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What you should know about Kyotei events before you bet

What you should know about Kyotei events before you bet

Japanese boat racing, or Kyotei, is one of the most exciting competitions to watch when you’re in the Land of the Rising Sun. These races are held in man-made lakes with oval courses that range from 600 metres to 1800 metres and they race for three laps.

Japan has always been connected to racing whether it's with horses, Formula 1 in the Suzuka course, or Kyotei. This form of boat racing has been around since the 1950s and it has been one of the most thrilling racing sports in the country.

This popularity also led to people betting on Kyotei. With, you don’t have to visit the country personally to place a bet. Find out more about Kyotei here before placing your bets:

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The mechanics of Kyotei

Kyotei is often deemed as the aquatic version of Formula 1 because of how speed the powerboats are. Each race has six boats taking three laps around the oval courses. This has drawn high viewership in the country, with racing enthusiasts buying tickets just to see a few minutes of these boats on the course.

Kyotei drivers can be men or women as they all compete equally. They all study at the Yamato Kyoto School in Yanagawa City.

Flying start system

Kyotei events feature a flying start, meaning the drivers are already moving at the time the race starts. This makes it a hotly-contested race as they are trying to be the speediest boat from the jump.

All-important first turn

An oval course means getting that first turn will help them gain solid momentum for a victory. There are rare instances where drivers close the gap but most of the time, that first turn determines who’s going to win the Kyotei.

Consequences of interfering with other boats

Whenever a boat causes interference with another boat and is involved in an accident, they get disqualified and refunds aren’t given to them. That has led to most drivers training to find the right balance between having intense speed and making safe turns.

How the Kyotei season works

Unlike other sports with a specific campaign period every year, Kyotei events happen throughout the year. Races start as early as January and the season culminates in a massive racing event in December—the Grand Prix.

Here are some important parts of Kyotei you need to know as a viewer and potential bettor:

Designations for each tournament

There are five designations for each tournament in Kyotei. The highest level is Special Grade (SG) followed by G1, G2, G3, and General. For the competitors, they are assigned with ranks from the top down like A1, A2, B1, and B2.

The Grand Prix

With the event lasting for an entire year, it deserves a fantastic send-off with the Grand Prix. You will see the 18 best drivers in Kyotei compete and cement themselves in the record books.

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Factors that will affect your Kyotei bets

Wagering in Kyotei is fun but it is even better if you win. Learn about the factors that affect every race to help you be more consistent with your predictions:

Historical data from past races

Look into where a specific driver ended up and see if they improved over the past few races or are still in their previous spot. By knowing the drivers and their signature styles, you will also have better projections on which driver can win the race.

Weather conditions

All 24 Kyotei courses in Japan are outdoor venues, which means the weather can significantly impact races like other sports. Notable courses like Hamanako in the Shizuoka Prefecture or the trio of Tokyo courses with Edogawa, Heiwajima, and Tamagawa will all be affected if the weather is not pleasant.

No matter how good the driver is, if the wind is too strong, it can influence their performance. It becomes more significant when rain is involved as it can affect the speed and the boats’ manoeuvrability. Visibility is also an issue with the rain as the helmet visors will get wet, making the turns more difficult.

Length of a specific course

Some drivers thrive in the shorter courses, mainly the 600-metre ones. However, some drivers also thrive with the 1,800-metre courses. Identify which drivers perform better on those courses to know which ones to bet on.

How to bet on boat races at

Create an account at and have access to the features and bonuses that can increase your chances of winning. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Click the ‘Deposit’ button found at the top-right corner. Choose either of these options to deposit:

    • Use your crypto wallet app’s QR code scan.

    • Get the wallet address by copying and pasting it into your crypto wallet.

  • Go to’s exclusive section for Kyotei. Pick the event you want to bet on and predict which one is the winner by clicking the SP button.

  • Input your stake amount on the Betslip and click ‘Place bet’ to finalise your wager.

Features for your boat race bets have features for Kyotei bettors to maximise every bet. Take your bets up a notch by using these features:

  • Betslip: It is where all of your bets appear and easily adjust the amount you want to wager.

  • Max Bet: This option allows you to wager on the maximum amount you can bet.

  • Time tracker for races: By going to the Next to Jump tab, you will see timers ticking down for every race. It will last until the race starts, so make sure you get your wagers in before time runs out.

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