Take up the Live Casino Hero Challenge!

Bring on the adventure!

Starting from September 6  , wager 5 mBTC (or currency equivalent) on any live casino game during day 1 of the challenge.
Continue to wager 5 mBTC (or currency equivalent) every day after that.
The last hero to wager 5 mBTC , triumphs and takes home a massive 1 BTC payday for their efforts.

Winning bets

There are more hidden mountains to conquer when you wager every day. Each peak holds its own rewards.

  • Climb to the 15-day mark and discover a mystery treasure. This will equip you on your journey into the shadow of the mountain.
  • The climb starts to get tricky when you reach the 30-day mark , but the treasure you discover makes the hard yards well worth it.
  • It’s all cliffs and crags as the going gets tough. But, having reached the 50-day mark sees you uncover the mother of all mystery chests.
  • It’s an exhausting climb to the summit of the highest reaching peak. But, when you arrive at the 70-day mark you’ll unearth the treasure of a lifetime!

Lastly, here’s a little hint for the journey ahead.

The mysteries you stand to uncover will include free chips and cash rewards , all of which will be based on your gaming preferences and the types of gameplay you like to explore.

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