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Listed below are some fixtures which you may bet on. For a faster and more secure betting experience, use Bitcoin at Sportsbet.io.

Winner- This lets you bet on your predicted overall winner of the tournament.

1st Map - Round Handicap (incl. overtime): A handicap is given in some matches to win a bet. This is given to favoured teams to avoid a possible draw.

1st Map - 1x2: Like popular Esports, 1x2 is a predicted win of a certain team or a possible draw. In this situation, only the outcome of the 1st map is being betted upon.

1st Map - Total rounds (incl. overtime): Bet on the total number of rounds that will be played including overtime. Some tournaments let you bet over/under 25.5 while some give you the options of over/under 26.5.

*The number of played maps heavily depends on the event and progress of the tournament.

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