What is the Betslip Sharing feature?Sports and Crypto Betting Insights - Sportsbet Blog Betslip Sharing: What you need to know about this feature Betslip Sharing: What you need to know about this feature is committed to providing a convenient and immersive betting experience for sports fans and punters worldwide. The Betslip feature does a great job of elevating the betting experience in an interactive way.

As you know, the Betslip allows users to compile multiple bets from different sports and events into one betting slip. With this, you can easily track and review your bets before locking them in. What’s great is that you can add, remove, or change your bets with just simple clicks.

The cherry on top is that you can conveniently share your Betslip with anyone and win prizes while doing so! Learn more about the Betslip Sharing feature here:

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What is’s Betslip Sharing feature?

Betslip Sharing takes the concept of social crypto betting to a whole new level. It allows bettors to connect and engage in a more interactive sports betting experience. It is a unique and user-friendly feature that allows users to conveniently share their betting slips with friends, family, or fellow punters.

Say goodbye to the tedious process of copying and pasting screenshots of your bets. The best part is that it is compatible with commonly used messaging platforms such as Telegram and WhatsApp.

How does Betslip Sharing work?

Sharing your Betslip at is a simple and intuitive process. Here’s how it works:

Place a wager

To share your Betslip, you first have to pick a sport or market that you want to bet on, like the image above. This can be any sport or event available on the platform.

Click your desired market, and the Betslip will appear. There will be different fields where you can input how much you wish to wager. For convenience, there is a maximum bet option you can opt for.

There is also the option to click the Price Boost button to help you win more rewards if you win. This feature allows you to boost the odds of your selected bet, increasing your potential win amount at zero expense. You can then finalise your bet by clicking the green ‘Place Bet’ button at the bottom of the Betslip.

Click the Share Betslip button

Once you are ready to share your Betslip, click the ‘Share Betslip’ button at the bottom of the page. The shared slip will contain all the details of your bets except your stake amount. Usernames are anonymous on shared Betslips, so keep that in mind.

Select your preferred messaging platform

On, WhatsApp, and Telegram are the primary messaging platforms you can share your Betslip with. You can also just copy the link and paste it to your preferred platform.

How to win prizes with the Betslip Sharing feature

To incentivise users to use the Betslip Sharing feature, rewards those with prizes depending on their position on the leaderboard.

You can earn points for bets made by another user through your shared BetSlip link. This is provided that the minimum odds are 1.50. Similarly, you will receive a point for each multi-bet option with minimum odds of 1.30 when another user places the same multi-bet using your shared Betslip link.

Here are the top 10 prizes:




65 mBTC cash


45 mBTC cash


30 mBTC cash


25 mBTC cash


20 mBTC cash


15 mBTC cash


15 mBTC cash


15 mBTC cash


12 mBTC cash


8 mBTC cash

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What are the benefits of Betslip Sharing?

Aside from the possible prizes you can win from sharing your bets, tons of other benefits come with this feature. These are:

Collaborative betting

Betslip Sharing introduces a sense of teamwork and strategy into sports betting. Users can join forces with friends or individuals who share similar insights and predictions. Collaborative discussions allow users to collectively formulate effective betting strategies.

Risk management

If you share bets, this spreads the inherent risks of betting. Even if one user's selection doesn't result in a win, the group can still have a chance to profit if other selections prove successful. This risk-sharing aspect can help mitigate losses and maintain a more balanced approach to betting.

Learning opportunity

For new punters, Betslip Sharing serves as an invaluable educational tool. It facilitates learning from more experienced bettors, gaining insights into diverse betting strategies, and understanding how others approach sports betting. This exposure can contribute to a punter's growth and improvement.

Increased entertainment value

Betting with friends and collectively monitoring shared bets can elevate the entertainment value of watching sports events. It intensifies the thrill and anticipation, making the games even more enjoyable to watch. Shared bets add an interactive dimension to sports viewing, fostering a sense of camaraderie and engagement among participants.

Share your bets with ease with the Betslip Sharing feature!

The Betslip Sharing feature is a game-changer in the world of sports betting. It offers a unique and engaging way for you to connect and enjoy the excitement of betting with friends or fellow punters.

This feature has become a valuable addition to the world of online sports betting, with benefits such as risk management, learning opportunities, and increased entertainment value. This feature further demonstrates's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions

If you have further queries about the Betslip Sharing feature, you can refer to the frequently asked questions section below:

Is the Betslip Sharing feature available on the mobile app?

​​The Betslip Sharing feature is not available in the App. You will need a browser to use this feature.

Are Telegram and WhatsApp the only platforms I can share my Betslip with?

Telegram and WhatsApp are just the primary options available. You can still share your slip by copying the link instead of sharing it on these platforms.

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