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All aboard! Mr. Monopoly invites you on a riverboat for a thrilling game of live bingo coupled with exciting rounds of Monopoly played on a gorgeous one of a kind 3D game board Monopoly Big Baller by Evolution, brand new on Sportsbet!

Place Your Bets

Bet on up to four Chance or Free Space cards consisting of 5x5 cells. The card you bet on generates numbers ranging from 1 to 60. You can switch each card between being a Chance card and being a Free Space card.

  • Chance card: the centre cell acts as a drawn number, increasing the odds of making a winning line
  • Free Space card: centre cell is a guaranteed multiplier, but free spaces may be added later

Luck of the Draw

Mr. Monopoly will sprinkle your cards with random multipliers and free spaces. 20 lucky balls are drawn, and if the number of the ball matches a number on any of your cards, you’re one step closer to winning. Complete lines on your card to win and keep your eyes peeled for Chance multipliers:

  • Standard multiplier: value x10 or x20
  • Line multiplier: value x20 or x50
  • Global multiplier: value x2 or x3

Earn Big Bonuses With Mr. Monopoly

Place a bet on “3 Rolls” or “5 Rolls” for a chance for a windfall at the Bonus Game. Mr. Monopoly himself walks the game board based on your dice throws. The board is randomly populated with houses and hotels with different multipliers.

  • “3 Rolls” and “5 Rolls” grant you 3 and 5 dice rolls respectively
  • Score both “3 Rolls” and “5 Rolls” to play two Bonus Games in a row
  • Land on Chance or Community Chest to nab awesome prizes
  • Pass GO! To double all the rewards on the board

Try out your luck in this new and fresh 3D Live Game Show Experience!

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