Ice Hockey

General Rules

1. All markets (except period, overtime and penalty shootout markets) are considered for regular time only unless it is mentioned in the market.

2. If a match is interrupted and continued within 48h after initial kickoff all open bets will be settled with the final result (The bet can be voided, before 48 hours has passed, in agreement between the client and Otherwise all undecided bets are considered void.

3. In the event of a game being decided by a penalty shootout, then one goal will be added to the winning team's score and the game total for settlement purposes. This only applies to markets including overtime and penalty shootout.

Settlement and cancellation rules

1. If the market remains open when the following events have already taken place: goals and penalties, we reserve the right to void betting.

2. If odds were offered with an incorrect match time (more than 2 minutes), we reserve the right to void betting.

3. If a wrong score is entered all markets will be cancelled for the time when the incorrect score was displayed.

4. If a match is interrupted or postponed and is not continued within 48h after initial kick-off date betting will be void.

Anytime Goalscorer and Player to score a point

1. All offered players are considered as runners.

2. If an unlisted player scores a goal or earns a point, all bets on listed players stand.

3. For settlement purposes, only goals and assists scored during regular time are considered. Please note that if the score after regular time is 0-0, all bets will be settled as lost.

4. All bets on players that were listed but left the game before the match ended (such as injuries or expulsions) will stand.

5. Markets will be settled based on TV inserts and data provided by official associations unless there is clear evidence these statistics are not correct.

Next scoring type

1. Even strength: Goals are considered even strength when every team has the same number of players on the ice.

2. Power-play: A goal is considered to be a power-play goal if the team with numerical advantage scores.
Penalty shot: A penalty shot is considered to be a goal if converted.

3. Empty net: A goal is considered to be an empty net goal, if the trailing team pulls the goalkeeper for an extra attacker and the leading team scores. In power-play/short-handed and empty net situations, a goal will always be considered as empty net goal for settlement purposes.

4. No goal.

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