In order to enter, participants should respond to the promotional post on social media as instructed by Following steps should be taken -
1. Follow on Instagram
2. Like the following post
3. Tag 2 unique friends in the comments of the respective post

(Note - As our Instagram page is only for 18+, the page is only visible as you're 18+ & logged in on Instagram)

THE PRIZE: will establish the prize prior to the competition. This Prize is non-exchangeable and there is no cash equivalent option. The prize for this promotion is m₿ 5 (in 1 Free Bet) per 50 new followers, unless otherwise mentioned in the copy.


The draw will happen as soon as possible after we reach a new cap of 50 people. Draws will for example happen when reaches 550 followers, 600, 650, 700, ...
The draw will happen on the Instagram Stories of
Every 50 new followers
we give away a prize across all the participants that participated in the active visual. The earlier you participate, the more chance you have to become a winner.
For example, if you participate (Follow the 3 steps) as follower n°588, you participate in the draw for 600 followers, 650 followers, 700, …
For example, if you participate (Follow the 3 steps) as follower n°699, you participate in the draw for 700 followers, 750 followers, 800, …


Please contact on Social Media in order to receive your prize.
The winning customer
will be credited as soon as possible.


Active promotions/visuals will change from time to time. When this happens, only users that participated in the newest promotion will be eligible to win the promotion.
Per visual, you can participate 5 times with unique friends every single time. If you participate more often, you won’t be eligible to take part in the draw.



Terms & Conditions