Swish your bets: A guide to WASL crypto betting at Sportsbet.io

The FIBA West Asia Super League (WASL) has taken the basketball world by storm as one of the newest basketball leagues to watch and bet on! Despite its newcomer status, FIBA WASL has showcased amazing basketball talents and matches that have captured the attention of fans and bettors worldwide. 

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FIBA WASL format

FIBA WASL is a pan-regional league organised by FIBA Asia that brings together clubs from West Asia and the Gulf regions. In this league, 18 teams from Western Asia compete against each other in home and away matches to win the sub-zonal title. Moreover, eight teams from the Gulf region also compete in the same format. Take a look at the groups in each league:

WASL West Asia League

  • Al Karamah (Syria)
  • Al-Ittihad Ahli (Syria)
  • Al Naft (Iraq)
  • Al Riyadi (Lebanon)
  • Beirut Club (Lebanon)
  • Shahrdari Gorgan (Iran)
  • Orthodox Amman (Jordan)
  • Zob Ahan (Iran)

WASL Gulf League

  • Al Bashaer (Oman)
  • Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia)
  • Al Manama (Bahrain)
  • Al Nassr Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
  • Al Sadd (Qatar)
  • Kazma (Kuwait)
  • Kuwait Club (Kuwait)
  • Shabab Al Ahli - Dubai (UAE)

The champions and runners-up of each season qualify for the Basketball Champions League Asia. The top three teams from each division move on to the Final round. Teams from the Final round include the top three teams from each division, the champions of the Kazakhstan Basketball Championship, and a team invited from India.

Then, the two teams that reach the championship game qualify for the 2023 FIBA Asia Champions Cup. Kuwait SC claimed the first-ever championship title in the Gulf League, while Al Riyadi Beirut emerged as the victors in the inaugural West Asia League.

How to bet on FIBA WASL matches at Sportsbet.io

Place bets on FIBA WASL matches at Sportsbet.io, the leading sports and crypto betting platform offering a plethora of options and competitive odds for various sports events, including basketball. Here are the simple steps to bet on FIBA WASL matches:

  • Register an account

    To get started with betting on FIBA WASL matches at Sportsbet.io, follow these steps:
    • If you don't have an existing account, click on the 'Register' button at the top right corner of the homepage.
    • Fill out the necessary fields, including username, password, birthdate, email address, and phone number.
    • Alternatively, you can also use your social media accounts like Google, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Metamask, or Line for quick sign-up.
    • Ensure to thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions to be aware of your rights and obligations as a punter.
  • Deposit funds

    Once you’ve successfully created your account on Sportsbet.io and are prepared to fund it for FIBA WASL betting, proceed as follows:
    • Click on the 'Deposit' button located at the top right corner of the home screen.
    • Select your preferred cryptocurrency by clicking on 'Active Balance.’
    • Copy and paste the unique wallet address provided on the screen into your e-wallet.
    • Alternatively, you can use your e-wallet app to scan the QR code provided for a quick and seamless transfer.
  • Place your bets

    To place your bets on FIBA WASL matches at Sportsbet.io, follow these steps:
    • Navigate to the Basketball page and look for the FIBA WASL section, where you will find all the available matches to bet on.
    • Select the matches you are interested in and review the odds and betting options.
    • Click on your preferred bet option and choose your desired odds selection. Your selected bet will appear on the bet slip located on the side of the screen. You can also opt for the ‘Price Boost’ option for boosted odds with your FIBA WASL betting.
    • Enter the amount you want to bet.
    • Review your bets on the bet slip and ensure everything is correct.
    • Finally, click on 'Place bet' to confirm your wager.

Know your FIBA WASL betting markets

Explore the highly sought-after FIBA WASL betting markets to assess your betting strategy and determine your proficiency across various bet types.

  • Winner (incl. overtime): This straightforward bet entails predicting the team that will win the match, including any overtime periods that may occur. 
  • Handicap (incl. overtime): A handicap or point spread is applied to the final score of the game to even the odds between the competing teams. If you wager on the team that successfully covers the handicap, factoring in any added or subtracted points, you secure a winning bet.
  • Total (incl. overtime): Also known as the over/under market, it involves predicting whether the total combined score of both teams in a game will be over or under a specific number set by Sportsbet.io.
  • Odd/Even (incl. overtime): Predict whether the total number of points scored by both teams in a game, including any overtime periods, will be an odd or even number. 
    1st Minute - 1x2:  Bet on which team will lead (or if the game will be tied) at the end of the first minute. The options for this market are usually represented as 1 (home team), X (tie), or 2 (away team).

Enjoy FIBA WASL competitive odds at Sportsbet.io

Gain a competitive edge in your FIBA WASL betting by knowing the odds. Sportsbet.io provides a diverse range of odds formats to cater to a wide range of punters' preferences. Here's how you can read each format:

  • Decimal: The most common odds format, represented by decimal numbers, such as 2.50 or 1.75. It indicates the total amount that will be returned to you if your bet is successful, including your original stake. To calculate, multiply your stake by the decimal odds.
  • American: Represented by a positive or negative number, such as +200 or -150. Positive odds tell the amount that would be won from a 100 USDT bet, while negative odds signify the amount that needs to be wagered to win 100 USDT.
  • Hong Kong: Odds below 1 indicate the favourite while odds above 1 indicate the underdog. To calculate the potential payout, you add 1 to the odds and multiply it by the wagered amount.

FIBA WASL betting prediction tips

Gain an advantage in FIBA WASL betting by equipping yourself with valuable insights. Increase your chances of winning with these essential betting tips:

Analyse team form

Gain an overview of the team’s strengths and weaknesses that can be observed during the match by assessing their current form. Examining the team's form entails looking into their recent results, performance against similar opponents, and overall consistency.

Study the head-to-head records

It would also be useful to have access to the teams' head-to-head records. This analysis can give you valuable insights, as some teams may have consistent records against their opponents, indicating a potential advantage in upcoming matches.

Player analysis

It is also essential to evaluate the key players on each team. Take into account their skills, current form, and the influence on the game. Be mindful of injuries or absences of key players as they can affect a team's performance on the court.

Make the most of FIBA WASL betting at Sportsbet.io

At Sportsbet.io, not only can you access a wide range of betting options and competitive odds, but you can also capitalise on special features that enhance your overall experience. Here are some of the many special betting features that Sportsbet.io offers, ensuring all-in and enjoyable betting:

  • Bet Sharing: Share the excitement of sports betting with Sportsbet.io's Bet Sharing feature. Easily share your winning bets with friends, family, or fellow bettors, allowing them to follow your success and join in on the action. 
  • Price Boost: Unlock enhanced winning potential with Sportsbet.io's Price Boost option. This feature offers boosted odds on selected markets, giving you the chance to make the most of your returns on winning bets, all at no extra costs.

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