Imperial and A formidable esports partnership

At, we are dedicated to both the sports and esports betting sectors as a premier crypto bookmaker. Our exciting partnership with Imperial is a way to show our continuous dedication and support for the esports scene. This is one of the top esports organisations in the industry, especially in the Counter Strike competitive scene.

Expect a whole new level of crypto esports betting experience at as we introduce bigger and better promotions for our partnership with the org. Learn more about it here:

What is Imperial Esports?

Launched back in September 2018, Imperial quickly became one of Brazil's most formidable Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) teams. Despite roster changes over the years, they have consistently shown their prowess in top-tier competitions they participate in. 

Imperial is always on the hunt for a good challenge as they wish to continuously evolve as an organisation that can compete at the highest level. This is evident with their performance in previous major tournaments, such as the BLAST Premier: Spring American Showdown 2023, where they dominated and placed 1st. 

Here is a list of the talented and ambitious players that currently play for Imperial 

  • Rafael ‘zakk’ Fernandes (Coach)

  • Vinicius ‘VINI’ Figueiredo

  • Henrique ‘HEN1’ Teles

  • João ‘felps’ Vasconcellos

  • Kaiky ‘noway’ Santos

  • Lucas ‘decenty’ Bacelar

Our shared values and Imperial’s partnership officially started in 2020. What are the similar values both parties share to keep the relationship strong over the years? Find out below:

Excellence in the field and Imperial are on top of their respective fields. Known as the premier crypto sportsbook and the top CS Brazilian team, respectively, you can expect nothing but excellence, especially with this launched partnership.

Competitive spirit 

A competitive mindset has tons of beneficial aspects to it. As and Imperial continue to strive to become the best, this partnership will only improve to give you the best experience as both a punter and esports enthusiast.

Ability to deliver

You can always expect great results from and Imperial. We continue to deliver our best to show our appreciation to our players and fans. From special promotions to exclusive offers, and Imperial will give you the best you can get from this partnership.

What can you look forward to in this partnership?

We are taking it to the next level with our partnership with Imperial! Expect dedicated promotions and rewards to come your way. Here is an overview of what the partnership has brought, as well as what you can expect:

  • Slot game - We launched a slot game themed around the team called Imperial: Operation Rio. Here you have the opportunity and potential to win big prizes and payouts by spinning the game’s slot reels.

  • Exclusive merchandise - Are you a big fan of Imperial? With this partnership, you can anticipate different types of merchandise. This includes scarves, player cards, action figures, and more!

  • Exclusive promotions - At, you can enjoy the best possible esports betting experience with exclusive promotions thanks to this partnership, so make sure to look forward to it.

  • Tailor-made content - In the continued effort to leverage the online presence of Imperial and, you can expect tailor-made content, such as videos from the team, in the future. 

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Behind the Bet

With the help of this live stream feature by, you can communicate with some of the best athletes and business leaders in the scene. Get ready to hear some never-before-told stories from sports and esports legends. 

Clubhouse loyalty program

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Multiple crypto betting options

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Crypto rewards

By betting on esports with crypto, you can expect crypto rewards to come your way. Elevate your esports betting experience with and Imperial—from CS2 in-play and outrights betting offers to exclusive promos and team content. Get a fun, fast, and fair betting experience here like no other!