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In India, cricket is an unbelievably popular sport. Everywhere you go, it is played by kids on the streets, and people tune in to every match held for the day. The Indian Premier League is the country’s biggest sporting event where you can see thousands of fans filling up the country’s huge stadiums. 

The IPL is known worldwide as the best domestic cricket league. It has led to some people showing interest in India cricket betting because they want to experience the thrill of the matches and witness the pandemonium in every game. Before we dive into IPL betting, let’s take a look at IPL’s format first.

Indian Premier League explained: The format

If you’re planning to make an India cricket bet, get familiar with the IPL’s format. The more you know of the IPL, the better you will likely perform with your outright wagers. 

The IPL season is divided into two stages: the group stage and the playoffs. The group stage will involve each of the ten teams playing 14 games, playing the other four teams two times each and five teams in the other group once. 

The playoffs will have four teams left which will play in a bracket. The first and second seeds will duke it out, which advances directly into the final, while the third and fourth seeds will play an elimination game. The winner will face the loser of the first and second-seed match for a spot in the final.

It can be easily tracked through the Sportsbet cricket section because the IPL is a top domestic league offered on the platform.

How cricket outright betting works on

Some people might not be familiar with outright betting because they are used to the standard way of making wagers. Cricket outright betting involves making predictions before a season starts. It is important to recognise because some people might get confused that you can still make outright wagers when the season begins.

Making bets well before the season starts

Before you get started with your India cricket outright betting, you need to research during the offseason. Since the IPL is your main subject, you should know that it usually starts around March every year, and you should lock your bets in before that time. 

The cricket outright winner market 

For the most part, people are familiar with the outright winner market. It involves predicting which team will win the IPL before the season starts. 

Make sure you’ve done your research before making your cricket outright bets because it will pay off if you do so. The IPL is such a fun league to make India cricket outright bets on, and you should look into other leagues in the future, like the Big Bash League in Australia. 

How to bet on India cricket outright markets with’s Betslip

Since you are already familiar with the outright betting type, you should know the betting process on the markets there. As soon as you have an account and funds, try out the India outright cricket betting, and you will find the Betslip. 

It will be a pop-up menu on the lower-right side of your page. For the most part, you have to select the team you want to bet on, and you have to input the amount of your wager for your cricket winner betting or any other market.

Cricket outright betting odds

You will see numbers in any and every cricket bet—these are the betting odds for each market. They show the likelihood of how a particular market will work out. The India cricket odds you will have to check will be helpful because they signify the possibility of a result. 

Many types of odds can help you with your India cricket winner betting. Here are some of the available types at

Types of odds

The odds will help you learn the perceived likelihood of what will happen. Here are the India outright cricket odds you will see on 

  • American - Also known as Moneyline, this format will involve numbers accompanied by two symbols. Those are plus (+) and minus (-). The plus is mostly connected to the underdogs because they are the more profitable bet since they are riskier. On the other hand, with the India cricket winner odds, minus symbols are connected to the favourite because they are safer bets and less profitable.

  • Decimal - In the odd decimal format, the lower the number, the more likely they will win. However, the higher the number, the bigger the underdog they are. To calculate your potential winnings, you must multiply the odds with every dollar wagered.

How they can help you

India cricket outright odds are quite useful. Make sure you’re making the most out of the odds as a tool that can help you distinguish between favourites and underdogs.

Use the India cricket outright betting odds to your advantage because if you can see why a team has emerged as a dark horse to win, they might be a good selection for your wager. These odds are usually available on any cricket betting website, but constantly update their odds based on what’s happening in the news as they consider injuries, transfers, and many more. 

Why the Indian Premier League is primed for your betting

Cricket outright betting in India can be challenging, but you can have fun with the IPL. It has been the darling of the cricket world since its inception in 2008. 

  • It is the world’s top domestic cricket league - You can never go wrong with the IPL when it comes to domestic cricket. All of the top cricket players worldwide want to play in the IPL since this is the biggest hub for the sport. They can feel the support from the fans, and the salaries they earn here are of the highest grade. The quality of the IPL is second to none. 

  • The IPL has solid variety with its clubs - In just over a decade, the IPL has already had seven champions in league history. You can look at the India cricket winner betting odds, and you will see that most of the time, they are even because of the equal level here. 

  • It is an exciting league that you shouldn’t miss out on - The IPL has one of the most exciting circuits of all sports because most teams like the Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians always find a way to play some exciting games, and the rest of the season is always thrilling with the yearly title race.

Useful prediction tips: Online cricket betting India 

You will likely want to succeed when making your outright bets here at Here are a few useful tips when making your cricket outright prediction bets. 

Staying up to date with the latest IPL news is crucial 

You can see that cricket outright winner odds will shift from time to time before the markets close, mostly due to player transfers, surprise injuries, coach changes, and many more factors. Stay updated with the news to do so.

Tracking momentum will always be helpful

You should track the momentum of some of the players because they can help the team perform at the highest level. It can make some significant shifts in the India cricket betting odds because that will help you make better decisions. 

Identifying the best teams and players can lead to solid success

Since the IPL is the top domestic league in the world, the quality of the star players will also matter. They will significantly affect the outright betting cricket markets here on when they are in a lineup. Think of players like David Warner or Virat Kohli and how they have affected their teams. If you want to be precise with your winner-betting cricket moves, learn the names of the players and teams set for success. 

What are the other types of cricket bets on 

While cricket outright bets are famous and recommended, you should also check out the other types of bets that you can make on To stand out in online cricket betting, you should have a good time with these two different types. 


In this type of cricket betting, you will have to bet on live matches. It will be fun because you will be making wagers while the game is ongoing. It is where you can see the cricket winner betting odds change because it shifts with every wicket. 


It is the most standard form of cricket betting here on You will make wagers on matches that are already scheduled on Sportsbet India. You will have to wait for the games, and during that wait, you can make some bets in the meantime. The best platform for your IPL crypto bets

Much has been said about the outright markets you can bet on here at, but you can have tons of fun with the IPL. Part of’s biggest strength has always been the platform’s affinity toward the use of cryptocurrency. 

That is a big plus because using assets like Bitcoin and USDT is convenient, especially since it is faster and more secure than most payment options.

IPL cricket betting FAQ

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions for IPL bettors at 

Can the Clubhouse help me with my betting? 

The Clubhouse is a community where you can earn points that can help you climb tiers. You can gain rewards by going through these tiers in the Clubhouse. Features like Clubhouse Talk will help you learn more about the sport you’re betting on. There are also some boosts from the Clubhouse, which will help you immensely.

Can I trust the IPL odds? 

Yes, you can. Just make sure that you know these odds can change from time to time. 

Can I make my bets on the cricket betting app of

Yes, you can. Everything you can do on the desktop version of will be available here on the online cricket betting app. 

What factors are essential for your cricket betting? 

You need to be aware of the top stars on the teams and how they can affect cricket matches. Make sure that you keep in mind that injuries, transfers, coaches, and even the weather can affect cricket matches too.