Southampton and A promising partnership

Southampton and A promising partnership is proud to be the official main partner of Southampton Football Club which is one of the most prominent teams in England. This partnership aims to bring football betting innovations to the next level. is the esteemed front-of-shirt sponsor of Southampton that made a groundbreaking change in the community and united efforts to promote the value of safe crypto betting. This dynamic partnership signifies a resounding victory for both parties as it paves the way for a promising future in the world of football and online sports betting.

Why Southampton joined forces with

Southampton showed the world that betting platforms can effectively integrate and contribute to the world of football with The Saints believe in's remarkable ingenuity, progressive mindset, and unwavering support. Moreover, Southampton eagerly embraces the opportunity to collaborate in fostering the growth of the overall landscape of football while promoting a safe and secure betting environment for all.

Redefine the online crypto betting space and Southampton are united with a goal to revolutionise the online betting space. Both sides aim to offer an unparalleled betting experience that is a cut above the rest. This guarantees that both fans and punters alike can experience a whole new level of crypto betting when wagering on Southampton games. 

The partnership also aims to create a thriving football betting community that practises safe and secure gambling. For instance, the ‘Listen To The Saint In You’ campaign pushes Southampton fans to consider the risks of gambling before they place a football bet online. 

Increase Southampton’s global reach

The partnership also brings a huge help to Southampton’s goal of increasing its global presence. This allows the Saints to widen their reach and grow their fanbase.’s Club Talk is the perfect feature for punters and Southampton enthusiasts to discuss their passion for football, crypto, and sports betting in one platform. 

Following the announcement of the partnership, donated 2 BTC to the club to support its endeavours and launched a Bitcoin Hunt event that rewarded $39,046 to the winner as a way to engage fans and the community of the club.

Southampton’s reputation as an elite team in England

Southampton Football Club has long been recognised as a respected and formidable team within the English football landscape. Over the years, the club has carved out a reputation as an elite force, showcasing its prowess and consistently challenging some of the biggest names in the sport.

With its dominance, Southampton boasts a huge fan base and has been growing well over the years. ​​The club’s nickname ‘Saints’ is a reflection of Southampton's roots as a church team and is also inspired by their home stadium, St. Mary's Stadium, where they have been playing since 2001. Formerly known as St. Mary's Church of England Young Men's Association, the club proudly dons red and white shirts, representing the main colours of the church.

Southampton’s success

Southampton Football Club has experienced immense success in the football scene, garnering recognition for their accomplishments both on and off the pitch. The club's rich history also boasts various achievements, making them a notable presence in English football.

One of Southampton's biggest accomplishments came in the 1976-1977 season when they secured a promotion to the top flight of English football for the first time. This milestone marked the beginning of an era of notable achievements and solidified their position among England’s elite teams. Despite the competitive world of football, Southampton continues to show impressive play in the footballing scene. 

Southampton as a consistent club

Southampton has established itself as a consistent and resilient club in the world of football. Over the years, they have showcased the ability to maintain their position among the top teams, showcasing their reliability and stability in a highly competitive environment.

The team’s consistency is exemplified by its ability to consistently produce competitive performances against some of the biggest teams in the world of football. They have proven themselves to be a formidable opponent, capable of challenging and defeating even the most established and accomplished clubs. 

Rising popularity for the Saints

Southampton is slowly becoming a favourite among many prestigious teams in the world. So far, the club has earned a lot of success in the league standings by shocking teams and crushing football giants with their strong focus on both ends of the pitch.

The club’s performance level has also improved thanks to their growing roster full of young talent. Southampton’s youth side contributed greatly to keeping their bearings over the years and they pose a huge threat to a lot of contenders.

Southampton records and stats

As one of the oldest teams in the football scene, the Saints have set records in those years and have shown their worth as a club that can fight even the best of all. That is why they are defined as a generational franchise in England.

Winning stretches

Southampton has set a lot of league records over the years, which includes a 10-match winning run from April 16 to August 20, 2011. They also have one of the longest unbeaten runs in history, which is set at 19 matches from September 5, 1921, all the way to December 31, 1921.

Top scorers

Southampton has never run out of elite players over the years. Mick Channon is one of the club’s deadliest scorers, and he tallied a total of 228 goals for the Saints from 1966-1977 and from 1979 to 1982. On the other hand, Derek Reeves holds the most number of goals scored in a single season at 44.

Historic players

As Southampton runs a successful youth academy, a number of top-tier talents have emerged from the team over the years. The likes of Wales international winger Gareth Bale, Ireland international striker Michael Obafemi, Theo Walcott, and James Ward-Prowse all came from the same academy at Southampton. There’s also the Finnish goalkeeper, Antti Niemi, who is known for his shot-stopping skills, agility, and commanding presence between the goalposts.

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