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In the sports betting scene, there’s football and esports, then there’s e-soccer which is a captivating fusion of both. With professional esports tournaments held worldwide, provides you with the opportunity to place your bets on each event.

E-soccer tournaments occur throughout the year, each with a dedicated schedule for maximum enjoyment. Catch all the excitement by keeping a close eye on If you’re new to e-soccer betting, here’s your comprehensive e-football betting guide:

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What is e-soccer betting?

E-soccer betting (or e-football betting) involves wagering on the outcome of professional e-soccer matches. These are officially organised by major sponsors such as game publishers like Konami and Electronic Arts (EA), as well as third-party organisers like the GT Sports League. If you need tips for betting on e-soccer with Bitcoin or other crypto, simply follow communities revolving around these leagues because they are some of the most passionate in esports.

This esport revolves around two video game series namely eFootball and EA Sports FC (EAFC), with the latter being the successor to the discontinued FIFA series. A standard round depends on the video game being played. Typically, a single game lasts 12 to 15 minutes, with overtime being a possibility, particularly during major events in which 25 minutes due to long breaks and advertisements.

How to bet on e-soccer at

Betting on e-soccer matches is as easy as with any other sport or esports event. All you need to do is register an account at or sign in if you have an account already. Registration requires entering your username, email address, date of birth, and password. For a seamless sign-up, you can also use your Google or Facebook account to link it with an existing account from which can contact you.

Preparing your money is the first step in learning how to bet on e-soccer. Upon registration, you’ll have access to an e-wallet where you can store your funds. You can top up your bankroll using crypto wallets that support the same network. Another option allows you to use fiat to buy cryptocurrencies on the website using credit/debit cards, remittances, e-wallets, and prepaid services.

With your bankroll ready, navigate to the e-soccer section on and select a match. Choose an outcome you wish to bet on, and it will be added to the bet slip in the ‘My Bet’ menu where you can declare how much you’re staking. Your potential winnings are calculated with your bet and the associated odds.

All e-football betting matches are divided in the e-soccer sportsbook by their time slot. Here’s how e-soccer betting works in


Online betting in e-soccer in-play means that the game is live. You can make predictions as the players compete against each other in real-time. In-play betting also means you’ll see dynamic odds change all the time even while you’re managing your bet slip.


Future betting means placing wagers on events scheduled for later, ranging from an hour to a week in advance. The odds are still dynamic but there aren’t as many punters betting at the same time because there’s no time pressure. It’s best that you make your predictions early when the favourite’s payout is still high.


Outright betting entails predicting the outcome of tournaments. Your choices include all participants from each respective roster, making predictions a lot riskier but the payout is ultimately better than in match betting.

E-soccer leagues covered at

Catch all the action of major e-football events live on streaming websites like YouTube and Twitch so you can make an in-play e-soccer bet on Professional e-soccer leagues organise these events and each one is rated for their competitive levels. Only the best players can play at these stages so you can guarantee thrilling matches as you place your bets.

Here are some of the leagues covered at that promise excitement:

GT Sports Leagues

GT Sports League is one of the top brands in organising EAFC e-soccer tournaments. They cover over 1,000 exciting games every week across four round-robin tournaments with 24 of the best e-soccer players each. GT Sports Leagues limits every event to just around 12 minutes, giving every tournament a 2-hour and 30-minute run time.

Liga Pro

Esoccer Liga Pro (Liga Pro) also features the EAFC video game series. There’s a total of 42 games across three tournaments running simultaneously every day. In each tournament, two players manage five football clubs each, starting with a 10-match round-robin group stage.

The top two teams from each player proceed to the semi-finals with a single-elimination bracket then conclude the event in the finals. From start to finish, this amounts to a total of 42 matches per day across three tournaments.

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eFootball Championship

Konami, one of the biggest game developers in the video game industry, presents eFootball, the rival to EA Sports FC (formerly FIFA). They are also directly involved in hosting the most competitive eFootball Championship. There were up to 20 million participants in 2023 across all gaming platforms and more are expected in 2024.

The championship consists of four categories in total. One is for mobile devices encompassing both Android and iOS versions of eFootball. The other three are under consoles namely the Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam (PC). All categories go through five rounds of the tournament, with the first three rounds being qualifier events, followed by the Regional Finals and culminating in the Tournament proper.

E-soccer betting markets in

Betting on e-soccer is easy as it offers limited markets compared to traditional football and other esports. If you’re not familiar with the types of bets available, then this is the e-soccer betting guide for all four markets:

  • 1x2: This market is the simplest among e-football betting markets for betting on the winner. The numbers refer to the sides namely player 1 (1) and player 2 (2). If there’s a draw bet, then it will be under X. Bettors can choose to bet on either side.

  • Asian total: This is also known as over/under because you’re guessing if the total score (combined between the two sides) is going to be over or under an arbitrary number. There can be multiple betting lines but it’s usually just one during in-play.

  • Double chance: Offering a safer alternative to 1x2 betting, you can stake on two outcomes of the match and win if either of them happens. Here are the possible combinations in an e-soccer bet:

    • Player 1 wins or it’s a draw (1X)

    • Player 2 wins or it’s a draw (2X)

    • Either player wins (12)

  • Correct score: This market presents a challenge as it’s about guessing the correct score distribution between the two teams at the end of the match. Choices range for a combination of 0 to 4 on both sides. If none of the listed combinations happens, then bets on ‘others’ win.

Enjoy’s exciting offers for your e-soccer betting experience is the ultimate bookmaker for e-soccer betting with cryptocurrency. Here you have the chance to win Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and a variety of supported assets, all withdrawable using top-tier wallets. Bitcoin e-soccer gambling is also made more fun with the following robust features:

  • Price Boost: Raise what you can win using the Price Boost feature which you can find in the ‘My Bet’ menu. Toggle it before you finalise your bet to opt in and see if you like what you’re winning. This adds more thrill while keeping the fundamentals of how to bet on e-soccer with crypto.

  • Clubhouse: Enter the Clubhouse and reap the benefits of being a loyal customer. Listen to podcasts on the latest FIFA bets, ask for e-soccer betting strategies from the community, or read the news for e-soccer tips. If you level up your account, then more VIP benefits will come your way.

  • Bet Sharing: The best way to enjoy online betting in e-soccer with Tether or other crypto is to do it with friends. That can be done with Bet Sharing which allows you to share your bet slip through Telegram and WhatsApp. Generate the link and share it with peers whom you can discuss your predictions with as a fellow e-soccer fan.

This is all that you need for the best experience in e-football betting and has everything covered. One last of the best e-soccer betting tips that you’ll like is to go to the promotions page for exciting bonuses to enjoy. You can get risk-free bets, cash returns, or giveaways in USDT for e-soccer betting.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about e-soccer betting:

What differentiates e-soccer from traditional soccer?

Traditional soccer refers to association soccer or football where athletes compete in teams of 11 members plus reserved players. E-soccer is about games between two players competing in a video game of football. The two leading video games for e-soccer or eFootball (Konami) and EA Sports FC (EA).

Can I win real money when betting on e-soccer?

Yes. All you have to do is guess the outcome of an e-soccer event correctly. You have plenty of possibilities to choose from but you can make an educated guess. Try applying e-soccer betting strategies to find the most optimal probability.

Are there any risks in e-soccer betting?

There is risk in all kinds of betting and that’s what makes them thrilling. The only risk is losing your money if your bet loses but that’s it. You can always win it back with profit if you bet on other possible outcomes in the same e-soccer match or in future events.

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