The ultimate betting guide for the 2023 Cricket World Cup

The ultimate betting guide for the 2023 Cricket World Cup

The 2023 Cricket World Cup is set to be a competitive tournament with plenty of top-tier teams. With England being the defending champions from 2019, are they still worth betting on to win the tournament again?

Now that the ICC 2023 World Cup is back after four long years featuring formidable and competitive teams, the home team, India, promises to perform well. This is worth keeping in mind when making your bets and increasing your winning chances.

Learn more about cricket’s biggest international stage below before you place your crypto wagers on its games.

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How to bet on the ICC ODI World Cup

Start betting on the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2023 at Simply create an account and deposit your cricket betting funds to bet on the World Cup with these easy steps:

  • Click the Register button on the top-right corner of the website. Fill in the details needed for you to sign up, but you also have other options. Connect your accounts from other platforms, including Google, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Metamask, and Line.

  • After creating an account, click the Deposit button on the top-right corner, where you can find a QR Code or an address bar to help you deposit cryptocurrencies into your account for your bets.

  • Look for the Cricket section on the sportsbook and find the Leagues tab. Click International and find the ‘World Cup’ category. This will lead you to the games you can bet on. If you want to place wagers on the whole tournament, try Outrights.

  • Pick your preferred outcomes and confirm them on the Betslip in the lower-right corner by clicking ‘Place bet’.

The format for the 2023 Cricket World Cup

The 2023 World Cup is an ODI (One-Day International) tournament, which means each team will have a fixed number of overs set at 50. The games can last up to nine hours of exciting cricket action between the top countries. The 2023 Cricket World Cup will have three primary stages, like the previous edition in 2019. There are 10 national teams that will play in a round-robin group stage.

Every team will play nine matches, with the top four qualifying for the knockout stage. The remaining four teams will play in a single-elimination bracket. The winner of the final will be crowned champions of the tournament.

Here are the 10 teams participating in the 2023 Cricket World Cup:

  • Afghanistan

  • Australia

  • Bangladesh

  • England

  • India

  • Netherlands

  • New Zealand

  • Pakistan

  • South African

  • Sri Lanka

The top Cricket World Cup match betting markets offers you an array of top-notch betting markets that cater to every punter’s passion and knowledge. From predicting match winners to diving into player performance statistics, here are the best Cricket World Cup betting options to make the most of:

  • Winner: This is where you predict which team will win the match you’re betting on.

  • Team with top batter: You will predict which team will have the top-performing batter at the end of the match.

  • Any player to score 100: This is a yes or no market as you predict if a player can score over 100 runs.

  • Team with top bowler: Predict which team will have the top-performing bowler in the match.

  • Team with the highest score at 1st dismissal: If and when there is a dismissal, you can predict which team has the highest score.

  • Which team wins the coin toss: Another choice between the two teams where you will predict the coin toss at the start of the match and which team wins it.

  • Most fours: Predict which team will get a higher number of four runs scored. There is an option to bet on a draw if they have the same number of four runs.

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Types of Cricket World Cup betting odds at

Every betting market is attached with odds that tell which of the options are the most and least likely to happen. Most of the time, the higher the odds are, the more unlikely they are, and the vice versa is also true. You can also use the odds to determine the potential payout whenever you make a successful wager.

At, you have three primary types of odds. You can change what odds you’re using by clicking the hamburger icon on the upper-left, where there will be a drop-down menu for all three of these odds:

  • American: Odds in this format have numbers attached with positive (+) or negative (-) symbols denoting underdogs and favourites, respectively. You can calculate payouts with American odds based on the value as a +120 will net a 120 USDT reward if the bettor wagers 100 USDT. On the other hand, a -120 means players can win 100 USDT whenever they wager 120 USDT.

  • Decimal: The lower decimal odds are reserved for favourites, while the higher number is for underdogs. The payouts are easy to calculate here, as you just have to multiply your wager by the odds. For example, if you get 1.25 odds and bet 20 USDT, you get a 25 USDT reward when you win.

  • Hong Kong: Odds higher than 1 are for underdogs, while those less than 1 are for favourites. You can calculate your payouts by adding 1 to the odds and multiplying that with your wager. If you have -0.45 odds, a 20 USDT wager will net a 9 USDT payout.

Cricket World Cup betting tips

Anyone looking to succeed in cricket betting should know useful tips for their wagers. Here are the major tips you can see in this Cricket World Cup betting guide:

  • Stay up to date with the latest cricket news: Reports in cricket can influence your bets. There might be some roster changes before the event or injuries to significant players. Get updated with the news and adjust your wagers according to the circumstances that arise.

  • Momentum matters in this event: You should take note of past performances from the teams playing at the event. The most notable factors you should consider are winning and losing streaks. Tracking momentum will help you get a closer look at how certain players and coaches set their team to succeed.

  • Standout players carry their teams to victory: Observe the most talented players because they can guide their squads to big victories. Knowing their names will be vital to you winning the bets you place.

  • Always maintain a level-headed perspective: Avoid getting caught up with the emotions you feel when placing bets. Stay level-headed, and you will be in a good spot for your bets since it’s easier to think.

  • Take note of what to do when the unexpected happens: Cricket can be a complex game, especially when you take into consideration uncontrollable events such as the weather or natural light. Make sure you know how your bets are affected when there’s rain delays, for example.

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Who are the favourites to win the Cricket World Cup?

The Cricket World Cup has the 10 best countries in the sport, and they’re all competing for the trophy and cement themselves as the best cricketing nation. However, the 2023 edition of the event has three clear favourites gunning for the title, including the defending champs.

  • England: As the defending champion of the 2019 Cricket World Cup, England stayed consistent with their performances and roster of players. They have the most balanced squad at the event as they look to come to India and retain their title using their talent and depth, headlined by Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes.

  • India: The host country, India, is a fearsome side that wants to win this event. Since they are on home soil, they want to live up to the hype and excitement. With talented players like Virat Kohli, expect this side to have solid leadership and talent.

  • Australia: Hailed as the most consistent nation in cricket over the past two decades, Australia is looking to regain the title at this CWC. Headlined by players like Pat Cummins and Josh Hazlewood, this is a loaded Australian team ready for the big matchups.

Who are the underdogs in the 2023 Cricket World Cup?

What makes Cricket World Cup betting even more exciting is that the tournament also features underdogs who are most likely to create an upset. Betting on these underdog teams may be risky, but winning your wagers on them will grant you massive wins. Check out the Cricket World Cup underdog teams you should consider:

  • Ireland: The country is currently ranked 15th in the ICC Men’s T201 Team Rankings, making it one of the strongest underdog teams to keep an eye out for. Ireland boasts reliable batters such as Paul Stirling, captain Andy Balbirnie, and Loran Tucker.In the T20, Ireland has beaten the West Indies, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. The team also made an impact in one-day internationals (ODI) as of late. Adding to the team’s strength, their left-handed batter, Andy McBrine, was named the series’ most valuable player after he amassed 128 runs and 10 wickets. With great achievements and a strong lineup of pitchers and batters, Ireland has what it takes to sweep off the ICC 2023 World Cup title.

  • Scotland: Scotland is believed by some fans to be a key underdog who has the best chance to win a spot in the tournament. The team has shown that they are worthy competitors for the ICC title and can win on the world stage thanks to their super roster of players.Many of Scotland’s players have greatly developed their play throughout the years as they were exposed to many domestic competitions worldwide. Among the best players, George Munsey, a left-handed batter, stands out as the formidable force in the team.

  • Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka stayed among the best teams for a long time since the 1996 World Cup title. The team featured excellent players like Mahela Jayawardene, Kumara Sangakkara, Muttiah Muralitharan, and Lasith Malinga.They swept the T20 series in 2019 against Pakistan and won the T20 series in 2021 against India at home by a score of 2-1. With Hasaranga as their most reliable bowler, who has taken 36 wickets over the course of 19 games, many fans believe the team has what it takes to win the title. There is also Dushmantha Chameera, whose bowling performance over the past 25 games was nothing less but outstanding, as he has taken 22 wickets. Sri Lanka also has Lahiro Kumara as one of their strongest bowler, who has taken 17 wickets in his previous 12 matches. With strong players on Sri Lanka’s roster, many are excited to see them making an upset in the ICC 2023 World Cup. features to help cricket bettors

Explore’s cutting-edge features and place your bets on the biggest cricket tournament of the year. These are:

  • Head-to-head: This feature is found on the betting screen's right side, providing valuable statistics for your bets. Look into this information and see the factors that affect your knowledge of the matchup.

  • Promotions: Explore’s biggest cricket promotion, ‘Cricket Showdown,’ and find out how you can earn generous rewards by betting on cricket matches. You still have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of this promo, as it ends in November 2023.

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With these crypto cricket betting strategies and overview, you’re all set for a fun, fast, and fair Cricket World Cup betting experience at Don’t miss any games and bet on the go using the site’s mobile app, and place your bets using the crypto of your choice—with Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), and more!

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