Wager on boat racing events using crypto at Sportsbet.io

Enter the exciting world of boat racing and place your bets on which driver wins the exciting race on the water!

Boat racing is a motorsport that has gone under the radar compared to its sister sports like racecar driving or motorcycle racing. Here at Sportsbet.io, plenty of boat races are available for you to bet on. 

How to bet on boat racing at Sportsbet.io 

To take advantage of all the features, promotions, and bonuses at Sportsbet.io, you need to create and verify your account. After verification, top up your account with these steps:

  • Click the Deposit button at the top-right corner of the page. Choose between the two options presented to you:

    • Scan the QR code using your crypto wallet app.

    • Copy the wallet address and paste it into your crypto wallet.

  • Sportsbet.io’s Kyotei section shows you various races happening soon. Choose any event you want to bet on and predict who wins the race.

  • Click the ‘SP’ button on the racer you think will win the event. You can choose more than one drive in every race.

  • Indicate your stake on the Betslip and click ‘Place bet’ to finalise your boat race betting wager. 

Features to help you place Kyotei bets at Sportsbet.io

Sportsbet.io gives Kyotei bettors features designed to help them maximise every wager. Level up your bets by using these features:

  • Betslip: The Betslip appears every time you predict a specific winner for a race. This is where you can adjust your wager amount to a specific number and confirm your bet for the Kyotei race 

  • Max Bet: This is present in the Betslip you’re betting on and it’s a button that automatically makes the wagered amount the highest possible number. It is a good feature to use when you feel the boat racing probability for your preferred driver is high.

  • Time tracker for the races: On the Next to Jump tab, you will see timers ticking down for every race. It is until the race starts, also acting as your deadline to get your bet in.

Place crypto wagers on the boat race winner

The primary betting market for boat races here at Sportsbet.io is simply predicting the winner. You get six options ahead of the race and you must predict which racer you feel will win in the Next to Jump tab.

For Kyotei bets at Sportsbet.io, there is only one market which involves predicting the winner of the race. You can switch through different events by clicking a race and then locating the drop-down menu to cycle through the different races like Heiwajima or Marugame.

Select the round you want to place a bet on from the numbers above the market. Pick your predicted winner amongst the options for drivers by hitting the SP button.

Sportsbet.io: Boat race betting online odds

Betting odds will help you learn about the likely and unlikely outcomes of the Kyotei. At the same time, these boat race odds help you calculate the potential payouts you can win with successful boat race predictions. 

Choose your preferred format at the drop-down menu option located at the bottom right part of the page. These are the different odds formats at Sportsbet.io: 

  • American odds: Positive (+) odds are given to underdogs while negative (-) odds are assigned to the favourites. American odds are centred on winning or risking 100 USDT. 

  • Hong Kong odds: For this format, the odds will depend on their proximity to number 1. Odds lower than 1 are for favourites while odds higher than 1 are for underdogs. Calculate the payouts by adding 1 and multiplying that by the wager.

  • Decimal odds: Favourites will have lower odds while the underdogs have higher numbers and better profitability. Calculate the potential payouts by multiplying the decimal odds by your wager.

Tips to help you place boat race bets

  • Keep track of winning averages: Drivers who change their technique every round will struggle since they’re not maintaining consistency. They have to keep driving at a consistent rhythm, and you can track that based on their performances across multi-round races.

  • Check the condition of the course and the weather: Before the race, find a way to learn about the course where the race will take place. Take Edogawa for example, a mostly pleasant course but since they are in Japan, powerful winds can change how someone drives across the water.
    Take the conditions they’re racing under into account. Then, get to know the drivers’ affinity for those conditions to be prepared for the boat racing betting types you’ll see at Sportsbet.io.

  • Assess the skills of the driver: Every option you have in the races will have the names of the drivers. Look up their names and learn how they race in certain conditions, their history at a specific course, and their overall performances. Adjust your bets based on what you know about the drivers. 

  • Look into the quality of the power boats: Before the race, look into the mechanics of the drivers’ boats, specifically their spark plugs and propellers. Drivers are allowed to tune their engines but the specs for those engines are standardised.

Try wagering your crypto on exciting boat racing events at Sportsbet.io

Do not miss out on the pulse-pounding races where you can sail to victory by picking the specific driver you feel can win! Bet on the go with Sportsbet.io’s mobile app as well—perfect for punters who want to place their wagers anytime, anywhere.

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