General Rules

1. The name of the so-called starting pitcher has no relevance on how offers are settled

2. All pre-match bets do not include extra innings unless otherwise stated. This also applies to Live-betting where all bets are settled after Regular time unless otherwise stated. 

3. Which team wins race to x points?- In a 2-way market if an inning ends before the Xth point is reached (incl. extra innings), this market is considered void (cancelled).

4. Who scores the Xth point- If an inning ends before the Xth point is reached (incl. extra innings), this market is considered void (cancelled)

5. Possible extra innings are not considered in any market unless otherwise stated. 

6. The names of the markets do not reflect the actual terms used in baseball. Please take note of the following legend for the actual terms used in baseball:

Name of market:

  • Period
  • Overtime (OT)
  • Points
  • Halftime

Terms used in Baseball:

  • Inning
  • Extra Inning
  • Runs
  • Result after 9th half-inning

Settlement and cancellation rules 

1. If a match is interrupted or cancelled and won’t be continued on the same day, all undecided markets are considered void. However winner market bets are considered official if at least 5 innings is played; or 4.5 innings if the home team is winning.
2. If markets remain open with an incorrect score or incorrect match status which has a significant impact on the prices, we reserve the right to void betting.
3. For double header (shortened innings) matches, bets will be settled according to the official result.
4. In the event of a Mercy Rule being called, all bets will stand on the score at the time.

Rapid Markets

  • If a hit and an error occur within the same play, a hit will be considered for settlement purposes
  • If a player does not show up at the plate again but related player markets have been offered, undecided markets are considered void
  • A foul ball will always be considered as strike for settlement purposes

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