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Goals galore: Top-scoring Euro matches of all time

Goals galore: Top-scoring Euro matches of all time

As the 2024 UEFA European Championship begins, revisit the action-packed clashes with the highest goal scores in the tournament’s history. These matches are not just about goals; they encapsulate the drama, passion, and excitement that define this tournament.

From breathtaking comebacks to nail-biting finishes, each match has cemented its place in the annals of Euro’s history. Take a trip down memory lane and revisit the Euro’s highest-scoring matches, reigniting the excitement for the tournament’s highly-anticipated games in 2024.

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Three goals in under five minutes: France vs. Yugoslavia (1960)

The UEFA European Championship has promised a bright future since its opening match in Paris in 1960. The inaugural season has witnessed the highest-scoring Euro semi-final game, to date, featuring nine goals. The match was between France and Yugoslavia, both of whom never thought it was too early to get fiery.

Yugoslavia gained the upper hand in the game by scoring in the 11th minute. However, their advantage was short-lived as France managed to equalise. Both teams were determined to secure a spot in the finals, resulting in a 1-1 scoreline just before halftime.

France wasted no time to extend their lead after the restart, with Maryan Wisnieski finding the back of the net. They further widened the gap, leading 4-2 in favour of Les Bleus. However, Yugoslavia showcased their prowess and made a strong comeback.

With just a quarter-hour remaining, Yugoslavia regained momentum, thanks to two quick goals in a minute from Dinamo Zagreb striker Dražan Jerković. In a stunning turn of events, Yugoslavia scored three goals in under five minutes, transforming their 4-3 disadvantage into a 5-4 win.

Two goals in extra time: Yugoslavia vs. West Germany (1976)

Yugoslavia confidently began the game and displayed an impressive performance during the first half. Their momentum began with Danilo Popivoda, who ignited the fire by scoring the first goal for Yugoslavia in the 19th minute.

Just before the end of the first half, Dragan Džajić widened the gap by scoring the second goal for Yugoslavia. However, West Germany did not allow themselves to feel laid back. As the second half began, they started to fight back. In the 64th minute, they secured their first goal through Heinz Flohe, whose long shot took a big deflection and found its way into the net.

The scoreline stood at 2-1 when coach Helmut Schön made a huge decision, replacing Herbert Wimmer with Dieter Müller, hoping to turn the game's tide. Indeed, it became the time of Müller's life. Within just three minutes, Müller managed to equalise the score, leading to extra time where he showcased his prowess.

Flohe led the charge for West Germany in extra time. He passed the ball to Müller, who promptly scored his second goal of the game. Müller continued his magical show just four minutes later, scoring once more. The match ended with a 4-2 scoreline, in favour of West Germany, securing their place in the final.

A dramatic comeback: Russia vs. Czech Republic (1996)

The 1996 group stage match between Russia and the Czech Republic was a rollercoaster of surprises. The Czech Republic dominated in the first half, scoring two goals, courtesy of Jan Suchopárek and Pavel Kuka. They maintained their momentum until they were unlucky enough to hit the woodwork twice.

With a 2-0 scoreline, Russia made a dramatic comeback as soon as the second half began. They swiftly levelled the score with goals from Aleksandr Mostovoi and Omari Tetradze. Despite Czechia's attempts to regain the upper hand, they were thwarted by Vladimir Beschastnykh's goal for Russia.

It seemed almost certain that Russia was heading to the quarter-finals until Czechia put Vladimír Šmicer into the lineup. Šmicer scored a goal just two minutes before the final whistle. This marked his first international goal, propelling Czechia to the quarter-finals after a final score of 3-3.

The Alfonso Pérez effect: Yugoslavia vs. Spain (2000)

Spain faced a tough battle as they sought a win to advance in the tournament, and they delivered. In the first half, Savo Milošević's header from Ljubinko Drulović's cross gave Yugoslavia the lead. However, Spain quickly responded as Alfonso Pérez found the back of the net, ensuring that the lead didn’t last long.

Spain made few attempts to score and maintained their momentum during the first half, creating scoring chances through Gaizka Mendieta and Raúl, but failed. Yugoslavia made a comeback in the second half, with Dejan Govedarica scoring a goal.

The clash heated up, and Spain responded swiftly by scoring another goal. Pedro Munitis curled a wonderful shot into the net. However, Yugoslavia didn't back down and scored their third goal through Slobodan Komljenović, leading to extra time.

With a 3-2 scoreline, Spain faced the threat of elimination. However, their luck changed when they were penalised for a foul on Abelardo in the box. Mendieta stepped up and converted the spot kick, equalising the score to 3-3. The game took a turn when Pérez scored his second goal, completing Spain's impressive comeback and advancement with a 3-4 final score.

Own-Goal contributes to 6-1 victory: Netherlands vs. Yugoslavia (2000)

The Netherlands secured a convincing victory in the 2000 quarter-finals against Yugoslavia, with an impressive 6-1 scoreline, largely thanks to the outstanding performance of Patrick Kluivert. In the first half, both teams were evenly matched until Kluivert broke the deadlock with goals in the 24th and 38th minutes.

Kluivert also played a crucial role in Govedarica's own goal in the 51st minute. He then proceeded to score another goal, increasing the gap. Marc Overmars added to the Netherlands' lead with two late goals in the 78th and 90th minute.

Meanwhile, Yugoslavia managed to score a consolation goal through Savo Milošević. The Netherlands displayed great teamwork throughout the game, with Dennis Bergkamp and Edgar Davids providing exceptional assists and opening scoring outlets. The Flying Dutchmen launched a series of attacks, preventing Yugoslavia from making a comeback.

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From 4-0 to 5-2: France vs. Iceland (2016)

France conquered the first half, taking control with 4-0. The momentum started with Olivier Giroud's left-footed shot between the Iceland goalkeeper’s legs. Next, Paul Pogba scored from a corner kick by Antoine Griezmann.

The third goal came from Dimitri Payet with a powerful strike. The Griezmann-Giroud magic came into play again, leading to the fourth goal. Early in the second half, Iceland scored a goal courtesy of Kolbeinn Sigthórsson. However, France quickly regained control and never allowed Iceland to gain an advantage again.

Giroud scored his second goal from a free-kick by Payet. Iceland continued to fight, and Birkir Bjarnason scored their second goal towards the end of the match. The 5-2 ending ensured France's spot in the semi-finals, marking their first since 2000.

Extra time glory: Croatia vs. Spain (2020)

Spain earned the victory in the 2020 Round of 16, securing a 5-3 win after extra time and overcoming an early lead by Croatia. Goalkeeper Unai Simón misjudged a long-distance back pass from Pedri, which shifted the momentum in Croatia's favour.

Then, Spain managed to level the playing field before halftime when Pablo Sarabia scored from the rebound after Dominik Livaković saved José Gayà's shot. Spain finally gained the upper hand in the game with César Azpilicueta's first international goal.

Their lead was further extended with a goal from Ferran Torres. Mislav Oršić managed to score for Croatia, reducing the gap in scores. Croatia made a further comeback when Mario Pašalić scored a powerful header from Oršić's cross in added time.

However, this was the moment when Spain truly took control. Unai Simón made a crucial save from Andrej Kramarić's shot early in extra time. Álvaro Morata scored in the 100th minute, followed by Mikel Oyarzabal, who found the back of the net from Olmo's cross and secured Spain's win. This game became the second-highest-scoring match in Euros history.

What to expect in the upcoming Euro 2024

The 2024 UEFA European Championship promises to deliver exciting and high-scoring matches, as the tournament has gained a reputation for such thrilling encounters. Let's take a closer look at what you can expect from the upcoming Euro 2024.

Euro 2024 teams: Favourites to win and possible upsets from underdogs

Expect an array of contenders vying for glory, ranging from favourites to potential underdogs ready to pull off an upset. Here’s a glimpse at the strongest teams to watch out for:

Strong favourites

  • England: With stars like Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane in the lineup, England is in their strongest form to win. As the runners-up in the 2020 edition, their prowess has also been evident with their impressive qualifier performances, securing 20 out of 24 points. Gareth’s team joins the EURO as a star-studded roster full of formidable attackers.

  • France: France's flawless performance in the qualifiers, scoring 22 out of 24 points, combined with a deep pool of players such as Kylian Mbappe and Olivier Giroud, gives them an edge to win. Plus, they have shown their dominance as the 2018 World Cup champions and 2022 World Cup runners-up.

Underdogs to watch out for

  • Austria: Despite lacking star names, Austria has managed to progress through the tough qualifiers with skilled players such as Marcel Sabitzer, David Alaba, and Sasa Kalajdzic. They have continued to rise, as shown by their impressive performance in the 2020 Euro, where they emerged as winners of their qualifying group.

  • Scotland: They defeated tough teams such as Spain and Norway in the qualifiers. With a strong lineup including Callum McGregor, Lyndon Dykes, and Andrew Robertson, they can apply pressure on the favourites and potentially alter the course of events, pulling off surprises along the way.

Euro 2024 predictions

To further solidify your betting decisions, you may consider these Euro 2024 predictions:

  • Key players: Keep an eye on players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modric, and Antoine Griezmann. They possess exceptional skills that could contribute significantly to their teams' high-scoring performances.

  • Highly anticipated matches: Euro 2024 is set to kick off with thrilling matchups including Spain and Croatia, as well as Germany and Scotland. These games hold the potential to produce high-scoring games that will captivate football fans worldwide.

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