Behind the Bet with Ray Parlour

Ask Ray Parlour anything during the first stream of Behind the Bet! starts a new series of live streams Behind the Bet with the legend of Arsenal Ray Parlour as a part of the Pizza Day celebrations.

Parlour is the start of a new series where you'll meet some of the most interesting people in our industry face-to-face and get their insights into everything behind the bet.

You can join the discussion via the dedicated Club Talk channel on our website. This week, the best questions at the end of our Q&A will be rewarded with a reissued Arsenal away shirt signed by Ray.

Be sure to head over to the Club Talk channel during the stream to qualify for many other offers, giveaways and prizes taking place throughout the hour as part of's special Pizza Day promotion!

Post your questions early on the special Club Talk Behind the Bet channel, then join us on 22 May at 12pm GMT via the link below to chat with Ray Parlour!

A little bit about Ray ...

  • He was an integral part of Arsenal Double in the 97/98 season
  • Man of the Match in the Gunners' 1998 FA Cup Final win over Newcastle United
  • Known as "Romford Pele"
  • Despite his less glamorous style, he was described as a workhorse and unsung hero of Arsenal's success in the 90s
  • Television and radio commentator on BBC Radio 5 Live and Talksport
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