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Bases loaded: The best MLB teams in 2024

Bases loaded: The best MLB teams in 2024

Major League Baseball evolves yearly, and a set of teams always leaves an indelible mark every season. Find out more about the best teams in the MLB and how they perform in the current campaign.

As the 2024 season unfolds, the race for the best baseball team in the MLB is getting more intense than ever. You can enjoy the exciting matches being played as every team wants to bring out the best in them and outshine their competitors. There are also underdogs who are vying for a title and dethrone the top baseball teams and start a new era in the league.

Learn more about the best MLB teams 2024 and explore how they showcased their prowess and talent that captivated fans and bettors alike.

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Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays are one of the top ten MLB teams of the past few seasons because they have impressed almost every fan in the baseball world. This baseball team is always looking for ways to improve by implementing new changes, but now, they have found stability in their squad.

This has led them to a high place in the metrics for both offence and pitching and, of course, the Major League Baseball team ranking. The Rays are a fantastic example of an MLB team exerting every effort to make the project work. They have built a roster led by star players such as Rando Arozarena, Wander Franco, Harold Ramírez, and more.

With Kevin Cash as their manager, the Rays baseball team has a strong tactical mind at the forefront. That is a recipe for success in whatever sport you like, especially in the MLB, where a good mix of star-level talent and strong tactics can lead them to victory.

Texas Rangers

The Rangers are a formidable offensive force because they get tons of runs every game leading to their status as one of the most popular Major League baseball teams. The Rangers fired their President of Baseball Operations, Jon Daniels, after 20 seasons in August 2022 and, just a week before, removed Chris Woodward from the manager position.

Texas has a solid system led by manager Bruce Bochy who just took over in 2023 but has brought championship and veteran experience to the team’s tactics. This is a far cry from what they were in 2022 because they finished 14 games under .500, and now, they’re one of the best MLB teams.

General manager Chris Young should be proud of his efforts for the team because this squad has been filled with talented players since he took over in late-2022. Nathaniel Lowe, Jonah Heim, and Adolis García cemented themselves as daily contributors to the MLB baseball team.

The first 40 games of the MLB season were huge for the Rangers because they outscored their opponents 254-157 with a 25-15 win-loss record. Texas did not come into the season with high expectations, making this a pleasant surprise for the team and their fans.

Houston Astros

As the defending best team in baseball due to their 2022 World Series win, the Astros still have a formidable lineup of players. Despite losing Justin Verlander to free agency in the offseason, they have kept a star-powered squad now bolstered by slugger Jose Abreu. They have shown flashes of excellence, making them part of the Major League strong teams even without Verlander.

They have José Urquidy, Luis Garcia, Framber Valdez, and more which helps with their pitching. This team still has Alex Bregman, Kyle Tucker, and Jose Altuve, which makes up for an elite offence. Every player is important to the system, and they want to continue that with their performance in the regular season and, subsequently, the post-season.

The May 29, 2023, match against the Oakland Athletics stands out for the Astros as they dominated. They demolished the Athletics as the Astros scored 10 runs while the former only had one run. That dominance continued to prove why they deserve to be known as an MLB popular team.

Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles are a must-watch team composed of some awesome players and a rock-solid coaching staff led by Brandon Hyde, who guides them to a world-class performance every game. This is an exciting team to watch in the tournament because they came from the brink of losing tens of games every season to becoming a legitimate candidate for being the best Major League team.

Their April 2023 run was the best in franchise history as they racked up 18 wins and cemented themselves in the American League Playoff picture. This is due to a roster filled with serviceable players who help strengthen their depth which is crucial for any success in the MLB. The Orioles front office knows the team works hard and is ready to step up for each other.

A few standouts for the Orioles this season include catcher Adley Rutschman, first baseman Ryan Mountcastle, and second baseman Adam Frazier. The team is raring to compete because they have eager players like Anthony Santander and Austin Hays who want to keep stepping up for this baseball MLB team.

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Los Angeles Dodgers

Tapped as one of the favourite MLB teams even before the 2023 season starts. The LA Dodgers have a good amount of talent. The team’s star, Mookie Betts, led them to a title in the 2020 campaign.

His experience in the clutch is important for the Dodgers because he is reliable in high-pressure situations, just like his fellow MVP across the city, Shohei Ohtani, who plays for the MLB Angels. Betts is a world-class player who is reliable enough to lead this Dodgers team to the promised land again.

Aside from Betts, the rest of the team is talented, especially with their depth in the pitcher role. They have strong arms with Julio Urias, Clayton Kershaw and Noah Syndergaard, which has kept them in the MLB top 10 winningest teams this season.

The Dodgers’ 13-1 win over the Philadelphia Phillies back on May 3, 2023, is their standout performance, as they were superb on both ends of the game. LA made the Phillies struggle the whole match as they couldn’t deal with the Dodgers’ strong batting and unhittable pitches.

Who is the favourite to win the title in 2024?

Predicting the World Series champions is fun, as seen with all the talent you can find in the MLB. However, the favourite to win this year is the best team in MLB standings, the Rays.

In comparison, the Rays do not have a title yet, while the other MLB top teams have multiple titles to their name. At the top of the teams with most World Series wins, the New Yankees and Arizona Cardinals have 27 and 17 apiece.

They are already considered by many as the top team in the league and are ready to keep performing at the highest level. The Rays under Kevin Cash are well-rounded for their performances because he finds ways to motivate his team while also lauding how clearly he lays out the right plays he wants to see from his team.

That is a far cry from what other fans have seen with teams that have disappointed the expectations, like the MLB Blue Jays in Toronto. Cash works well with Arozarena and Franco as his star players because they are keeping up with the fast playstyle while also being superb with their defence with fielding and communication.

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