General Rules

    1. Which team will win race to x points?- If a match ends before the Xth is reached, this market is considered void (cancelled). (incl. ot)

    2. All markets are considered for regular time only unless otherwise stated

    3. If the match goes to a 7-metre shootout; the markets “Who scores Xth point?” and “Which team will win race to X points?” will be voided.

Settlement and cancellation rules

    1. If a match is interrupted or postponed and is not continued within 48h after initial kick-off date, betting will be void (The bet can be voided, before 48 hours has passed, in agreement between the client and Sportsbet.io).

    2. If odds were offered with an incorrect match time (more than 3 minutes), we reserve the right to void betting.

    3. If markets remain open with an incorrect score which has a significant impact on the prices, we reserve the right to void betting.

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