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Spike your bankroll: Win with Olympic Volleyball betting

Spike your bankroll: Win with Olympic Volleyball betting

Olympic Volleyball 2024 is set to serve the hottest matches among national teams from July to August. While these volleyball matches are exciting to watch, they also offer favourable betting opportunities. Learn more about Olympic Volleyball betting at and take a shot at winning today!

Before you get started, take a deep dive into this betting guide. Explore the favourite teams to win the gold medal and essential tips to help you make a successful bet here at

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Competition format

Successful betting requires knowledge about the game and the Olympic volleyball competition to secure wins. Here’s how the volleyball Paris Olympics format works:

Indoor volleyball

This year, each gender category in the Olympic indoor volleyball will have 12 teams. Each 12-team field will be divided into three pools, with four teams in each pool. Each team will play in the round-robin format, playing three matches in the pool phase. The top two teams from each pool and the best third-placed teams will qualify for the quarter-finals.

In the quarter-finals, teams will compete in a single-elimination format. The winning or the last four remaining teams will compete in the semi-finals. The two losing teams will face each other in the bronze medal game, while the two winning teams will compete in the final for the gold medal.

The indoor volleyball matches will be played at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles .

Beach volleyball

In the Olympic Beach Volleyball 2024, there will be 24 teams competing in each gender. The 24 teams will be divided into six pools of four teams each. Like indoor volleyball, the teams will play in a round-robin format in the preliminary rounds.

The tournament then transitions into a single-elimination format until the semifinals. The two winning teams from the semis will compete for the gold medal, with the losing team getting the silver medal at the finals. On the other hand, the two losing teams during the semis will play in the bronze-medal game.

The beach volleyball games will be played at the Eiffel Tower Stadium in Champ de Mars.

Favourite teams to win the gold

To give you an overview of what to expect in Olympic Volleyball 2024, explore the current favourite teams to win the gold medals in this edition:

Men’s Olympic Volleyball

  • Poland: Poland is currently in their best form. As the reigning champions of both the FIVB Volleyball’s Nations League and CEV Men’s European Volleyball Championship 2023, they are positioned at the top of the favourites list. Plus, with Wilfredo Leon on their roster, Poland is poised to provide a tough competition among Olympic volleyball Mens and snatch the gold medal.

  • Brazil: Finishing as the runners-up in Pool A at the qualifiers, Brazil is prepared to showcase its excellence on the Olympic stage. With three golds and three silvers from the previous olympics already to their name, the Brazilians are determined to bring intensity to the court and pave their way to the men's volleyball Olympics finals.

  • France: As the host country, France has successfully qualified for the Olympics. Moreover, the defending champions are more determined than ever to achieve a back-to-back victory and further showcase their excellence on the Olympic stage.

Women’s Olympic Volleyball

  • Brazil: They were just one step away from the gold medal in the previous edition. Their Tokyo 2020 silver medal motivates the Brazilian team to give their all to secure the gold medal this time. The Brazilian women’s volleyball players are well-equipped to make it happen, with two gold titles already in their collection.

  • United States: As the defending champions, they are determined to add more gold medals to their one gold, three silver, and two bronzes in previous Olympic competitions. With powerhouse players like Annie Drews on their roster, the USA team is one to watch out for at Paris 2024.

  • Serbia: Since 2016, Serbia has come agonisingly close but fallen short of winning the gold. They reached the finals in 2016 and the semifinals in 2020. With the history of showcasing their abilities to reach the finals game, they are considered favourites to dominate the Olympic Volleyball championship.

Players to watch in the Olympic Volleyball

The 2024 Paris Olympics is filled with skilled volleyball players ready to bring you intense matches. Get to know the stars to watch at the Olympics Volleyball.

Men’s Olympic Volleyball:

  • Wilfredo Leon (Poland): Regarded as one of the best volleyball players in the 21st century, Leon is poised to display his powerful serves and impressive jumping. After being named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the 2023 European Championship, Leon is certainly a player to watch out for at Paris 2024.

  • Ishikawa Yuki (Japan): Ishikawa has shown his skill on the court as one of the top scorers in the 2023 VNL season. He is also the 2023 Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship MVP and is renowned for his top-notch outside spiking skills. Expect Ishikawa to dominate this Olympics season.

  • Bruno Rezende (Brazil): One of the best setters in the world at present, Rezende is a key player who can lead his Olympic volleyball team to the gold medal. With three national Olympic medals already to his credit, Bruno and the Brazilian men’s volleyball team players are determined to add more to their impressive collection.

Women’s Olympic Volleyball

  • Melissa Vargas (Turkiye): Despite being relatively new to the team, Vargas has left a mark on the Turkish volleyball team. She swiftly became a key player and is expected to lead her team to victory. Securing the VNL and CEV European Championship titles in 2023, where she was crowned MVP, further underscores her impact on her team.

  • Tijana Boskovic (Serbia): The 2023 European Champions top scorer, with 229 points, is here in Paris 2024 to lead her team again. Boskovic is a player to watch, known for creating high-scoring games and impressive spiking skills. She holds the highest spike accuracy at 54.22%, making her a formidable force on the court.

  • Annie Drews (United States): Drews leads Team USA this year. She was the 2023 VNL top scorer, proving her skills as a threat to opponents. Moreover, her prowess helped her team secure the silver medal at the 2023 NORCECA Continental Championship, showing her potential for even greater success at the Olympics.

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Olympic Volleyball betting markets

Now that you know the Olympic Volleyball teams and players, it’s time to bet. If you’re wondering how to bet on Olympic Volleyball matches, start by taking a look at the most popular markets you can bet on:

  • Winner: Place your bet on the Olympics Volleyball team that you believe will win the match.

  • Set Handicap: A point handicap will be assigned to a team for a specific set in the volleyball match. Your goal is to bet on whether the team can cover the handicap given to them during the set.

  • Total Points: will provide predetermined total points for both teams in a match. You will bet on whether the actual points scored will be higher or lower than the set number.

  • 1st Set Winner: Predict which team will dominate the game’s 1st set.

  • 1st Set Total Points: This bet focuses on the total points scored during the first set. Predict whether the total points will be higher or lower than the expected total points set. Betting odds formats

Ensure winning bets by identifying opportunities in the odds. Here at, various odds formats are available to cater to bettors’ varying preferences. Learn how to read them below:

  • American: These odds are represented using positive and negative symbols. Positive odds indicate they’re an underdog, and the amount shown is the potential winnings for a 100 USDT bet. On the other hand, negative odds represent the favourite team, and the numbers indicate the amount you need to bet to win 100 USDT.

  • Decimal: Decimal odds show the total amount you can receive for a winning bet, including your original bet and profit. For example, if you decide to bet 100 USDT on the Japanese volleyball national team with odds of 4.00, your total payout would be 400 USDT (100 USDT bet + 300 USDT profit). To calculate this, simply multiply the odds by your original bet.

  • Hong Kong: These are represented by positive and negative decimal numbers. Odds higher than 1 indicate the underdogs, while odds lower than 1 represent the Olympic volleyball favourites. To know your potential payout, add 1 to the odds and multiply it by your bet.

Everything you need to consider before making a bet on the Volleyball Olympics

When you bet on Volleyball Olympics, making smart decisions can maximise your potential winnings and significantly lead to success. Boost your winning chances bets by knowing these key factors:

Check if there are rule changes

Olympic volleyball is known for its rule changes over the years. To avoid errors, check the most recent rule changes that could make a huge difference in the outcome you're betting on, the same with the Olympic betting rules.

For instance, in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, coaches can only call timeouts during the challenges. This change could alter how each team strategises their plays, ultimately impacting the potential match result.

Check which teams are currently the best or could cause an upset

Look into the teams’ current form, check their Olympic Volleyball rankings, and review their recent performances. This way, you can determine the current favourites to win, indicating the strongest teams. On the other hand, you may also discover great betting opportunities on the underdogs that show potential for pulling off an upset.

For example, the Thailand women's volleyball team was known to make waves in continental competitions. While they seem unfamiliar with the competition, Thailand boasts a formidable lineup featuring Phonpan Kerdprach, Tanatcha Suksod, and Atcharaporn Kongyot. With so many talented players, this makes them a team to watch for, like the Thailand men’s Volleyball team. However, it’s important to note that Thailand did not qualify for the Olympics Volleyball 2024, so this scenario is purely hypothetical.

Study the brackets

Volleyball Olympics 2024 runs through brackets; understanding how it can benefit your bets is important. Follow the latest Olympic edition’s bracket system and determine which teams have easier brackets and are likely to succeed in those volleyball Olympic games. A strong team in a relatively easy bracket has a higher chance of advancing and reaching the gold medal game.

Check previous head-to-heads

Looking at past head-to-head matchups can also provide you with more accurate insights into what is likely to happen in the game. With this, you can identify patterns regarding which team tends to dominate between the two and analyse how they typically achieve wins. Hence, you can gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses when playing against each other.

Teams with reputations that don’t match their current form

Be cautious, as there may be teams with a strong reputation in Olympic volleyball history that have recently been delivering lacklustre performances in tournaments due to factors such as ageing players or others. It is better to check the teams’ recent form and player rosters to make smarter bets.

Look to the experts

It's also a good idea to seek information from experts with in-depth knowledge of the sport, tournament, teams, and players. For instance, experts may believe that keeping an eye on all Japan women’s volleyball Olympic members, especially Nanami Seki, Sarina Koga, and Yuji Nishida is crucial. They can provide accurate insights and help you make more informed betting decisions.

Check the Olympic Volleyball schedule

The Paris 2024 volleyball events will run from July 27 to August 11. Make sure to know the Olympic volleyball schedule before placing your bets so you can make your predictions accordingly.

With both indoor and beach volleyball events happening in the Paris Olympics, it’s important to watch out for the match schedules, especially in the groups stage where various teams will be playing in their respective pools.

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