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Strategies for success: Your 2023 Japan Cup betting guide

Strategies for success: Your 2023 Japan Cup betting guide

The previous Japan Cup delivered an unexpected outcome because Daring Tact failed to place while underdog Vela Azul finished at the top. The Japan Cup 2023 brings another great opportunity to bet on thrilling races, so find out all about it right here!

The highly esteemed Group 1 (G1) stakes in the Japan Racing Association (JRA) are fast approaching this November. Check out all the essential details of the race, as well as its potential contenders, in this guide.

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Happening every last Sunday of November, this year’s Japan Cup schedule kicks off on 26th November at the Tokyo racecourse. Here is what you need to know:

Japan Cup race venue

These are the details of the Japan Cup at the outer track of the Tokyo Racecourse:

Race distance

2,400 metres (12 furlongs)



Turn direction


Number of participants

Up to 18 participants

2023 prize pool


The seating capacity for the Tokyo Racecourse is 13,750. However, it can accommodate up to 223,000 spectators. Punters can enjoy the excitement of Japan Cup’s races at the main venue and try live betting at

Japan Cup handicap

The Japan Cup is an event for 3-year-olds and older to participate. This means colts and fillies will compete with veteran racers after their Triple Crown and Triple Tiara series. They will be subjected to handicap requirements fitting their age and gender.

The standard handicaps for Thoroughbreds are as follows:

  • 58 kg for 4-years-old and older males (colts, horses, and geldings)

  • 56 kg for 4-years-old and older females (fillies and mares)

Colts, geldings, and fillies in their 3-year-old campaign are given 2 kg allowances. Those bred from the Southern Hemisphere are also given 2 kg more in allowance. Thus, the finalised handicap for 3-year-old horses is as follows:

  • 56 kg for colt and gelding (Northern Hemisphere)

  • 54 kg for fillies bred (Northern Hemisphere)

  • 54 kg for colt and gelding (Southern Hemisphere)

  • 52 kg for fillies (Southern Hemisphere)

Japan Cup betting: How to place your bets at

Choose which racehorses will win or earn a place in the 2023 Japan Cup with the help of horse racing Japan Cup odds. lets punters place bets on three race results:

  • Win: Predict if the racehorse wins the Japan Cup.

  • Top 2: Choosing this market means that the horse will be within the Top 2 placements of the event. This can either be the winner or the runner-up.

  • Place: The race horse will have a placement in the Japan Cup. This can be any placement from the winner down to 5th place. The prestigious horse racing event gives purse winnings down to the 5th place in the race.

Races to watch or review prior to the Japan Cup

Any racehorse can’t just join the Japan Cup. As one of the biggest horse racing events in the world, the Japan Cup is an invitation-only event. Only the most popular and best performing Thoroughbreds and race jockeys will attend the race.

All of the participants who are invited to the event will be coming from these races:

Dubai Sheema Classic (25th March) and Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe (30th September)

  • Two of the most renowned G1 races in the world. Winners and placers from these prestigious events are poised to emerge as strong contenders for the upcoming race. The winners of these races are Japanese-trained Thoroughbreds, elevating their status in the international racing space.

Shūka Sho (15th October) and Kikuka Sho (22nd October)

  • Champions of the Shūka Sho and Kikuka Sho, the conclusion to the Japanese Triple Crown and Triple Tiara, respectively, tend to be favourites in the horse racing Japan Cup predictions.

Tenno Sho Autumn (29th October)

  • This race stands as a major G1 event in the country with its historical significance as the precursor to the Japan Cup.

Compare the details of these races, like the racetrack information and lap time of the top 3 winners for each race. These are vital information for guessing who will win the Japan Cup.

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Horse racing Japan Cup forecast: Top horses to bet on at the Japan Cup

Based on recent Japan Cup predictions, here are the top five contenders in order from highest to lowest odds:

  • Equinox

    • Age: 4-year-old colt

    • Trainer: Tetsuya Kimura

    • Most likely jockey: Christophe Lemaire

    • Equinox and Lemaire are the 2023 champions of the Dubai Sheema. They skipped the 2022 Japan Cup, so this will be his first time competing.

  • Do Deuce

    • Age: 4-year-old colt

    • Trainer: Yasuo Tomomichi

    • Most likely jockey: Yutaka ‘Taketoyo’ Take

    • Do Deuce has had a more volatile placement recently but that’s because he participated in tournaments abroad, like the Prix de Arc de Triomphe (G1). He’s still a strong Japanese contender as a champion of Tokyo Yushun 2022.

  • Liberty Island

    • Age: 3-year-old filly

    • Trainer: Mitsumasa Nakauchida

    • Most likely jockey: Yuga Kawada

    • Liberty Island is in the running for the Triple Tiara championship. She has already won the second jewel at the Yushun Himba and is now aiming for a third in the Kikuka Sho. If she wins, then she will be a Triple Tiara winner at the Japan Cup.

  • Sol Oriens

    • Age: 3-years-old colt

    • Trainer: Takahisa Tezuka

    • Most likely jockey: Takeshi Yokoyama

    • Sol Oriens was in the running for the Japanese Triple Crown, but he finished only in 2nd place at the Tokyo Yushun. That is still an impressive placement, given that it’s only his 4th graded race in his career. He now aims for the Shūka Sho and then the Japan Cup to close off 2023.

  • Tastiera

    • Age: 3-years-old colt

    • Trainer: Nobuyuki Hori

    • Most likely jockey: Between Kohei Matsuyama and Damian Lane

    • Tastiera is the rival that took away Sol Oriens’ victory at the Tokyo Yushun. It was a payback for their defeat at the Satsuki Prize, and now he is aiming for the Japan Cup as one of his last races in 2023.

Honourable mentions

The horses mentioned above are the best candidates for the Japan Cup, but they are not the only ones invited. A few other fine contenders include:

  • Prognosis — Won first place in various stakes races. Unfortunately, his mettle is proven in G2 and G3 races rather than G1, but he still won those events in less than 2 minutes tops.

  • Titleholder — One of the rising stars in horse racing, especially after being one of six back-to-back Tenno Sho Spring (2021 and 2022).

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Explore the features offers to make your horse racing Japan Cup predictions more fun. Here’s how each of them works:

  • Promotions: offers a wide variety of bonuses for sports betting, like cashback and free bets. Claim the best deal available to make your Japan Cup Tether betting more enjoyable.

  • Bet Sharing: Betting is more fun if you make it with friends. Share your predictions with your friends via WhatsApp or Telegram so they can join in on your Japan Cup betting with Bitcoin.

  • Race stats: Make your predictions on 2023 Japan Cup results with the help of comprehensive and detailed information for each racehorse at the event.

Simply click the drop-down arrow below the jockey image to learn more about the horse’s professional career. Here are some of the helpful stats before you place your bets:

  • Age

  • Sire/Dam

  • Jockey

  • Trainer

  • Recent race details

At, Japan Cup betting with cryptocurrencies is more fun and rewarding. You can find a wide variety of betting markets to choose from, giving you more opportunities to win. With the mobile app, you can enjoy a fun, fast, and fair betting experience anytime, anywhere!

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