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How do MMA betting odds work?

How do MMA betting odds work?

Any mixed martial arts (MMA) bettor needs to know how to place the best wagers possible. Knowing how to bet on MMA also requires knowing how to read and use betting odds when making your fight predictions.

MMA is a pretty straightforward sport because you have to take note of two fighters at a time whenever you place a bet. The main goal of MMA is to beat the opponent either by winning by decision or finishing them with a KO or submission.

Bettors need to understand the factors that play a role in their MMA wagers. You should know how to read the betting odds to get the most out of the MMA bet options here at

Bet on future MMA matches

How to bet on UFC and other MMA matches at

All sports matches are covered at, so you can expect MMA matches from the top promotions to be available on the site. To get you started, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for an account by clicking the Register button on the top-right corner of the site. You can input all your details there and finalise the process. However, you can also use accounts from other platforms to sign up. These platforms are MetaMask, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Line, and Telegram.

  • To bet on MMA matches, go to the MMA betting section and click the Leagues tab.

  • That is where you will see the promotions you can choose from. Pick the one you’re most comfortable and/or familiar with so you can start your MMA betting.

  • Select the fight you want to bet on and look at their markets. Pick the outcome you feel will likely happen. You are then taken to the Betslip, where you can see the payouts you can get and confirm.

UFC odds explained: How do odds help MMA bettors?

Odds give vital information to a match you’re betting on. These values identify which outcomes are more or less likely to happen in any given fight. In mixed martial arts betting, you must consider the two fighters stepping onto the octagon.

Every MMA or UFC match has a favourite and an underdog. The fighter predicted to win the match will have lower odds than their opponent. Betting on a favourite means your chances of winning are higher since you’re following the general predictions, but this also means a lower payout.

Learning how betting odds work in MMA helps punters with their betting decisions. However, keep in mind that these odds are just predictions of the fight. In short, there is no guarantee on which fighter will win the match.

Bet on in-play MMA markets

MMA odds formats to choose from at

With MMA odds explained, the next thing you need to know is the different formats of MMA or UFC sports betting odds. Choose among these three formats on the site:

This format uses plus (+) and minus (-) symbols. The positive numbers indicate they can net bigger payouts since you’re betting on the underdog. In that case, the favourite is assigned negative odds because they have to bet that to get at least a $100 profit.

For example, you want to bet on an underdog like Rose Namajunas, whose odds are at +120, and her opponent Joanna Jędrzejczyk has -135 odds. This means you can bet $100 to win $120 for betting on Rose, but you have to put up $135 just to win $100 for a Joanna win.

Odds lower than 1 are considered favourites, while those with more than 1 are the underdog. Add 1 to the odds to multiply them by every $1 wagered to get the potential payout.

Here’s an example: Betting on Joanna with -0.5 odds with $50 means you’re adding 1 to 0.5, which means 1.5 x $50 will net you a $75 reward. On the other hand, +1.5 for Rose means you get 2.5 x $50, which is a $125 wager.

This format is pretty straightforward because the lower the odds, the more they’re considered favourites to win the match. Higher odds are more lucrative, but they are less likely to happen.

Here’s an example: Calculating decimal odds is easy since you only have to multiply them by every $1 you wager. For example, if you bet on Rose at 3.23 odds and $20, you get a $64.6 profit when you win. Compare that to a bet with 1.21 odds for Joanna with the same amount wagered, a respectable $24.2 payout.

Check out the different MMA leagues

MMA betting: Promotions you can place bets on

To make the most of your martial arts betting experience here at, you should look into the many promotions available. Learn more about the promotions that you can bet on here at

Since this is the biggest promotion to date, UFC betting is a popular option to bet on in MMA. There is a UFC event almost weekly, so you can regularly bet on UFC matches.

This is a popular Japanese MMA promotion in East Asian combat sports, founded in 2015. It has a solid heritage due to its connections to Pride Fighting Championships. Still, it stood out, especially with Rizin betting becoming more popular and rewarding Rizin bet all the time.Rizin has many Grand Prix events, single-elimination tournaments where fighters have to fight multiple times on the same night. That is a fantastic event to make a live Rice bet with every fast-paced, hard-hitting fight.

This is an MMA league from the United States where the cage has ten sides. It follows a point-based scoring system with an automatic 3 points for a win, but there are bonus points for a finish (KO or submission). Any PFL bet you make will depend on the matches within this unique system.There is a playoffs stage to look forward to, an event that pits the best-performing fighters from the season. Keep a close eye on this to know to choose the best fighter that can bring potential wins to your PFL betting.

This is the biggest promotion in Asia that’s regularly held in Singapore. Aside from MMA, it promotes Muay Thai, kickboxing, and submission grappling. This promotion has some big stars of its own, so you should take note of this event and start your One Championship betting now.

Established as an Irish MMA promotion, Cage Warriors has been the home of multiple top stars like Conor McGregor, Michael Bisping, Paddy Pimblett, and many more. Cage Warriors betting is fun, especially since this promotion is filled with exciting fights all the time.

This is Poland’s premier MMA organisation, and it has some hard-hitting action. KSW betting is pretty fun because promising players compete here, which you should check out and research when you want to wager in it.

This is probably the biggest promotion outside of UFC and ONE, where you will see familiar names like Ryan Bader and Liz Carmouche. A mix of veterans and rising stars compete here. Since Bellator betting is popular, make sure to wager on the matches.

Know the MMA promotions you can bet on

MMA betting tips to help you become a successful bettor gives you an MMA betting guide to help you make the best decisions when placing your bets. Here are useful MMA betting tips to keep in mind before making a wager:

  • Check injury reports and updates: You need to stay updated with all the injuries in MMA because that can significantly affect how a fight turns out. The fighter can push through with the fight, but if they’re injured, then the match result can become unpredictable.

  • News reports are important: Take note of all the news about fighters because contract negotiations regularly pop up here, which are important because fights can fall through, meaning your bets can too.

  • Recognise fight styles: Get to know how fight styles factor in MMA because if a striker goes against a stationary grappler, the former will win most of the time. Learn how proficient they are in their specialities to know who can win in events like UFC Paris, among others.

Place your MMA bets here at

With all the betting markets and promotions you can wager on, has you covered. Experience the thrill of MMA betting, especially since you’re betting on MMA fights with USDT at or using other top cryptocurrencies for instant transactions. You can also wager easily using the mobile app, so start MMA betting now!

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