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Wager on your favoured boxer to win the fight. Aside from the champion, you can also bet on how the win was earned.

Winning by KO, TKO or DQ

A boxer can lose the round through a KO (Knockout), TKO (Technical Knockout) or DQ (Disqualification). Bet on whether the match will end on any of the three methods.

Winning by Decision

Place your stake on whether the fight winner will be decided by the judges’ scorecards.


You can bet on whether the match ends in a draw, either technical or by judge’s decision.

Round betting

The winners of the round are decided by the judge’s points with the fighters losing points via knockdowns and fouls. You can bet on which side of the ring will dominate each round.

Nature of the Fight

Wither a yes or no bet, wager if the given scenarios of the sportsbook will happen or not.

Will there be a knockdown in the fight?

Place your bets on whether a knockdown will play out in the fight. A referee must initiate a count officially recognized.

Will the fight go the distance?

Greatly anticipated by boxing fans, bet on whether a game will reach the Final Bell with no fighter knocked out.

Will there be a point deduction?

Created by one or multiple fouls, wager on whether a fighter will be deducted a point.

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