This is commonly seen as the apex of volleyball because everyone is playing for their flag. On the other hand, club volleyball is a professional sport where players represent clubs owned by rich owners or big entities. 

Which volleyball teams should I watch? 

There are tons of volleyball teams you should keep an eye on. For national teams, France and Brazil are two countries that have reached the apex of volleyball, both for men and women. There are many choices for club volleyball, but you should look at SuperLega with their clubs, like Cucine Lube Civitanova and Sir Safety Perugia. 

Can I use the bonuses for any of my in-play volleyball bets? 

Yes, there are many bonuses that you can take advantage of, including multipliers, boosts, and the rewards you can get from promotions.