Lightning Blackjack

Lightning Blackjack gives you the best of all worlds – you can play with the common Blackjack rules but with the exciting possibility of higher payouts - an exciting new Live Casino game show that’s easy to play, tactical and highly entertaining. There’s just one bet and huge potential winnings!

Lightning Blackjack

The game is a unique blend of our scalable Blackjack and added Lightning multipliers. But this time the multiplier depends on the winning player’s score.

As in all our Lightning games, you pay a Lightning fee for the chance of bigger wins. In fact, in Lightning Blackjack you are always guaranteed a multiplier (2x–25x) on a winning score! The multiplier is saved for the next game round, and your payout will be multiplied by this multiplier if you win

Key Benefits

  1. Multiplied payouts
  2. A true Blackjack game with enhanced payout
  3. Infinite number of players
  4. Guaranteed multiplier awarded on a winning score, which is then applied to winnings in the next game round.

The multiplier won covers your bet only in the amount of the Lightning fee that was paid in the round in which the multiplier was acquired. If you place a larger bet, a regular Blackjack payout is applied to the excess amount. The multiplier is available for use for up to 180 days

Lightning Blackjack is a true Blackjack game in a uniquely different setting. It will attract Blackjack players eager to try new game variations based on familiar gameplay, but with the added bonus of the Lightning multipliers and higher payouts!

What's more? Boost your experience and win your share of 50 mBTC prize pool in the Lightning tournament!

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