What is Rapid Betting?

Rapid Betting is a first-of-its-kind sports betting tool offering multiple betting markets on individual plays and moments throughout each match.

  • Betting markets are created based on real-time events within a match.
  • Each market has two possible selections for you to bet on.
  • Place your bet by clicking on the selection of your choice or by swiping in the direction of their selection on the market card. Once a selection is chosen, you can edit your bet amount using the plus and minus buttons.
  • Markets can be passed or skipped. You can return to markets you have passed on if they have not timed out. To pass a market, click “Next” on the top left corner of the market card or swipe it up.
  • Skipped markets get removed from play, meaning you can no longer bet on this market. To skip a market, press “Skip” on the top right corner of the market card.
  • Markets are settled using the game data provided by the official league data provider(s).
  • If you don’t see any available markets during a live match, a new one will appear in approximately 30-45 seconds.

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