How does the market Asian Handicap work?

Handicap betting is where one selection in an event is given a "handicap" to overcome in order to win the bet. In other words, considering the match score displayed, which team will win?
This is popular when strong favourites are playing, instead of placing a match bet with short odds.

Goals/points scored before bet placement are not taken into consideration for this market.
There are five possible outcomes: win, half-win, void, loss and half-loss.

Examples given in below Asian Handicap tables:

Here are some further examples how to read the Asian Handicap table above:
For example when the market line is displayed with 2 numbers as (0/+0.5) then this means +0.25 in the below table. If it is displaying (+0.5/+1) it means +0.75. (-1/-1.5) means -1.25. 

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